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Conversations with Regan Anthony- final

Porn Valley- I met Regan Anthony on the set of Tyler Faith’s new movie, Faith’s Fantasies.

Anthony’s been primarily a dancer and holds some of the following titles: Golden G-String Awards 2005 – Silver Medal Porn Division; Miss Nude Mississippi 2005 – Most Desired Body; Miss Nude North America Entertainer of the Year 2004; Miss Nude Petite Universe 2004; Feature Blast, TN 2004-Best Dancer; Miss Nude World 2004 – 2nd Runner Up; Miss Nude World 2004 – Best Breasts, Hardest Body & Best Show; Nudes-A-Poppin 2004 – Hottest Legs; Golden G-String Awards 2004 – Silver Medal Porn Division; Miss Nude 2004 – Big Bust Entertainer of the Year & Overall Best Body; Iowa True Gem Award 2003 – 2nd Runner Up; Miss Nude World 2003 – Newcomer of the Year & Best Dancer; Miss Nude 2003 – Best Overall Body, WOW Award & Best Legs; Creme de la Creme 2003 – Most Erotic

I ask where she got her name.

“I was originally Regan,” Anthony says. “Regan was what my parents were going to name to me. And the Anthony came from a very good friend of mine who got me in the business. I had to pick a second name so I chose that as a last name.”

Anthony was a house and feature dancer for four years at the Deja Vu in Tampa and established everything she needed to establish in that field, she says.

“I wanted to try something new and do the porn thing,” she explains. “I did a little pro-am thing. It was cool. I did it with my husband. Then I decided I wanted to do another guy. Once I did that, I decided I wanted to be a big porn star. I’m on my way there, but I’ve only been out here about four or five months.”

Anthony, who’s been married for five years, will tell you the scene she shot with the other guy was probably the best scene she’s ever shot. “I had to break it to my husband,” she laughs. “I think it was the fact that I got to do another guy after holding off for so long. It was very intense- put it that way.” Pressed to come up with her partner’s name, Anthony can’t at the moment then remembers it was Brett Rockman.

“It wasn’t so much the guy as the fact that it was another guy,” she laughs. “It was Brett Rockman. I sound like a dumb ass. There’s been a lot of guys since then but it was very intense. I don’t know if it was really him or not. It was the fact that I was doing it in front of the camera. I got off on it.” Plus the fact that Rockman has a very big dick.

“I enjoy that,” says Anthony. “That’s another interesting thing. It’s easier to have sex on film with the bigger dicked men. I think it’s the fact that you don’t have to work so hard. I know for the little guys, the scene’s, like, I’m doing a lot more of the work. I asked around to other girls in the business and they say the same thing. It’s a little bit harder on you. You have to perform more. I’ve also talked to Tyler [Faith] about that. She agreed with me.”

Anthony’s enjoying the business and things are starting to pick up for her.

“Actually it’s harder than I thought getting into the bigger movies,” she says. “I thought it would be really easy but it’s not that easy. You do your little stuff and you work up to it. You get to know people. It’s all about knowing people, too,” she adds. “I found that out.” Anthony is currently repped by Dick Nasty and Nasty Modeling.

Anthony also mentions that she was something of a wild child growing up.

“I was doing my own little thing,” she points out. “I did whatever I wanted to do. I studied to be a dancer/theatre person. I’m kind of in my roots but just on a different level. I kind of got bored with all that.” Anthony was a pretty serious student until about her second year of college, she says.

“I was a well trained dancer. I was a dork for that kind of stuff, but college messed me up,” she laughs.

“I joined the sorority life and the party life and kind of started doing the party thing,” she continues. “Bad, bad, bad. I partied a little too much. But I had lost my virginity many years before that. The first time ever was with a woman- but that little experimentation led me to want to try guys. So I lost it when I was about 13- that was pretty young but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The guy was 17. He was a friend of the family. Still to this day they don’t know.

