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Conversations with Skeeter Kerkove-final

Porn Valley- Since April 27, 2005, Skeeter Kerkove has pretty much remained out of the public eye. Because that’s the day his ex-wife Metro contract director Bridgette Kerkove told police that Skeeter had sexually molested their youngest daughter. Forget the fact that Metro director Kerkove waited two full days before filing the report. Forget the fact that two hospital reports show that the child was untouched and unharmed.

I spoke to a riled up Skeeter Friday night. Skeeter also mentions that he got a green light from his attorney to have this chat. Skeeter wants to know why Gustavo at Metro was so busy on the phone with his wife the day she filed that report of Skeeter supposedly molesting the child. Gustavo and Metro director Kerkove talked on five occasions. In fact, Skeeter’s got phone records that indicate his wife and Gustavo talked at least 100 times between April and May. Skeeter was told it involved production. Skeeter’s saying bullshit. He never had to chat with Metro that often when he was shooting for them.

It was Skeeter’s opinion that Gustavo was very uncomfortable talking to him. “I let him know that I took a lie detector test. And it’s not some flakey guy,” says Skeeter. “It’s a great incredible guy [Dr. Lou Rovner] who you can information about at.” According to Skeeter, Gustavo went on to tell him what a nice and great person Bridgette Kerkove was.

“That’s not the Gustavo I know who tells me that she yells and screams and accuses people of things,” muses Skeeter. “Ask Gustavo if I battled for her to get a contract at Metro and that I said to Keith O’Connor, Joey Wilson, Neil Persky and Kenny Guarino: ‘I do not care about my career. My children’s mother is my life. Take care of her, not me. I am a fucking rogue. I will work wherever and I will always survive. That is my baby’s mother- protect her, promote her.’ ” Skeeter says he also asked Gustavo if he was aware that on a Metro shoot, Venus was told by Bridgette Kerkove that the medical tests showed that Skeeter raped his daughter with such ferocity that her uterus was bruised.

“She also told the same thing to Ashley Blue,” Skeeter adds.

In reality, the medical tests showed that nothing happened. There were no conclusive findings – neither at Kaiser nor Northridge hospital where the tests were conducted. “Nurse Stotts at Northridge says no evidence of penetration,” says Skeeter. “No statement from the alleged victim; victim red consistent with diaper rash.” Skeeter is wondering why two days after such a supposedly traumatic event that Metro director Kerkove is calling the police. “What were YOU doing to your daughter to have a diaper rash two days later?”

Skeeter said it was also weird that on the day Metro director Kerkove reported the alleged sexual assault, Gustavo was the only one she talked to. Skeeter says Gustavo told him that because of normal circumstances of production, Metro director Kerkove calls him every day.

“I go that’s not true- Pat Myne doesn’t call you. He goes, yeah, he does. I go no he doesn’t. I’m subpoenaing you, brother. Who on earth would be in a hospital with their baby daughter in diapers and call you, a fuckin’ production manager? Are you saying she’s producing porn while her baby daughter’s in a hospital? Cause my phone records show she called you. What sick bitch would call a production manager, a head of production and talk about porn while her baby’s being examined?” According to Skeeter, Gustavo then asked if he was being recorded. “Gustavo, I said. Who battled for her to get a contract and not me? He admitted it. He said you.

“I also told Gustavo I don’t feel it’s normal that Bridgette Kerkove called him over 100 times in a month on dates that she’s at the hospital and at the police station, on April 29, while she was filing a bogus Temporary Restraining Order.” Skeeter claims he’s got the Verizon records to prove all this. “You don’t call about productions when you think your child has been raped. You don’t call about production when you’re filing restraining orders or are at the hospital. If this happened for real, you don’t care about production.”

On another note, Skeeter asked Gustavo, rhetorically, who agreed to work for less money so that Metro director Kerkove could make more. Gustavo told Skeeter he did say that. “When you’re a company owner, you have to justify numbers. As Mark Carrier says, it’s all about the numbers and nothing else. The numbers need to add up. And he’s right.”

Skeeter went on to describe what he calls his ex-wife’s “unhealthy obsession with shopping and impressing others”.

“Many times with sadness in her voice she admitted to me I was right, that she is sick,” Skeeter continued. “‘I am addicted to shopping, she said. Whenever I get depressed I shop.’ ” Skeeter would tell her, you’re shopping seven days a week, that she bought a $12,000 dining room table from Ethan Allen while she was living in a rented town home that was only two bedrooms.

“I don’t even know how many thousands of dollars the china cabinet was,” continues Skeeter. “But yet the dining room table doesn’t look different than a $1,000 dining room table. It really doesn’t.”

Skeeter says another falsehood promulgated by Metro director Kerkove is that she wouldn’t dare let Skeeter anywhere near the children alone. Director Kerkove made those comments, April 27, both to the LAPD at the Devonshire division; and the Department of Children Family Services.

Skeeter says, on the contrary, he would watch the kids while she directed films. Skeeter recalls one instance, a movie called Obsession for Metro Interactive in which director Kerkove sent Chico “Chuck” Durand to her home in Porter Ranch for some materials she had forgotten.

