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Conversations with Sasha Hollander- 4/18/08

Porn Valley- I spoke to Sasha Hollander this week. Hollander tells me she’s been in the business since November 2, 2007.

“You certainly got the date circled on the calendar,” I tell her.

“It was my first scene. How could I forget that?” she replies.

“It was for Acid Rain. It was me and TJ Cummings. Dianna Devoe was on set. I was with all these big names. They were, like, fake an orgasm. I don’t do that. I don’t even consider myself a performer in that sense.”

Hollander goes on to explain how she originally signed on with A List but recently got with Type 9.

Asked what made her decide to go with a brand new agency, Hollander’s answer makes sense.

“Kevin [Kline] books 16 bookings a day and Brianna Love 15 times a month. I
I’d rather be with Derek’s number two because it goes in that order. I think Kevin’s agency will slowly take the place of Gold Star as number 2. They signed a 128 girls since they opened two or three weeks ago. And I wanted to be part of that.”

By the time she was 19½, Hollander claims she was running several businesses.

“I was a small entrepreneur,” she says. “It was basically hotel management, nite clubs, restaurants, liquor stores, hair salons, anything, you name it. Throughout high school and school in general I was a straight A student. And I was almost going to be a partner in my mother’s firm. I worked for her. It was basically an executive job.”

Hollander then explains that her mother’s “firm” was a construction company which would make sense if you considered cement to be hard.
While she was doing all this other stuff, Hollander says she had been researching the porn business since April.

“But I only got the balls to walk into A List in October,” she notes.

Before that she had tried going to LA Direct.

“Just walking in there, the ambience, the whole fucking place I was, like, I’m not going to get signed to this roster and I didn’t. Then I dropped another 15 pounds and got signed to A List in October.”

“If you had all this experience in the regular business world, why would you go into porn?” Hollander is asked.

“To institute my connections,” she replies.

And I have to laugh with the way she words this.

“To be the most powerful woman in the world,” she continues. “That’s my ambition and my motivation. But to do it in an odd and an unusual way. To be a sexual icon like Briana Banks, Tera Patrick or Jenna Jameson.”

Hollander begins explaining how she acquired her name. She took hers from The Happy Hooker. Xaviera Hollander.

“And Sasha Singleton was in the special editions of Playboy so I fused the two together. They were firsts in their field and I need to be a first in my field, doing the pioneering, thinking out of the box to institute that into my enterprise. I want a brand that associates itself where it’s cool to be sexy. Put it that way.”

In doing her porn “research,” Hollander explains how she’d see the same people over and over again and figured by that extension her name being out there, “it would be easy to assert herself aggressively and be really famous.”

With this extended power trip in play, Hollander feels she can put her name in the same company as Oprah Winfrey and Condoleezza Rice. She mentions a couple of other women but I don’t catch their names.

“You feel that adult entertainment is going to do that for you?” I ask Hollander.

“I could have done it in any other field,” Hollander continues. “I could have said let me stick with what I’m doing and still been pretty influential. Except I didn’t find that good enough for me. It wouldn’t have done anything if I couldn’t make changes in anybody else’s life for the good.”

“Porn, on the other hand is something odd, unusual and different,” she goes on to say. “My sexuality pioneers the belief that it’s okay to be this way.”

“How does your mother react to this choice of yours?” I ask Hollander.

She doesn’t have to react,” Hollander says briskly. “Because she doesn’t pay my fucking bills. I do.”

“Sounds like you’ve already had a couple of conversations on this subject,” I comment.

“We’ve always conflicted,” Hollander answers. “I want to pioneer the thought or the idea that sexuality, hedonism, pleasure and all those things are okay. But my mom was totally different.

“When I was younger I was already like this. I would sneak guys out of my house. When I was in high school I would have guys constantly jump off my roof late at night. One night my mom popped me in my nose and all this blood started running out of my mouth. I used to have these guys hide in the closet and she’d see their shoes downstairs. She knew something was up.

“One time I had this guy jump off my balcony, right? But she had already caught me. She said by the time I get up here if the guy’s not out I’m going to pull you by your collar and throw your ass out the house. So I told the guy jump off the balcony. And they all went searching for him in the house. I said you ain’t going to find shit. So he jumped off the roof, walked across the street and went into his car.”

[Shoeless one would imagine.]

Hollander was an exhibitionist in high school and would have sex in public rest rooms.

“I wanted to try these odd and unusual sexual fetishes,” she relates.

“Shit like that. But the thing is a lot of what I do and everybody around me wasn’t comfortable with me acting that way.”

What a surprise.

By some extension of that strange thought, Hollander said she could have behaved the same way in the business world and have “instituted her connections.”

But she feels porn allows her to do everything she wants without obvious restrictions.

When she was 13, Hollander had a 21 year-old boyfriend.

“He would pick me up from school,” she recalls. “By that time I had already been kicked out of three schools.

“So he picked me up from school one day and a teacher pulls him over.”

Asked what she got kicked out of school for, Hollander says, actually, it was the whole district.

“They sent me to a charter school by that time. In one case I was playing with dynamite. The DA threw me in a facility for a week. My parents were bitching and they talked to the judge and got me released. That started to punctuate my badness.”

Sounding like she was doing hard time in a school’s detention center, Hollander said her 21 year-old boyfriend would pick her up at the end of the day.

“My teacher finally pulled him over one day. He had to sign this waiver. He signed my dad’s name. That’s how bad this was. I used to be pretty fucking bad.”

I’m having trouble following the account of the 21 year-old boyfriend signing the father’s name on a waiver because he’s basically committing a crime by screwing an underage girl. Hollander has an answer for that, too.

“I told my mom he was gay,” she says. “Around the rumor mill among the Filipinos they thought he was gay. No big deal. But little did they know.”

Hollander lends the impression that her high school sex stories are infinite.

“I was pretty wild but I think this profession lets me exhibit that wildness. But I won’t always be talent. I want to extend my brand and go into hotel restaurant management again.”

“I want to go to that hotel,” I tell Hollander. “I want to go to the hospitality suite.”

You’d also get the impression that Hollander pretty much entertains all comers, sexually.

“As far as being talent, the only thing I don’t do in my repertoire is anal and D.P.” she says. “I’ve just been putting that off.”

And that sounds very strange all things considered.

“And I don’t do any double vag, double anal or shit like that,” Hollander continues.

“But I’m not going to sit here and say I haven’t tried it in my personal life. I’ve done it quite a few times in my personal life, d.p.s and anals. Double vag- two dicks in there? Nah. Double anal? I don’t think I can do it. But I’d be down for doing it in my private life. But when the price is right, when the publicity is right, there will be a scene and there will be a production attached to my name and my brand.”

As if this is all truly common happenstance for her, Hollander finds it odd how people practically fall off a table reacting to her stories.


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