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Conversations with Roxetta- 5/19/2005

Porn Valley- Roxetta writes me the other day. She tells me she wants to be on KSEX. Which is like telling Santa Claus you want to suck off the Easter Bunny. But this is okay. I can deal with this.

Roxetta, who’s reminding me more and more of Lauren Holly as I’m looking at the pics she sent me, introduces herself as being new to the industry. “Only been in for 6 months,” she’s telling me. “I had a lot of magazine work and decided to get comfortable with stills before videos,” she says. “My magazine credits include: Leg Sex (cover), Leg World, Nugget, Naughty Neighbors, D-Cup, Hustler, and Taboo. Pirate is pending. I have done approximately 20 videos, and I have also appeared on Playboy’s Sexcetera Show and HBO’s Black Tie Series.”

Roxetta’s excusing the fact that she’s just getting over a sore throat. I ask her about this Black Tie thing. She tells me she played a character named Aida. “It’s kind of a Red Shoe Diaries type of thing,” she explains. “But there was a lot of action involved. It was quite an experience.” Roxetta’s also telling me about some kind of Internet commercial she’s done for golf balls- a line I wouldn’t touch with a 9-iron.

Roxetta, who’s repped by L.A. Direct Models, also has a mainstream background as a graphics designer. “I didn’t really like being in the position of being under someone else’s control and climb the corporate ladder,” she states. “I would get compliments on my looks and I am a sexual person. I enjoy having sex. So coming into this business just seemed to be something that was a very good step for me. And I’m very happy I made the decision. Not only does it offer me money but a chance to grow and maybe get on the other side of the camera. It’s something where I can use my artistic ability as well.”

Roxetta points out that she never finished high school. It all ended one night when she snuck out of her bedroom window at the age of 16 and ran off with a boyfriend. “That was basically because my mother was an alcoholic and abusive,” she says. “One day I ran off with some guy and never came back.” Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work out.

“So I didn’t have a chance to graduate,” she says. But what Roxetta did do was take a later test for her GED. “And I applied to go to college. I never returned home.” She describes her life has having been quite good with extensive travel overseas. “I’m married and my husband and I went over to Dublin. We lived there for a year,” she notes, mentioning that she and her husband met through a mutual friend at college. “He was taking a business course and went on to become an attorney. Because I’m very artistic I continued with graphic design.” Roxetta mentions that she was in Paris for awhile and has visited Australia. “For six months we totally traveled,” she says. “It was an amazing experience. It really was.”

With a well-defined background practically screaming legitimacy, I ask Roxetta what was the thing that went off in her head to pose nude. Roxetta remembers some time spent in London and meeting a girl named Cynthia at a pub. She’s not sure of Cynthia’s last name. Maybe it’s Stephenson. She’s not sure. But this Cynthia chick put some idea’s into Roxy’s head.

“This girl was someone we happened to run into,” Roxy recalls. “She appeared in some magazines and movies and described to me how much fun it was, how she enjoyed it and that it was an easy lifestyle for her.” By this time, Roxy couldn’t see going back to the mainstream. “I wanted something fun and exciting and something very flexible that would allow me to grow more financially and have at least a chance of making accomplishments I otherwise couldn’t. That conversation piqued my interest.” So I’m curious as to how Roxetta is pulling off this whole world itinerary-thing. She explains that her husband has this annuity besides being a lawyer. “At least when he wants to work,” she laughs. “So we can easily go overseas. We can pay for everything we need. So we’ve had a nice time, a great time doing that.”

Nevertheless, Roxetta is seeing her new found porn career as a good investment opportunity. “I think it’s important for me to build up a name.” Her first time being naked in front of a camera left her with a feeling of being beautiful, she says. “I felt glamorous and beautiful.” I ask her if ever in school some sleazebag guy would want to photograph her naked. This is a question that opens up another vein. Roxetta tells me about a college professor who tried to get into her pants, except the whole episode gets caught on camera.