“She rents that home; she doesn’t own it,” says Skeeter. “She lies to people about owning it.” On the occasion that Durand came to the house, Skeeter answered the door with his youngest daughter in his arms- the same one he was accused of molesting.

“You know why this is important?” asks Skeeter. “She’s telling everyone that never once was I ever alone with the children the day they were born.” Another witness is Chris Blinn, says Skeeter. Blinn came to pick up tapes for editing and Skeeter answered the door with his baby daughter. “Chris Blinn has witnessed that Bridgette was at work for Metro. Bridgette felt that the best person to babysit the children was their father.”

While Skeeter might be harping on what some would consider an insignificant point, it’s a major one in his legal battles where Skeeter is being demonized as a man unfit to be around children. Inconsistently, Skeeter says the same comments- that he was home watching the babies- have been made by Bridgette Kerkove to Jim Powers, R Dog, the gaffer, director Kerkove’s makeup artist and numerous porn performers including Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander.

“Her landlord even in Chatsworth on Trigger St. came to the home when I was babysitting,” says Skeeter. “Where’s your wife, She’s at work doing a movie.”

Skeeter remembers on other occasions when Joey Wilson was at Metro and Bridgette would come in talking shit about Skeeter.

“Skeeter’s talking bad about me- he’s making up stories. And Joey Wilson would tell her I’ve never heard Skeeter Kerkove say a negative word about you. Skeeter has always said all that matters is your career, not his. Skeeter brags about you to the point that it’s annoying.” According to Skeeter, Scott Justice over at Sin City would tell him shut up already with the Bridgette build up. “It’s not about her- it’s about you. You’re selling the movies, not Bridgette.”

Skeeter recalls an incident at AEE in 2004 in which Bridgette Kerkove hauled off and clobbered him with closed fist in front of witnesses that included Joey Wilson, Ric Williams, then Mtero publicist Janie Liszewski, Gauge, Anthony Simone and Kelly Erickson.

“There was no warning or provocation,” says Skeeter. “It happened as we were walking down the red carpet at the AVN awards.” Skeeter responded with no self-defense mechanism while director Kerkove was restrained by Williams and Wilson and was told to stop it. Moments, later, without warning, director Kerkove allegedly attacked Kelly Erickson and Gauge with threats of violence and drama that Skeeter can’t even remember, something about somebody stepping on Metro director Kerkove’s dress.

“She went off on them,” says Skeeter. “I was so embarrassed I wanted to hide under a rock. But that’s loyalty going down with the ship. But personally I think Gauge was ready to beat her ass. Even though Bridgette is intimidating because of the high platform heels, the big tits and the status she has.”

On the occasion that Bridgette Kerkove filed a police report on June 11, 2003, claiming that Skeeter physically assaulted her, Skeeter has an airtight alibi. He was shooting a porn movie with Jayna Oso which was verified by a Det. Baker of the Foothill Division. On that occasion Skeeter remembers Oso doing a double anal with Mr. Pete, Jay Ashley and Mark Wood. “That’s where I was all day,” notes Skeeter. “Not at Bridhette’s town home on Nordhoff in Northridge which her and her mother claimed. I was filming five scenes of anal debauchery.

“Bridgette and her mother committed perjury by filing a false police report that I gave her death threats,” Skeeter says. The same day, director Kerkove was receiving plastic surgery from Beverly Hills physician, Dr. Randall Digbee Hayworth. I suggest to Skeeter that it’s pretty dumb on Bridgette Kerkove’s part to make an accusation like that when his whereabouts at that time could be easily verified.

“Her mom convinced her- this is how you get him,” says Skeeter. “He’s involved in criminal activities and he’s going to take the children. Then after I gave Det. Baker the plastic surgeon’s card, he told me I was free to go that I need to speak to my wife. When I spoke to Bridgette she told me that her and her mom went and made up this story. Then she called a female detective at the Devonshire Division, stating that it was a lie- her mother convinced her to do it after the plastic surgery and that she was high on Vicodin. She named the other drug she was high on for her pain but I can’t remember the drug. Then she called her mother and said you have to call him up and tell him the truth. Her mother said I don’t want anything else to do with this and hung up on Bridgette.” According to Skeeter, Bridgette’s mother, before hanging up, told her that she has to call the cops and level with them.

Skeeter claims Joey Wilson and Ric Williams were also aware that director Kerkove was getting the plastic surgery that day because they told her she needs work on her lips.

Skeeter also wants to know why AVN- a purportedly unbiased trade publication- would be calling one of Skeeter’s clients, Ducati Productions to inform Kevin Ducati that Skeeter was a sex offender.

“AVN called him and wanted to know if he was still doing business with me because I’m a registered sex offender,” Skeeter states. “Kevin told him, yeah, Skeeter told him about it and the stuff that’s going on. I’m pretty upset about that.”

Skeeter wants to know what business it is of AVN’s to make his business their business. Skeeter said he’s going to leave it up to his attorney to start asking those questions. “My attorney said that was crossing the line. He felt that was really inappropriate that AVN was calling Kevin Ducati telling him about this.”

Skeeter also intends to find out who made that call but has already ruled out some of the higher ups.


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