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Conversations with Richelle Ryan- 10/3/06

Porn Valley- I spoke with Richelle Ryan Monday afternoon. Ryan, who’s with, got into the business about three months ago. She’s from the east coast- the Rochester area- loves sports, loves movies and I get the impression that guys love her ass. Ryan says she’s been told that’s her best body part.

Ryan got caught up doing a last minute scene so our scheduled interview got pushed back a bit. But you got to hand it to her- she followed up with a phone call as soon as the scene was over.

“I have a hard time turning down work,” Ryan laughs.

“Grab the green while your can,” I tell her.

“Exactly- that is my motto, still,” said Ryan who explains that her scene was with Herschel Savage.

“He’s like a veteran of the industry,” says Ryan. “I worked with him- he’s a lot of fun- great fucking actor. He is awesome. I love him. A real good guy.”

Ryan’s also in the process of getting a website put together which she has registered, and hopes that she can get Bill Fox to take on that project. For now, Ryan can be found on MySpace which she’s addicted to, She asks me if I’m Italian. I tell her no.

“You sound Italian,” she said. I tell her it’s the east coast fuck you accent.

On the subject of sports, Ryan tells me she’s a big Buffalo Bills fan and never misses a game if she can help it.

“I’m from a small town near Rochester,” she states. “I’ve met a ton of people in porn who are from the New York City but not from Rochester.” I tell Ryan she hasn’t been anywhere near Extreme Associates, then, to make that comment.I then ask her if she’s ever had the opportunity to bang a professional athlete.

“Oh my God I wish,” she says. “I would like to bang Jim Kelly, their [the Bills] old quarterback. I had a huge crush on him when I was a kid.”

If she had the opportunity, Ryan says she likes Tommy Lee a lot. I told her if she sticks around the business long enough that probably could be arranged.

“I like the typical guys that date porn stars like Tommy Lee and Kid Rock,” she states. “I love them both.”

Ryan didn’t go to the Van Halen party over the weekend, mentioning that she isn’t the partying type.

“I don’t even drink,” she says, noting that she got a lot of partying out of her system when she started stripping at the age of 17.

“I went through all that,” she says. “I loved it. I look back on it and don’t regret any of it. I miss dancing a little bit just because it was a big party with my girlfriends. We got to run around half naked and I had a lot of good and bad experiences at the strip club. That’s where I met my first girlfriend and my ex girlfriend now. Good and bad experiences came from the titty bars.

“I enjoy quiet night hanging out and watching movies,” she goes on to say. “I think it’s because I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. I just don’t like being around something like that because people try to pressure me into doing that. It’s not my niche. I’m not into that. I’d rather cook dinner and watch movies- comedy and scary movies. Recently I went to the theater and watched Beer Fest. It was a quality movie. It was a good, fucking movie. I’m a weird porn star- I don’t like to party!”

Ryan talks about how she made a move cross country by herself for the purpose of getting into the business.

“I was an at-home nurse,” she laughs. “I kid you not- I would not lie to you- for this little old rich lady. But I was stripping on the weekends. I had the good girl-bad girl thing going on.” According to Ryan the rich little old lady never had a clue she was stripping on the side.

“But she was a liberal.”

Ryan says believe it or not, porn is always what she wanted to do.

“Probably since I was 17,” she said. “I think from watching porno at home with boyfriends, I would always try to be like the girl in the movie. I would always imitate the girl in the movie. And I really liked it. I was just enjoying sex and public sex. I was wild and crazy and I loved it.”

For Ryan public sex means anywhere, anything. Later in the conversation we ascertain that she doesn’t do anal, so it couldn’t have been everything.

“Public sex was THE biggest turn on in the world,” she goes on. “At 16 I remember having sex in back of a church in the backyard. I’m probably going to go to hell for that.”

“Especially if you do it in the shadow of a crucifix then you are destined for hell,” I tell her.

“Thank God it was night time,” laughs Ryan. “I look back on that and remember that friends were watching. Two of his friends- we were all riding in the same car. I think they were planning it out to see if I would do it. Of course I wanted to do it. I was 16 years old.” All of this being said, Ryan’s the kind of girl who will do it on a dare, she says.

“If you dare me to do it I will as long as it’s something I won’t throw up on.” she says. “But I am a big, big daredevil.” I mention to her this all sounds contradictory because she doesn’t drink or party.

“I’m really weird,” she reckons. “I don’t like partying. I like quiet nights and just hanging out with friends. I have a girl that I met out here when I moved to California. I met her out one night- she’s just an average girl, a smoking hot redhead and I was hitting on her. I said we should hang out some time, even though I was totally I want to fuck this girl. She and I ended up becoming best friends. She’s completely straight, never been with a girl in her life and I’ve had the best time in the world with that girl. We go to the beach. We go shopping. We go out to dinner. We go to sushi bars. I have so much fun hanging out with her.”

Ryan lost her virginity on what she calls “a random night” when she was ready to have her cherry popped.

“He did it for me.” The same “he” who banged Ryan back of the church.

“It was in his brother’s bedroom,” she explains. Ryan says no one was watching but after they did it the first time the guy would videotape her with his friend’s camcorder.

“We used to do some wild things,” she laughed.

Ryan was asked what was the choice behind her porn name since it sounds so much like a star of the past- Rachel Ryan.