“We were doing the make-out thing,” Anthony goes on to say. “As a child I developed earlier so I had the body parts and he was very attracted to me. He was down eating me out and it was great. This was out in the woods. We went for a walk and ended up in the woods. It was one of those very intense things being on the ground and in the dirt. It’s funny because ever since my first experience with a girl I was always into sex. Every experience for me is that same way- very intense. We started kissing and he started feeling me up a little bit. And then we fell over in the dirt. It’s gross when you think about it because now I’m really clean. But I was young and it was kind of cool. I immediately got dripping wet. I’m always game to try any thing.”

Anthony also worked at Disney World for four years.

“I was a character which makes it even more funnier,” she laughs. “I was Mickey Mouse- you never know what’s underneath the costume. I played other characters, too, but that was the major one. What was funny, in the last two years I worked there, I danced at night in a strip club.” Anthony also portrayed Tinkerbell and Pooh Bear at Disney World.

“I gave all that up to do this! That’s kind of a humorous story. it’s totally the opposite ends of the spectrum.”

While Anthony still feature dances, it’s coming second, now, to her porn career.

“The thing about being a feature dancer is that it’s a new place, new scenery every week,” Anthony says. “But then you’re in a new environment and you have to get to know the whole atmosphere of the club. Each week is a different place and I tend to adapt really well with that. But there can be some cattiness at the different places and a lot of haters among the features.”

“You mean to say they’ll tie your panties in a knot when you’re not looking?” I ask her.

“House girls tend to get jealous because they think that features are out to take all their money,” says Anthony. “It is true in a way; but, in a way, the features are to help out the house girls, too- to bring in more money. It’s a big circle- you’re supposed to watch out for each other’s back, but a lot of strippers don’t understand that whole philosophy.”

Anthony thinks she probably got taken advantage of more as a feature dancer than as a porn performer.

“I think I learned from that,” she said. “They’re just nasty over there. I haven’t had that problem in porn. But I also have a lot of good friends in the business who helped me through, too, to stay away from those kinds of people.”

The best piece of advice she could give about working in porn, says Anthony, is not allowing yourself to be forced into a corner.

“If you’re uncomfortable with something, you don’t have to do it,” she advises. “I’ve been put in that kind of situation- it was something that could have turned out bad but it didn’t.” Because she’s built like a Max Hardcore girl, I asked Anthony if she did any scenes with him. She says no.

“He’s chased me down for a good while,” she laughs. “I’m not into that.”

“You mean you’d object to someone pissing in your ass?” I ask her.

“Yeah,” she replies. “That’s to a level where it’s not sexy to me. It’s just not attractive to me. You have to be into it a little bit when you do a scene to make it look real. I’m not one of those who does it just for the pay. I actually enjoy my job. Check that out. I shot with one guy- I’m not going to mention his name. I started the scene and we actually never finished. I had to stop because I was not into the guy. And the company was really cool. They ended up finding a new guy. They said you really don’t look comfortable and we want the scene to be good. And that was the first time it actually happened to him so he was kind of shocked by it. He did not turn me on. He was making these faces and stuff the whole time. he looked like a monkey to me. I went to the director and told him this is not going to work for me. The director said, yeah, we can see this. So it worked out good. But that’s the thing I’m saying that you don’t have to do the things you don’t want to.”

Anthony is currently “hoteling it” until next month, she says. “”Then I officially move out here. I’m making the roots here.” For now, Anthony’s ready to do a big shoot with Adam & Eve. “That’s a big thing for me,” she says. “I want to be a contract girl for them. From that big shoot happening they’re kind of looking at me to make that decision whether I’m contract girl-worthy. So that’s kind of a cool thing happening. There’s a few shoots going here and there, but that’s the big thing for now.”

Although Anthony does anal in her personal life, she doesn’t do it in movies. “I do enjoy it but I don’t want to do it on film yet,” she says. “But my intrigue level is to where I think it would be really hot on film. So I’m getting ready to make that move. But I wanted to pace myself to where I make sure I’m good at everything first before I step into a new thing. But I do enjoy it.”

Anthony was about to do a scene with Tyler Faith, noting that they had never worked before prior to this.

“And she’s one of my closest friends so it’s kind of funny to be put in this situation,” says Anthony. “But I find her very hot, very sexy and very attractive. I’m really looking forward to it.”


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