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From the Gene Files October 22, 2003: An interview which somehow slipped through our archival cracks:

Porn Valley – One of the year’s hottest newcomers, Selena Silver- – has also become one of the hottest ticket items in EvolutionErotica’s- slate of new releases.

Gene: What’s happening with you and EvolutionErotica.

Silver: I’ve done quite a few scenes for them and they like my work which is great. They’re putting me in a few more movies. One I’m looking forward to in particular is with Arianna Jollee. My little darling.

Gene: She’s also done some tremendous work.

Silver: She’s great. She’s very sexual. Which I like. I’m shooting with her for a new line that Tom Byron’s coming out with. It’s called Butta Bang.

Gene: Another great title nobody else thought of.

Silver: That should be really good and the following day I shoot for Ass Eaters which is going to be nice.

Gene: Which means you’ll have to do some salad tossing. What are your views on salad tossing because that seems to be material that’s finding its way onto almost every tape.

Silver: Give people what they want!

Gene: So to you it doesn’t matter. I interviewed someone the other week who almost became a contract girl here if not for the fact that she felt she was being forced into tossing salad. Before you got into the business did you ever toss salad?

Silver: On occasion. I did some pretty kinky stuff before I got into the business.

Gene: What were you like growing up?

Silver: I was such a normal kid. I had a really close family and a great life. I was basically interested in anything that had to do with water. If it was a good day on the weekend I’d be at the beach. I did scuba diving, sailing, swimming, everything like that. Consequently when I finished high school, I went and got a degree in Marine Science. I did some research on dolphins in Australia.

Gene: At one point did you become totally twisted.

Silver: I think it all came with meeting my husband. I had really been interested in exploring threesomes, particularly me with two guys. But the previous boyfriends looked on in shocked horror at the thought of me with another guy. Even though it was expressed that I didn’t want you to be doing anything with the other guy. I wanted both you and me. But that wasn’t going to work. But, hey, how about bringing in another girl? I was like, no. I guess it’s one of those things that if you weren’t going to do this for me, then why am I going to bring in another girl so you can get your rocks off. It didn’t happen and thought maybe it was one of those things that wasn’t going to happen. Then I met my husband…

Gene: That’s a broad brush stroke. ‘I met my husband.’ I want details.

Silver: I was studying to be a scuba instructor. It was a thing that was going to help me with my marine science. So I turned up at the shop and they had this cute American guy. He just stopped in to help them out.They were short-staffed and he was traveling. I was, like, hmmm. The course went on for about two weeks. So I got the opportunity to see him in his role as a teacher and speak to him. And finally by the completion of the course, I was pretty smitten I guess. We ended having a few beers and one thing lead to another and we went back to his place.

Gene: So there was pre-marital snorkeling Involved.

Silver: It was good.

Gene: When did you finally legalize all this maritime behavior.

Silver: We got married in Miami when we came over her.

Gene: So what was the game plan. You have this background in Marine Science. What were you going to do. I’m sure porn wasn’t the number one thing on your list.

Silver: We were coming over more for a holiday and were eventually going to go back to Australia. But the swinging scene here in the states is so much more advanced than it is in Australia. And the clubs are amazing- especially down in South Beach. The girls are just absolutely beautiful. So we were enjoying that and meeting a lot of great people. One of those people ended up saying, you should do porn. I had never even thought of that. But I’m one of those people who if I see an opportunity, you go with that. You have a plan but you needn’t stick to it. You can always come back to it.

Gene: Plan B can always be more interesting.

Silver: Exactly. So we ended up over here doing a feature and that was all to it.

Gene: So who was the first company you worked with.

Silver: Lord Perious Productions. We met them in Florida. They said come out to L.A.

Gene: Whose I owner I believe is doing time right now but that’s another story. So how did you hook up with EvolutionErotica.

Silver: I believe we were watching one of their videos, Meat Pushin’. We were so impressed, just loved the double-disc, the whole packaging, everything. So that set them up with a good word in our minds, already.

Gene: You liked their packaging; they liked your packaging.

