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Conversations with Sindy Lange- final

Porn Valley- I had a chat with Sindy Lange on a Cherry Boxxx/Baby Doll shoot this week. Lange, who’s repped by Gold Star Modeling, was doing a scene with John West and Buster Good.

Lange’s always harbored this fantasy of being a porn star, she says. “I always thought about it when I was younger, when I was in junior high school. It was junior high masturbation-vibration sessions.” Lange said she’d play with her clitoris but was afraid to have anyone else do it. Lange was 16 when she finally left someone else in on the fun.

“That was the first time I had sex- I did not reach orgasm,” she says. “It was with a boyfriend but no orgasm for at least four or five months after having sex. And especially using a vibrator for four years before that.”

Lange knew where her spots were but didn’t know how to tell anyone else how to hit them.

I imagine it’s hard I tell Lange, taking your driver’s test and masturbating on the wheel at the same time. Nonetheless, Lange kept on seeing the guy for over a year.

“Then we separated and moved to different places. We severed the relationship.” Because she couldn’t quite reach an orgasm in sex, Lange pretty much kept to self-pleasure.

“I was afraid to let anyone else in because I was almost embarrassed to have that orgasm- I gave it to myself for so long.” According to Lange, her parents had general morals and values. “No lying, cheating, stealing, be honest – that type of thing,” she says. “But they worked all the time and we were unsheltered. There were five kids in my family messing with the house, building forts in the yard, nothing real strict.”

Lange’s folks know that she’s in porn.

“But they’ve known I wanted to be a porn star since I was young because I used to talk about it,” she says. “They never condoned it; but they never said it was a bad thing.” I found it odd that Lange would bring this discussion up at all with them at such a young age.

“I’m very open with my parents,” she explains. “We’re a very honest family. They educated us pretty well when it comes to sex. We were pretty open and there was nothing we really had to hide. We weren’t worried about them scolding us for telling the truth. I talked to them about it but they didn’t take it as serious. My dad told me that sex isn’t a bad thing but don’t have it till you’ve got somebody to have it with all the time. He used to say you’re not going to miss it if you never had it. He said once you have it the first time you’re going to want to keep having it. As long as you choose someone to have it with, that’s okay. If not, you’re going to be a slut and go from person to person to person. But I’m a whore, now, not a slut, daddy. I get money for it.”

Lange picked a strange time to come into the business- the moment the HIV shoes dropped on the industry.

“It was April 17, 2003 when the whole HIV-thing went down,” she says. “Everybody was scared. I looked at that as an opportunity to come in. I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t afraid of HIV. I take precautions and we’re all at risk. But it’s something I’m not afraid of. I jumped in on that day.” Lange broke in doing a Squirting 101 for Axel Braun.

“I legitimately squirted,” Lange swears. “And I still legitimately squirt. Beforehand, though, before I knew I could squirt, I would stop in the middle of sex and go, wait, wait, I got to go the bathroom. I’d sit on the toilet forever and nothing would happen. I couldn’t pee. I couldn’t do anything. Then I’d get back to the sex action and I’d get to that build up point and I’d stop and run to the bathroom. I didn’t know just to let it go, that I would cum and everything was going to be okay. I felt like I was going to pee all over the place. But he [Braun] made the point, he said go pee before you come in here. I did that. He did some oral with the little finger-thing and I had three orgasms in 15 minutes. It was incredible. That was enough to make me want to do more.”

Lange says she gets complimented for her very messy blowjobs. “And they say my handjobs are sensual.” I tell Lange that very few women know how to give a good handjob.

“But I enjoy it- maybe they don’t enjoy it as much as I do,” offers Lange who’s done her own handjob movie.

“It was shot by Synister Films out in Las Vegas,” she says. “I thought it was supposed to be a movie with five or six different girls in it and everybody did a handjob. But when the movie came out it was just me- three scenes- back to back to back. All me and my handjobs. That’s when people started talking about my handjobs. Then I realized there was something more unique about my handjobs than anybody elses.

