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Conversations with Nicki Hunter- final

A couple months back I interviewed Nicki Hunter’s husband, Jason Horn

Porn Valley- I caught up with Nicki Hunter as she was taking her finals from Swedish Virgins class, hence the photo. Well, that’s not exactly true. I caught up with Hunter on the set of Vampire Chronicles, an ArchAngel shoot just recently. Hunter was a stand in for Julie Meadows’ character. Meadows is no longer doing porn and Hunter was being shot from the back of her head for some scenes that would have featured Meadows. When the front of Hunter’s head came into view, we had this chat. Hunter as you may also know co-hosts a show on KSEX Tuesday afternoons with Guy Capo.

Hunter made her industry debut in October, 2003, give or take a couple of weeks. “I got sent out here to L.A. Direct Models,” she says. “They said we’ll try it out. Come out to L.A. I’m originally from Florida. I did and my very, very first scene out here was with Ben English. He was giving me the first tryout out the gate. He was, like, we’re going to feed you to the wolves.” Hunter laughs noting that her first sex scene was pretty high intensity. “You know hoe he [English] works. It was kind of neat. That was when I got my boot camp. I knew what I was in for.” Between the ages of 18 and 21, Hunter worked in a hospital and had gone to Mardi Gras during a vacation. One of her girlfriends worked in a gentlemen’s club, and Hunter thought that was pretty nifty. So Hunter started dancing thanks to some risque personal behavior at Mardi Gras. “It was my sexual awakening- I guess you can say that,” says Hunter who claims she was having dreams which were manifesting her sexual being.

“I really wanted to dance” says Hunter who’d watch movies like Striptease. “Wow this would be so cool to dance for guys and I always wanted to do that.” When Hunter went to Mardi Gras- by bus with a bunch of friends- she got pretty hammered one night. Hunter says it was worse than pulling your pants down and showing your ass up in the balconies on Bourbon St. Hunter laughs about being a bead bitch. Hunter said she jumped up on a bar Coyote Ugly-style and started dancing. Guys were buying her shots and she started working her pants down to show her thong. Guys started sticking money in her underwear and Hunter’s thinking, whoa. “This is cool. I said this could work.” So as Hunter was being tipped, she’d hand the money to her husband Josh. “I paid for most of the Mardi Gras trip that way.” One of Hunter’s friends who thought she’d never do something like that realized what a wild child Nicki really was. She worked a gentlemens club and told Hunter she could get her a job dancing. “So I started.”

Hunter grew up in Florida, lived in Florida and worked in Florida. The strip club, Rachels, was a couple hundred miles away, but she tried it and subsequently made the rounds of other clubs. Hunter then made a tour of east coast establishments, from Florida to Maine. I asked Hunter what happened to the nursing career. “It was on the back burner,” she replies. “I was a bit too busy having fun and making money. I also decided I could be a nurse until 80 years old. But I can’t always be a dancer. I had such a drive and desire to do it that if I didn’t hold on with both hands at that point in time I wouldn’t be able to do it.” Hunter said it wasn’t about money. Really.

I was trying to picture the scenario of Hunter saying she’s quitting nursing to become a stripper. She says it didn’t happen that way. “I would dance on weekends,” she explained. “I thought it was great. I did both for quite awhile. And then when I moved I just a club that could pay all my bills. It was a lot of fun.” For the most part Hunter worked graveyard at the hospital and I suspect she must have seen some crazy shit. Hunter worked in Critical Care Units and ER. “I’ve seen a lot of different things,” she says. “I’ve dealt with surgery patients. We had open heart patients. We had gastric bypass patients. I would have patients on machine and ventilators, things that would keep you alive.” Hunter also dealt with crash accident patients. “And simple things like diabetes patients with amputees- I had to take care of bandages.” I suggest to Hunter that she’s outlining some depressing scenarios.

“I enjoyed it,” she says in an I beg to differ voice. “I was going to college so I wanted to work in the hospital first because I wanted to make sure that whatever I got my degree in was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So while I was going to college at the University of Florida, I also worked at the hospital. I’m used to doing two things at once so that was easy.”

