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From the Gene Files 8/1/02- Brand, brand new to the biz in not as yet having done a sex scene, Olivia O’Lovely will change that condition Tuesday when she works for Joey Silvera. Repped by Roy Garcia, Olivia packs a lot of girl in that 5’7″ frame of hers. She said she acquired her body from years of gymnastics.

Gene: You got a set of legs on you, baby.

Olivia: Thanks. They’re pretty long.

Gene: And they’re pretty solid. All women should look like you.

Olivia: I take that very highly, thank you.

Gene: As soon as I saw the pix of you from Roy Garcia I said I got to interview this girl, today.

Olivia: I got referred to him through Peter Romero at Now I’m being sent here and there. I’ve got a booking already with Joey Silvera tomorrow.

Gene: It figures. Joey and I both like your type of woman.

Olivia: That’s good.

Gene: Where are you from.

Olivia: A suburb of the Inland Empire. I’m 25 and I love to have sex. That’s the reason why I got into it. I can’t get enough.

Gene: You got to be a dancer with those gams.

Olivia: I danced for seven years.

Gene: That was time well spent.

Olivia: And I was a gymnast from the time I was 5 to the time I was 13. That’s where I built those.

Gene: Lady gymnasts have got great bodies.

Olivia: That’s where I got the butt from

Gene: Do any work on the parallel bars?

Olivia: Yes I did. But I wasn’t that good. My favorite was the beam and the uneven bars.

Gene: Why did you stop?

Olivia: I got injured. I dislocated my knee. And from starting at such an early age, my ligaments couldn’t handle it anymore. Unfortunately it happens to a lot of girls. Fortunately it didn’t stunt my growth, starting so early.

Gene: 5’7″ is pretty tall for a gymnast.

Olivia; Yes it is, but I really didn’t start growing until after I quit. When I hit my freshman year I was just barely five-foot. Once I stopped I got my height. My mother’s only 5’3″ and I’m quite a bit taller than her.

Gene: What made you decide to become a dancer.

Olivia: I used to strip in front of a mirror when I was younger, and my mother’s boyfriends that she always had around had their Hustlers and Penthouses and pornos all over the place. So I was raised not to be ashamed of the woman’s body. And that no matter what light it’s portrayed in, it’s all beautiful. I was never taught that any of this was bad. And so it was appealing to me. The girls looked like they had fun. It looked very sensual and erotic to me. It was something I always enjoyed and when I was old enough I tried it to see if I would like it.

Gene: I’ve had a few women tell me that they fantasized about being strippers.

Olivia: I get turned on by mirrors and watching myself.

Gene: Did you like porn?

Olivia: Yeah, especially the ones with little bit of a storyline.

Gene: It seems like your star was leading you in that direction.

Olivia: Yeah, it does seem that way.

Gene: Growing up as a kid were you sexual and always messing around?

Olivia: Actually, yes. I lost my virginity when I was 14. It was a boyfriend that got lucky. It was a couple of months into the relationship. But I had been ready for awhile. I was just waiting for the right person.

Gene: Did you seduce him?

Olivia: I basically told him I was ready and he needed to do whatever he needed to do since I didn’t know nothing.

Gene: How romantic does that get.

Olivia: We were so young.

Gene: Where did you finally do it?

Olivia: In my bedroom; in my house.

Gene: Ah, come on. Why didn’t you say the backseat of a car.

Olivia: That was later.

Gene: To me there’s nothing more erotic than having sex in a car.

Olivia: A car is great. I’ve had sex in trucks, sports cars, electric cars. Cars are fun.

Gene: Do you like unusual places?

Olivia: Yes. Sometimes I have to pull off the side of a road, like, now. Whether it’s traffic or no traffic.

Gene: Nothing like having your zipper pulled down during rush hour.

Olivia: It turns you on big.

Gene: So you’re very compulsive.

Olivia: If I can, yes.

Gene: Do you do anal?

Olivia: No. I tried it and didn’t enjoy it. It was an accident and said this isn’t too bad. But once he was all the way in I was kind of I’m not ready for that. You need to get out.

Gene: That was it. No encore engagements?

Olivia: No. I’m not ready yet. It was too uncomfortable.

Gene: Are you brand spanking new?

Olivia: I’ve done softcore but I haven’t done hardcore. I’ve done Playboy. I was in a couple of series including Sexy Urban Legends 2. That was episode 5 where I played a wife and the episode was titled Birthday Suit. That was fun.

Gene: Are you a one-man woman or do you like variety.

Olivia: If I’m in a relationship then I’m definitely a one-man woman. But I’m single and haven’t been for awhile. Coming out of a relationship I don’t want to settle down. I like a little variety right now. Guys, girls.

Gene: When was the first girl in your life.

Olivia: Two years ago. I wasn’t even attracted to women. It took the dancing to develop it and for me to realize that I liked this. But I was too chicken and didn’t take any shots until a couple of years ago.

Gene: The dance industry turns a lot of women around.

Olivia: Ah-ah. And it makes you feel more comfortable about it. But it was on New Year’s Eve my first experience with a girl.

Gene: What a way to bring the year in.

Olivia: Broke the bed and everything. It was great.

Gene: In your physical relationships with women, does the stuff get pretty hardcore?

Olivia: We’re pretty soft. I haven’t explored..

Gene: So there aren’t farm animals or farm implements involved.

Olivia [laughing]: No live animals.



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