“It’s the sensualness,” she explains. “It’s very sensual and very messy. I don’t like lubrication. I’m all about saliva- no lube at all in my bedroom or my scenes. I don’t like lube. I have enough saliva for all of us.”

Lange has since mended fences with Kevin Rubio but she’s also had some drama with the producer.

“He got upset with me one day,” says Lange. “He wanted to shoot somebody for a cheap rate and I didn’t want to let him shoot for that cheap rate. He decided that since nobody knew me really well and I didn’t have anyone backing me up, he thought he’d get me out of the business real quick by slandering me and telling everyone I was shooting a girl from Nebraska untested. The girl was Kinzy Jo and it was her first week in the industry. She got tested and I did a bunch of solo work with her. She had done solo scenes on a Saturday and two solo scenes on a Sunday. Then we went over to Kevin Rubio’s that Sunday night so he could take a look at her to shoot for Pigtail Cuties because she’s so young. He wanted to do a paid audition and I really didn’t want him to do that. I was like she’s been working all day and she’s tired. Either you shoot her or you don’t but I don’t like the idea of a $100 paid audition. I don’t want this girl to get scammed on her first scene in the business. He got really upset with that.

“Later on that night he called me and decided, instead of a $100 paid audition, he wanted to shoot her in a scene with two pop shots for $900. I felt the scam coming on there- two pop shots? I’ve only been in the industry like six months at that time but it was obvious. I told him he couldn’t do two pop shots in a scene, and I didn’t believe that he was making an interactive DVD for the client. So he got mad when I confronted him with that.”

I was curious what Lange’s relationship was Kinzy Jo.

“Were you repping her?”

“I wasn’t exactly repping her,” states Lange. “I brought her out and introduced her to another agent so the other agent would rep her. But I went around and introduced her to the people I knew already. I wanted to get her a head start on some things. And Kevin Rubio happened to be one of those people that I knew and I knew that she was young and he has the Pigtail Cuties line. I figured that would be one of the perfect scenes for her to shot the first thing in the business.

“I thought I wanted to be an agent in this industry,” Lange goes on to say. “I thought I wanted to recruit girls and start my own agency. All of that was great and I liked dealing with the companies but it’s the girls I don’t like dealing with because they’re not all in the industry for the same reason that I’m in the industry. I look forward to doing this. I enjoy what I do. I am not a flake. When I’ve got work I’m there on time or even early and I’m ready to go. But there’s very few girls like that- you’ve got to talk it into them with money and other crap.”

Lange says the two-pop concept sounded more to her like two scenes-for-one.

“After the whole thing was posted on some sites about Kevin Rubio conducting a smear campaign against me, we didn’t talk. I didn’t want to socialize with him at all. He never called me. Then out of the blue six weeks ago he called me: I want to apologize.”

Lange, who’s now repped by Joel Lawrence, was contacted by him over the Internet.

“I was reluctant at first because I had been representing myself for awhile and getting my own work,” says Lange. “I wasn’t sure if he wanted to represent somebody who had already been in the industry for a year and a half. He said he was. I talked to a few people in the industry about him and almost everybody I talked to knew him. They all had good things to say about him. I figured it was a good choice. I like being on an agent’s site- that’s the thing. I have a lot of contacts of my own, but to have your picture up on a site is very important to me and to have someone else take care of your schedule, too. It just got to be too much. My cell was blowing up all the time. I couldn’t get to my phone to answer calls, and it was unprofessional of me to be shooting while I’ve got bookings on my phone and I couldn’t get back to those people right away. I wanted an agent to do that for me. I’ve been with Joel about three months.”

I was curious if Lange did anal. She does it in her personal life and once shot a scene for Seymore Butts with Flower Tucci and Mark Davis in Anal Express.

“But that’s it- that’s the only thing I’ve shot, anal,” she says I had a good time. I enjoyed it. I just don’t want to put my ass out there all the time.”



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