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Conversations with Rebecca Love2/2/06

Porn Valley- I had a conversation with Monday night KSEX co-ho Rebecca Love on the set of Faith’s

Love thinks her relationship with KSEX probably goes back at least three years.

“Filthy Frank, Lord Perious, introduced me to Wankus.” she recalls. “I said if you ever needed a co-host, I’d love to do it. Cindy Crawford didn’t show up for the final and last time. She got booted and I got in.”

I make the assumption that Love was never in a mental association, though the same rumor has often been hung around Cindy’s neck.

“Am I the total oppositite of her?” Love wants to know.

“I didn’t say that,” I tell Rebecca.

Asked what her involvement with Lord Perious was, Love says, “Who knows? They’re not even in business any more. I was shooting movies at the time and they asked me to come on KSEX. I had never been on, and didn’t know what it was about- all I knew was that it was Howard Stern on steroids. And basically it was.”

Love got her break in the adult business when she was tabbed to come out for Hustler and Playmate auditions.

“Obviously I didn’t get accepted by Playboy as a Playmate,” she laughs. “It’s very hard but Hustler ate me up. They said, okay, let’s do a shoot and I did a girl-girl shoot. Then I got into the Busty beauties magazine and it turned out great.” Love subsequently met Jim South.

“He got me into a cattle call and that’s when I saw all the other companies,” says Love who posted on her website what she wanted to do, and she received responses guiding her where to go. She also remembers buying a book on on how to be a porn star. Love can’t remember who wrote the book but says it was a good guide. Afterwards she went to the cattle call. Love then figured I can do this, that’s not hard.

“The money wasn’t the focus,” she points out. “I wanted to be a feature. The focus was I needed the film credits to get out there and perform. The book was written by a girl and was more glamorized. But you get a rude awakening when you first come in.”

Asked what hers was, Love said she really hasn’t had one.

“No means no and you go to a certain point and never let it overstep your boundaries,” she says. “I’ve never really had a bad experience. Maybe I’d show up on a set and they’re like, oh you’re condom? Like you didn’t know I was condom? That’s the worst I’ve ever had. I’ll walk off a set if I have to.”

The first time Love worked in the business was for Vivid.

“They were the first company I ever worked for,” she says. “And after the first time I did an on-camera, PT asked me to do the big movie of the year. I was one of the main characters. They changed the name. It was called The Narcissist then changed to The Eighth Sin. It went off well and I kept on getting call backs.”

Love’s first time on camera also featured her and Pat Myne.

“It was at The Emporium,” she remembers. “We had all these extra actors that aren’t even into porn. They just happened to be on set as extras. And I played a stripper. He threw me up on a table and I had sex in front of all these strangers. I didn’t know one person except Pat because you have to introduce himself. So I just blocked them out. I put my blinders on and just stared in his eyes and concentrated on what I was doing. That was basically it. I figured that is easy and I just kept on doing it..”

Because now she knows everybody, Love says it works just the opposite that she puts her blinders on to stay focused.

“Because they’re my friends,” she explains. “And I’m fucking my friends and having fun. We giggle and get giddy so I have to block it out.”

Love can’t recall ever being taken advantage of for money.

“I was a standard rate when I first got in,” she says. “The only thing they’d pull would be, like, we also need you to do a solo masturbation. No, no, no. That wasn’t discussed in the negotiations. So that was the only thing they’d pull. They do that with new girls a lot. But I can’t blame them on the business end. If you can get away with it, by all means. That’s the business aspect of it.” Because she worked with a lot of the top companies, Love didn’t have too many problems like that, she says.

Love also enjoyed school and was a prom queen. She was involved in cheerleading, softball and soccer.

“I was a normal kid, I guess,” said Love who concedes she was probably the kid in the high school yearbook that had paragraphs of stuff written about her.

“I went to school just for the social aspect,” she laughs. “Academic? I did alright. I was average but I never applied myself. I was the social bunny. I love people.” Asked about her tits, Love said they were growing at the time and she was a D cup when she graduated. After college she got an implant and became a Double D.”