Silver: Exactly. It was all good. I finally got to work with them and they were great. I had a wonderful time.

Gene: Tell me more about Sodomy Sandwiches. I think you wrote a review for adultdvdtalk and if I remember correctly you felt it was one of your best scenes.

Silver: Definitely. It was a great day. Everyone was relaxed. It just flowed really well. It was good in that I got to take charge a little bit. It was a turn on. It was really fun. That was the main thing, and I think it really came across and made it that more sexy. Everyone was into it.

Gene: So what are you going to be doing with EvolutionErotica.

Silver: Learning some editing, how to shoot camera. My long term goal in porn is to direct and what better company to learn the camera side from than Evolution. Tom is just an icon in porn.

Gene: Have you met Guy Capo yet?

Silver: He’s really wonderful I did Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll for him.

Gene: He said he was honored to have you in the cast.

Silver: Awwwww. And that’s what I like about Evolution, totally different styles.

Gene: Guy is so upbeat and Tom is so in a coma. Just kidding.

Silver: They’re great. Every director they have really has a different style. It’s going to be great to learn.

Gene: You already have some ideas in mind when they finally cut you lose to do your own thing.

Silver: There’s nothing promised [this interview was conducted prior to the announcement of Lezervoir Dogs a project which Silver is helming]. Basically I’ll do the behind the scenes stuff for the value of learning it. Down the track if it goes somewhere, great. If it doesn’t it doesn’t.

Gene: How do you like the industry so far.

Silver: It’s great. I think it’s ruined me for normal people. LOL. You can’t see the world through their eyes anymore. But out of porn we have friends who are swingers. And they’re also open-minded and sexually free people. You can say anything to those people and it’s not going to shock them. I’ve heard of some of the strangest relationships and how they’re set up with some of the rules. But it works for them and I’m fine with it.

Gene: What’s the wackiest thing you’ve experienced in that swing dynamic.

Silver: We have good friends and they live in this marriage where there are 27 people.

Gene: Sounds like a tribe.

Silver: That’s the most unusual thing I’ve heard of. But it worked really well for them. You say that and you think of a harem with one guy at the helm. But they were all couples.

Gene: My mathematics tells me that’s 13 couples and somebody watching.

Silver: One extra female. They all considered each other as spouses and swapped among one another. It worked for them.

Gene: Saturday night must have been a riot. You got involved with this equation?

Silver: We were friends with them. They own the swing club that we go to. But they’re the most genuine, lovely people I’ve ever met. It was really cool.

Gene: Did you always have this inside of you.

Silver: Yeah, probably. My husband likes to think that he could spot it. I think I had a lot of these monogamous relationships that really didn’t contain much sex at all. The idea of marriage never really appealed to me because I didn’t want to be chained to this one person and never have any sexual adventures, ever. But when I head about swinging and before him I didn’t have any clue about it, I was like, it’s really cool. Because you get everything that’s wonderful about being married with this one person that you love that adores you and will look after you that is always there for you, a best friend and everything like that. So you’re not looking for that. You’re almost team dating together just looking for sex. I think the blah part of the relationship is getting over everyone’s personal issues and insecurities. And if you’re swinging with another couple and they’re already worked out all their issues with each other, then it’s just pure sex. And we do make friends with people through that and have friendships as well. But it’s still not on the same level as if you were dating someone and were responsible for their emotional well-being. That’s what I like about it. We could go out together and have this kind of reckless sex. Then if I wanted to have my rose petals on the bed and candles and all that, I have that, too.

Gene: What was your first time doing anal like. I see some gnashing of teeth.

Silver: The guy involved fell to the floor crushing his ribs because it was one of those, oops, wrong hole scenarios where, oh I’m sorry, that was your ass. And my elbow just went back cracking into his ribs. And he dropped like a stone. I consequently tried it with a different boyfriend later. Despite doing all the massage beforehand, trying to make sure I was relaxed, it was still very painful. Then I met my husband and just loved it.

Gene: Your anal destiny was written in the stars.

Silver: If you find a man who can make you love a cock in your ass, then you’ve got to marry him pretty quick.


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