“I’ve always liked names that sound like boy names,” she replies. “And first I decided on a last name. I got online and was looking at baby names. I was looking at the T’s and I thought Taylor- so many women have that name as their first or their last name. I went to the R’s and said, Ryan, I really like that. I think I’ll choose Ryan as my last name and thought I want something that kind of went together like R & R. I was looking at girl’s names like Rachel.

Ryan was told by someone else that there was a porno Rachel Ryan.

“But I stumbled across that name Richelle and I thought that was so sexy,” Ryan continues. “My mom’s best friend, her name is Richelle, and I thought Richelle Ryan- that just goes together. It sounds great.”

“And then there’s a city New Rochelle,” I tell her.

Ryan points out the fact that no girls in the industry really have the name Richelle so she grabbed it.

“It’ll be different- I’ll stand out.”

Ryan was planning her move to LA for about three months.

“I knew that I wanted to move to LA, but me, I’m such a planner,” she says. “I’m very spontaneous but something as moving all the way across country, I was, like, I have to plan this out. I was here for a week in May to visit LA. I flew out here by myself. I met with a ton of agencies out here. I was looking at apartments. I was checking out the colleges and schools. I’ve never been to the west coast and I just fell in love with LA. Then I went back home and said this was something I really wanted to do. I planned it out and moved out her. I packed up my car and headed out across country.”

Ryan started off with Exotic Star Models and was with them for a month before she switched to Gold Star.”I’m working a lot with Gold Star, keeping super busy- they keep me on my toes,” she says. “But it’s been amazing experience these past three months. It’s been very crazy but a good-crazy.”

Ryan’s first scene was “amazing,” according to her. “It was a squirting scene with Mike South and Joey Ray. Joey Ray is with Exotic Star. He’s been in the business about eight years.” You might assume she’s a squirter but Ryan laughs because her “squirt” came from a douche bag.

“I was cheating,” she laughs. “But it was a really good scene. It was the day after my 21st birthday. I kept telling Joey he was my birthday present. It was so good. I remember I was so excited because I had gone two and a half weeks without sex. That’s because I didn’t know anybody when I first moved out here. I was almost dying. I was just ready. I was so anxious and I was ready to attack him. I pretty much did. It was so great. I remember doing the pretty girl pictures and getting all dolled up. They did my makeup on set. They did my hair on set. It was great. I had an amazing scene and a lot of fun.”

Ryan would have to say that some tried but no one succeeded in taking advantage of her when she was just starting out.

“When I was with September at Exotic Star, she really cares so much about her cares,” Ryan notes. “And she totally looked after us. Almost like a big sister. It was great. She got me a lot of really good work. Like Pretty Girl and Vivid. Of course I was pressured into things. People right on the spot would go, you do anal? Do you do ATM’s? Of course I don’t do any of that. I was, no, I’m sorry. But I was pressured although I haven’t had anyone take advantage of me. I came in with my standards and I won’t go beyond that.”

Ryan points out that she has developed a favorite male performer.

“It’s John West,” she said. “Oh my Lord. Muscle. It’s not only that he is so super professional and so nice. I have really good chemistry with him. Just on and off camera. he is the best fuck I ever had. I’d let that man shove his fist up my ass.”

“I almost have the same feeling but I’m too shy to ask,” I tell Ryan.

“He is my favorite,” she continues. Ryan continues to stress how much she loves to fuck.

“And that’s the reason why I came into the industry,” she states. “I love good, hot sex. But I do really enjoy the sex. I love to kiss. I love staring people in the eye. I love it when guys or girls go down on me and they’re looking at me. It makes it more intense for me, oh my gosh. It gets me going so hot. I never used to be like that. I used to hate making eye contact because I thought it was too intimate. But now, oh my Lord. It’s so great, it’s so intense. I love it.”

According to Ryan, everyone would be mad at her if she didn’t say that everyone loves her ass.

“I personally don’t like my ass,” she says. “I think I have too much booty and too much hips. Guys love my ass. Guys getting ready to pop say let me look at your ass. I am an ass-woman.”

But the ass-woman doesn’t do anal.

“I’ve done it once with an ex girlfriend of mine,” Ryan mentions.

“You’re supposed to do it with a guy,” I say.

“Well it’s a trust thing with me, too,” Ryan continues. “I really, really have to trust you to go there and do that. But I didn’t like it. It wasn’t pleasure-full. I just didn’t enjoy it. I just like good, rough, wild, sweaty sexy fucking. That’s what I like.”

I wondered if the daredevil’s parents knew what she was doing. Ryan says yes.

“My parents know,” she said. “I was always the real wild one. My mom and my sister are very conservative. I was raised by a strict Italian family. My mom and my sister were always- all the women in my family are just super conservative. I was just, for some reason, the wild one. I’d go to strip clubs. I love girls. I love women’s bodies. I love to fuck. And with that came an obsession with Jenna Jameson, hence the tattoo on my ass, the heart breaker. I had all these posters of Jenna Jameson hanging all over the place and magazines and porn.”

Ryan said she like watching Jameson perform but can’t say that Jenna actually inspired her.

“She inspires me now that I’m in porn because I see how successful she is,” Ryan adds. “Of course I’d love to be successful, too. But no one inspired me to want to get into porn.”

Ryan loves the business so much that at times she has to be reminded to get her check.

“I’m waving and kissing everybody goodbye, thank you! And they’re like you’re going to get paid, Richelle. That would be nice.”

“I hope to do many more amazing movies,” she continues. “I put 120% into this- everything I do- and I want to make the best movies.”

Ryan is currently competing this week in The Hottest Girl in porn contest, and invites her fans to vote for her.



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