Hunter enjoyed the patient interaction at the hospital and would on more than one occasion spend entire nights sitting beside a dying man or woman’s bedside. “I’d be talking them through spiritual consultation,” she says. “People would ask me questions. I was an ear. So not only was I a caretaker, I was sensitive to those needs. It was very fulfilling to me. I was around death a lot.” I suggest to Hunter that by being around death, she was more open to a hell bent for leather existence in porn. Hunter agrees, subconsciously, that could have been the case. “I don’t know,” she says. “I’m trying to give it some thought about whether death and the fun-thing could have its correlation. I like medicine. I like people. I like interacting with people. I like caring for people. I find it to be one of my callings. I can be a help. I can also be a sexual help, too.”

Hunter didn’t get grossed out by things she saw. “I could give you a shot. I can take care of an open wound without cringing. If anything that it did help me on is that I became so accustomed to nudity and smells- I mean smells- you run into bed pans, and I had to do it all. Just whole blood is extremely nauseating.” For those reasons, Hunter feels she could make that switch to porn with a bat of an eye. “Nothing grosses me out- I’m cool. And it helped me to be more comfortable with myself and my nudity and my bodily functions.” Hunter grew up in a Christian school and was very naive. “I was very sheltered, so this helped me grow up.”

The grossest thing she ever saw was the time she had a patient come up from surgery. “They have a type of catheter that goes in through the neck,” she tells me. “It’s in your jugular. She was just coming out of anesthesia. She just came up to the critical care unit. She was a little bit delirious then all of a sudden she starts thrashing. And no one knows why. She grabbed the catheter and yanked it out of her neck to the point where she was gushing blood everywhere. She was basically bleeding to death and we had to quickly stump the artery and rush her back down to surgery immediately to try and patch everything up. If you close it off completely she’ll have a stroke, and you will have cut off all circulation to the brain. So we had to keep the blood flowing but repair the artery to the fact that you can continue blood flow. And I had to do a lot of that clean up. I never smelled such– whole blood like I said is a putrefying smell. And it was pretty gross cleaning that up. She lost over five pints with us just trying to grab her and calm her down and stop the artery.

Hunter remembers a funnier story where a “younger, gentle man,” aka an old guy, was being prepped for heart surgery. She had to shave him. “You can imagine me this little 19 year old girl in scrubs coming in to completely strip you down and shave your entire body,” Hunter recollects. “This man was so happy. Here I’m touching him and giving him a nice rubdown and shaving him. He was a perverted old man. I loved it. He was the happiest boy and you could tell. One of the other nurses walked out of the room. He was, like, miss, miss I have to ask you a question. Are you multi-orgasmic? I’m going I’m trying to be! He’s going I can make you scream all night long. I’m like oh my gosh- me and my little innocence.” The 70 year old patient proceeds to tell Hunter about his blow up dick. “I was just so embarrassed,” said Hunter. “It became the talk of the entire hospital. Everyone says are you multi-orgasmic yet?”

I wondered if Hunter had any patients who solicited handjobs from her. “I was lucky to have most of my patients drugged out,” she responds. “They were on some great sedation. I did have this young guy- he was 19. He was joy riding in the back of a truck with a bunch of his friends. Fell out of the back of the truck and hit his head on a rock. He had a complete cranial aneurism inside the brain. He had bleeding. They couldn’t get it to stop. He went through surgery. He was delirious. I was doing some care on him, changing bandages. He woke up. He started grabbing me- oh baby I’d love to fuck you right here. He starts grabbing me. He woke up out of a coma and started molesting me. I switched places with one of the older nurses. They didn’t want me being in there being so young. I thought he was doing just fine but the next day he ended up dying. I felt bad like maybe I should have given him a happy ending or something.”