“One of the professors started to make moves on me,” she recalls. “I wasn’t doing anything to provoke him. One day when I got to school he asked me if I would meet him in the mens room. I thought he was joking. I wanted to talk to him about supplies that I needed for the class. He said sure meet him in the mens room and he said that in front of the entire class. After class I’m walking out the door, and he leads me to another area. I’m wondering to myself did I do something wrong or did I make a bad grade. What’s going on here. I couldn’t figure it out. Then we go into the hallway and I saw the mens bathroom door. He opened the door and he asked me to go inside the bathroom with him. This college professor asks me to go inside with him I said, no, no. I’m not going to do that. That’s crazy. Then he was telling me I’m beautiful. But little did he know that the school had a camera that caught the whole thing on camera. There was a really big issue over what he did.”

The guy lost his job over the incident, according to Roxetta who was 21 at the time. “It was really big. It was unbelievable.” Citing some instances in the press of teachers coming on to their students, Roxetta says this stuff actually happens. For one thing, she told the teacher that she was not going into the bathroom with him, although he used the excuse of wanting to wash off some paint brushes. Roxetta laughs at the recollection of the fact that this was an art class- naked models, that kind of stuff.

“He said I was beautiful and had a pretty face,” she continues. “He was getting persistent about it. It was horrible.” Roxetta reported he incident immediately. “Next thing I’m in the president’s office telling him what happened. They checked the video cameras. They were so embarrassed and took me out of his class immediately. There was an investigation and had to get rid of the guy.”

Among her industry goals, besides owning a production company, Roxetta’s also looking to run a group of websites, travel some more around the world. “And write it off for taxes,” she laughs. Before she got into the adult business, Roxetta did some homework on the Internet. “I was aware of this type of thing.” Roxetta also mentions in passing that she financed her college education by stripping.

“I danced for a couple of years to put myself through school because my parents weren’t the best,” she says. I didn’t receive any financial backing, but it took some time to get up the courage to do something like that.” She tried other jobs as well, working in a veterinarian clinic and at Macy’s as a sales clerk. “It was very difficult for me to make ends meet plus keep my grades up at the same time. But I was young and I thought, well, maybe I’ll walk into this club over here and see what it’s like. There were these flashing lights and girls dancing everywhere. There was money flying everywhere and I was, like, oh my gosh. I was so happy when I did do it. At the end of the night I had all of this cash, tax free, that was right there. I was amazed. I thought I could put myself through school like this. It would leave me time to study. I actually ended up graduating with honors.”

Asked how she hooked up with L.A. Direct, Roxetta said some of the companies she worked for would tell her that she needed an agent. She began dialing numbers. “One company recommended me to L.A. Direct and I went there and I’ve been there ever since,” she says. “And they do get me a lot of work. I think what makes Derek so successful is that he’s professional, on time and he gets the girls there.”

Roxetta will be the first one to tell you how much she likes anal sex. “I’m very good at anal and I like anal a lot,” she says although people have been trying to tell her to hold back on it, that you won’t get a contract if you’re known as an anal girl. “I thought that’s a load of crap,” she says. “I just do what I want to do, and I know how to do it properly. The thing is it gets boring having vaginal sex all the time. It’s like the same old, same old. When you have anal sex, it’s a little more intense in some way and I do orgasm when I have anal sex. Where girls go wrong is where they don’t use lubrication. And if you’re doing it for the first time you shouldn’t be doing it too quickly. It needs to be slow and make sure you’re very lubricated. That would be my advice. And if it’s done properly, it doesn’t hurt one bit.”

The first time she tried anal, Roxetta was 15 and decided this was the best way to keep her virginity- by turning over. “I thought, gee, I don’t want to give it up. I’m not sure. But I knew I wanted to have some type of sexual interaction. Basically, it led to anal sex. That was a bit unpleasant.” Roxetta said it happened in the woods- a place where you don’t want to be without either toilet paper or lube. Asked if the guy had a clue, Roxetta said he was 17 and had been with four other girls before her. “He was experienced and I wasn’t. But I knew how to kiss.”



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