D naturals will make you pretty popular in high school, Love is told.

“Yeah but then gravity takes over,” she notes. Asked if guys were pigs, Love said she acquired a few nicknames in the process of graduating.

“Big Titty CC was one of them,” she remembers. You would assume that Love was always getting felt up but she says it wasn’t like that.

“I had a sweetheart in high school,” she points out. “I had the class ring; it was called the jacket and he drove a car.” Love went with the guy for maybe a year.

“He played all the sports and all and was very good in academics,” she says. Asked how he was in the sack, Love answers: “Compared to now?”

“In high school it was the best I ever had,” she continues. “But once you move on, you experience even better realms.” But, as it turned out, Love lost her virginity to the guy before the guy.

“My boyfriend cheated on me,” she recalls. “I was still a virgin and I said screw this. You’re going to cheat on me, you’re not getting my virginity. And I really liked this other guy who was older and cute. I gave it to him. It was a revenge fuck but I still liked the guy. It was still memorable.”

Love begins laughing at the thought and says she can’t even say where it happened.

“It’s so white trash- I cannot tell you! My grandfather would have a stroke if he wasn’t already in the grave.” With a little hinting, it sounds like Love lost it in the back bedroom of a trailer.

“No wheels- it wasn’t mobile,” she points out. “But that was the only time I had intercourse in a trailer.” Love also mentions that she went to college to study Performing Arts.

“Who knew you didn’t need a degree to do porn?” she laughs. “I like to do character acting, film and commercials. So I started dancing to pay my way through college. I saw a feature one night and said I can do that. That’s what I did. I said I got to do porn, then I can feature.”

“What was the sleazy world of stripping like?” I ask her.

“Same as it is today,” she replies. “Girls are not taken advantage of in strip clubs. If anybody’s taken advantage of, it’s the guys. Guys walk in and they’re groping and stuff, but those girls are playing it hard. They know how to hustle and sell a car. They are doing all the nasty tricks in the back to get your money or even just pull shit on you, you know? All I can say is be nice when you’re in a strip club.”

Love is also very open about her fun off camera.

“It’s no problem,” she says. “I sell sex on screen- what’s the difference of selling it in a brothel? The one thing I learned about a brothel is that it’s more regulated than porn because you have to get tested every week. And it’s condoms-only for everything. Nevada and California? It doesn’t swap over so I get poked and prodded in both states all the time.” Love mentions that she gets a lot of repeat clientele, noting that “customer service” is a big part of her repertoire.

“Give me an idea of your basic wash and wax,” I tell her. Love’s minimum is an hour.

“And in an hour that’s multiple orgasms,” she notes “If you can come more than once, you do that because a lot of people blow quick. They need a repeat session. In between, downtime, I’ll give you a nice massage from head-to-toe, let you relax and rejuvenate. Maybe we’ll jump in a hot tub. have a bottle of wine or champagne, then we’ll go back for a second round or a third or a fourth. It’s a normal day except I’m a professional and I’ll cater to you and pamper you like a kitten.”

One night on KSEX, Love started rambling about Jack Nicholson in the biblical sense.

“When I get drunk my mouth runs rampant,” Love says. “When I get drunk it’s like truth serum- everything comes out. There’s certain things you shouldn’t say in public.”

I compare Love to the Kim Bassinger character in Blind Date.

“Honey, I am blind date,” Love says. “I’m not going to burn down your house or wreck your car, but I’ll be the entertainment. I’m a dinner and a show.”

Do you like what you do, Love is asked.

“It’s easy,” she replies. “How hard is it? I love what I do. I get to have sex and I get to get off. Where else can you go to work and, you know, get laid without getting into trouble? And get paid? Granted, there’s not always chemistry with everybody I work with but that just means I won’t work with them again. I’ll choose somebody different. It’s easy. It pays the bills.”


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