As Hunter began dancing and veered away from nursing, she made a lot of money and porn stars would come through the clubs she was at. “They would ask me and beg me- it would be great if you would do a porno with me. Tiffany Mynx was the first girl to ever go down on me. Ever.” Mynx was doing a show, and Hunter being the forward person she is, went along for the ride when Mynx grabbed her. “She started sucking on my pussy.” Hunter also notes that the Florida clubs are much more lenient than they are out here. “We had penetration shows; girl-girl. It goes crazy. I love Florida dancing.” Hunter says she was putty in Mynx’s hands. Holly Halston, another good friend of Hunter’s, helped her break into the industry in Florida. Hunter also met Shay Sweet and Mary Carey asked her to do movies together. “That was before any of her fame came about.” Hunter said no at the time, afraid that her parents would find out. “I was nervous- I didn’t know the first thing about having sex on video.”

That’s when Hunter and her husband in a spirit of entrepreneurship, decided to make their own porn and she would sell them to her customers at the strip club. “I would give lap dances and every single guy- as every dancer out there knows- asks if they could take you home. How much is it if you can come home home with me? You can’t fuck me, but you can buy my video and watch me do naughty, naughty things. You get lap dances for twenty bucks and if you buy one more you get the video. I sold a good amount of videos.” Hunter would run off copies on VHS and DVD. She made her own boxcovers as well. “It was so elementary,” she says. “I look back and laugh hilariously at it. I had a Nicki Hunter’s Fuck Fest. I had a Public Nudity- flashing; and Public Masturbating. If I ever get really famous I imagine that they’d be collectors items.”

According to Hunter, Excitement Magazine in Florida wanted to run some reviews on them. “It got to be a big thing. They started doing articles and word got out.” Hunter who has an agent told her that if she wanted to do feature dancing she’d have to do something that amounted to porn. “I said yes, so she sent me out here to L.A. And that was in October, 2003.” I ask Hunter what went through her mind during her first porn scene. “That my agent’s [English] doing me; I guess that’s how things work out here! It was fine and I felt more comfortable because he knew it was my first time. He is controlling enough that he could move me around as being the first timer out the gate. He could move me where I needed to be and I actually look back and don’t think I did a half-bad job. I’ve seen a lot of brand new girls do worse jobs than I did my first time. I was proud. I did alright.”

Since Hunter’s already done double anals and such, the biggest and next best thing for her is to see what she can accomplish. “I’m trying to get myself a pedestal to stand on,” she says, “A base, an empire- I’m trying to create more solidity to Nicki Hunter than this is a girl who can fuck 50 guys. I guess that’s where my head was at when I started the studio [Xotic Studios]. I’m trying to pick up more magazine modeling-things. I’m feature dancing now. I want the public to know me and I want to start gathering a larger fan base and start putting out my own movies. I guess I’m just working on creating who is Nicki Hunter and I want the world to know.”

Hunter’s excited about the progress of Xotic Studios. “It’s a work-in-progress,” she says. “We originally wanted to have it just like Str-8-Up Studios where you can come in and rent it out and it’s a business. But more and more it’s turning into our production home where we’re starting to base all of our business right there as well as renting it out. It’s not even a year out and we’re already booked for mostly a month. I’m foreseeing some great things coming out of there. We’re still working out the kinks and we don’t have enough time to deal with all of it. We’re finding out how not to overbook ourselves, to give us some time in between to build the new sets. We’re solving our storage issues. We’re solving all of our government issues like the business license and the permits- the money is now coming in for us to be self-permitted. We are now a business so we’ve gotten our business license. I’m very proud of how quickly we’re moving up and becoming something.”

Hunter wants to be able to stake her claim in the industry, she’s telling me. “I want to mean a little bit of something. Honestly I thought about what I want to be- I want to be Nicki Hunter. I want to be me to the utmost of what I can be. It’s going to be a slow process and a journey for sure because I’m going to be around for quite awhile. I can’t wait to see where I end up. I’m putting everything I have into this. Everything that I am, all my goals- I want to stick around. I want to own my production company. I want to do my distribution eventually. I want to have contract girls. Fuck, that would be great! And I’m doing it all myself. I’m seeing where the money is and putting it right back in. As long as I can own me, then I think I’m on the right track.”

Under those circumstances I think nursing must really be on the BACK burner for Hunter. Hunter says you don’t realize how often she gets to use her nursing expertise on set. One can only imagine.


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