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Porn Valley- It would take a condor to keep up with Raven’s schedule. Last week he shot seven scenes for Assassin Pictures, and is now an official member of the organization. But his recent deal still allows Raven of Bikini Brawl fame to shoot for other companies like Dane. And Raven just finished the first feature for Dane’s Hardcore Plus line. And he’s just finished the story line for the next movie and plans to shoot that one the end of January.

“It’s going to cause a lot of controversy- I can tell you that much,” he says. The first movie for Dane Hardcore is called Chat Room Sluts.

“It’s kind of a parody of the NBC show, To Catch a Predator where the girls are online talking to guys they never met,” Raven explains. “The guys show up and bingo, bango- NBC can’t show what really happens. But here on Dane Hardcore Plus we show everything. I’ve got some big names- Trina Michaels, my little sister; Lilah Lay, Dino Bravo, Jack Lawrence. Tommy Gunn, Kitty Langdon- it’s going to be a hot title and a good story line. Very good scenes for their first Hardcore Plus title.”

Last week Raven shot seven scenes for Assassin including one that’s going to get major promo on all the porno news sites Wednesday involving Eva Angelina,

“And we’ll do a few more this week,” Raven says, noting that the Stern Show just called to book Angelina for an appearance later this month.

“We’re also getting Trina Michaels on that show as well,” he adds. “And everyone knows once you do Stern, your website blows up from there. No disrespect to any other press out there, but once you get to Stern you’re at the end all, be all.”

Raven was hoping to be home to catch the debut of The Apprentice-Los Angeles on Sunday. He worked on the show. Instead, he’ll be on his way to St. Louis for WEE’s Monday Night Raw. Then from there he’s off to Peoria for Smackdown.

“I’m a camera man for them right now,” he states. “I got the gig over the summer thanks to a friend and it’s an off and on schedule. But they gave me some chances.”

Raven’s been a fan of wrestling since 1986 when he saw Hulk Hogan wrestle Kamala at the LA Sports Arena.

“Then they came back to do a re-match and I just followed the sport,” he laughs. “I think everyone watched Hulkamania. Then I started understanding the sport from a business aspect. A friend of mine is the top journalist in the whole wrestling industry. So I learned more behind the scenes and became friends with a lot of the wrestlers. When Rob Van Damme had his comic book store out here he sold some of our Bikini Brawl titles at his store and he did an autograph session with Alana Evans and Charlie at his store. It’s funny. A lot of the female talent are big wrestling fans. Alana Evans can tell you anything about John Cena. I just found out that Trina Michaels’ favorite wrestler is Rob Van Damme. A lot of the girls love wrestling.”

And wrestling is what got Raven into the porn business because he started hanging out with Vanessa Blue.

“It was come to this party, come to that convention and you get sucked in,” laughs Raven.

So, Wednesday night of next week, Raven’ll be sucked off to the convention in Las Vegas. He’ll be driving with Avy Lee Roth and some other friends.

“I love Avy,” he smiles. “Hard to understand but she’s so sexy I just try to put my own words together.” For now Raven, a self-taught cameraman, tries to balance his work between porn and the mainstream.

“My background is mainstream from Blind Date to The Apprentice to a few other rowdy TV show gigs,” he says. “Mostly rowdy television- so I try to balance it out, maybe six months here, six months there.” This past summer was pretty active for him and Raven guesses he was home maybe ten days out of the whole season.

This past spring he and his partner put together a site called,

“Bill Fox has just re-vamped it and it should be launching by the end of this week,” Raven notes. “We’ve got six scenes and about a month and half of updates we have already put together. That’s going to be taking off, hopefully.”

He’s also got his pet project to think about- Bikini Brawl, and Raven has a lot of plans for that concept which combines porn chicks and wrestling.

“We finally struck a deal in October that’s giving us a mainstream/retail release the beginning of March,” Raven continues. “And at the end of March we’ll have a pay-per-view. A lot of people have been asking about that mainly because we didn’t do a Bikini Brawl event in 2006. There were some issues we had to deal with.”

The year before, there was an event planned to raise money for the Katrina victims.

“The location we first had knew what talent we were bringing,” says Raven. But when we got there they’re, like, we don’t want any porn stars at our location. And this is a strip club! We were, like, fuck you. So we got another location, shot it a week later and since we waited a week, we got Showtime to cover it. That event was covered in the series finale of Family Business. Seymore Butts gave it at least a good two to three minute piece on his program. That helped out a lot and from there the e-mails came in: when’s the next one? Unfortunately 2006 we weren’t able to do one. But this year I guarantee there will be another Bikini Brawl.”

Raven says that now Bill Fox has taken over the Bikini Brawl site, there’s a re-launch date scheduled for February.

“It’s going to be a members site now,” he says. “We’re taking Bikini Brawl to a more hardcore level. We’ll have the story lines and the old format; but maybe we’ll have a dildo here and a little anal licking there. All girls, of course.”

Raven acknowledges a similar event, which he’s not involved with, called Porn Star Punch Out.

“I know they’ve shot two shows already and that they’re going to do a third one in January,” he points out. “I’m hoping that they’re able to take off and get into an arena, so to speak, and hopefully we can compete against each other. Competition makes yourself think harder and grow stronger. I hope they can produce some good stuff so we can go toe-to-toe with them in all good fun. Who knows? We may all be a huge success and maybe do a mega-show.”

And to think, Raven just kind of walked into all of this. He was working at a Best Buy when approached to be on Blind Date.

“I did it, and at the end of the date I’m looking around at the camera crew,” he recalls. “I was trying to get into production somehow. And it turned out that their intern for the show quit the next day. I showed up at the office about two hours after he quit. I interned for a month, took a hiatus, came back and was brought on the staff as a cameraman. I worked for that show for about 4 1/2 seasons. Once I left, I still stayed in contact and did a few specialty shows. I did a whole WWE-week for Blind Date, and I did a porn star pay-per-view special. We brought in Lilah Lay and Derrick Pierce and Jack Lawrence and a few other people- so I still have my ties to that show. I know they’re on hiatus, but they did 8 seasons and I know they’re shooting for the magic number of 10. But I’ll always have my heart there.”

“So far it’s been a fun ride,” Raven assesses. “Now I’m directing, so it’ll just take off more. Hopefully in 2008 I’ll at least be nominated. That’s my goal- to be nominated for something.”


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