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Porn Valley- Sledge Hammer’s a pretty big guy- in more ways than one. Currently he goes about 245, and, according to some accounts, packs luggage that dwarfs Rocco’s. We’ve run into Sledge a couple of times on EvolutionErotica shoots, and today he was banging German beauty Ann Nova in the ass for Tom Byron’s Black Up That White Ass 2.

Gene: You are obviously a bodybuilder. How long have you been in training.

Sledge: Since I was 13. I’m 30 now.

Gene: Do you miss a lot of days training because of the porno schedule.

Sledge: Somewhat. But the little apartment I’m in is like a mini-gym. I have most of the equipment I need to keep myself going.

Gene: That’s the thing that’s curious to me because in this business you never know when you’re going to work. Doesn’t that wreak havoc with a diet and things like that.

Sledge: Exactly. You don’t want to eat too much before a scene, have too much blood going into your stomach to digest the food. Then you’ll have wood problems.

Gene: How often do you manage to train?

Sledge: I’d say probably 4 days a week but they’re not full blown routines every time. Days off are when I make up for things I miss.

Gene: What got you interested in doing that.

Sledge: Super heroes. Animated shows. Just getting tired of bullies.

Gene: Were you the 95-pound weakling?

Sledge: I just have good genetics. So when people see me they automatically assume that I take steroids. But I’ve never touched steroids.

Gene: Do a lot of front lateral raises? Because I notice you’re very heavy in that region.

Sledge: Oh yeah, I just did a chest routine. I’ve been bigger than I am right now. So whatever gets stimulated just kinda blows up. I’m just trying to keep my weight down. The most I’ve ever weighed was about 265.

Gene: Ever train for competition?

Sledge: No, because it’s very expensive and I would have to use steroids to be on the level of the guys competing. I don’t want to do that.

Gene: How’d you wind up becoming a porno guy.

Sledge: I was going to school and I met a friend, Brian Williams, who’s now the owner of Celestial Productions. Once he told me what he was doing, he offered me an opportunity. We were roommates for a while. I tried it and it shocked him. He didn’t know what to think if I was going to be able to pull it off or not.

Gene: He has a nickname like “Cheeks” or something.

Sledge: That’s his old neighborhood nickname. He goes by Stony Curtis, though.

Gene: How was your first time in front of a camera.

Sledge: It was a little bit nerve wracking. But I think I had a couple of beers. No I had a vodka and 7-up. I worked with Heather Lee. She was real nice and got me in the mood, kind of took control and I followed her lead. And got it done.

Gene: Not every guy can do this kind of thing.

Sledge: No.

Gene: What was the kind of stuff going through your mind.

Sledge: To stay relaxed. I knew Brian so it wasn’t like I was working for somebody I never met, and had to be stressed out about how they were going to be towards me. And the girl had a real positive attitude so that made things a lot easier.

Gene: How long have you been doing this.

Sledge: Off and on about six years now. My first four year I only worked for Celestial Productions.

Gene: You always went under the name Sledge Hammer.

Sledge: Yeah. There was a time when he wanted me to change my name when I was going to go under contract with West Coast Productions because he wanted to keep my name for his titles. But they knew I had been around since ’95 and done work for Brian so they wanted to attract whatever possible following I had.

Gene: Have any favorite female performers.

Sledge: I’m really bad with names so I’ll say that I’d like just about any girl that’s attractive to me and has a positive attitude.

Gene: What were you like growing up.

Sledge: I was a little bit shy. I was into Science Fiction.

Gene: Did you hang out at comic book conventions.

Sledge: I didn’t because I spent more time running track and a little football. When I wasn’t doing sprints I was doing cross country to stay in shape for the next season. I was playing football a little later on in high school. My parents bought me a weight set when I was about 14. Before that I was just going to the gym from time to time. Spring training was for track. I was a sprinter, and I needed to be lifting weights. That was a good time, too, because that’s about the time you stop growing and so your bones and tendons can handle the stress of the weight. And I just stuck with it. I was pretty introverted so I spent a lot of time going to the gym.

Gene: So you’re a fast developer.

Sledge: I would say so. More so than some guys. Unfortunately I see a lot of guys go to the gym and they don’t seem to get any results. I don’t know if it’s because they’re not intense with their training or that they just genetically don’t have what it takes. But for me I come from a family with good genetics and pretty well developed bodies. A lot of my family was involved in sports.

Gene: Every work as a bodyguard or in security.

Sledge: I’ve been a bouncer before.

Gene: Any good bouncer stories.

Sledge: Not too many. One time I had a disagreement with a club that I worked because I saw two guys about to get ready to have a fight. I picked up one of the guys and walked away with him, telling him, hey, you need to calm down, bro. I know you came out to have a good time and not to fight. If you and this guy get into it, I’m going to have to kick you out of here. The guy was, like, he was talking shit about my sister cause he used to date her. I’m like don’t worry about that bullshit. Just avoid him. Stay here, have some drinks and have a good time. For some reason one of the club owners thought I was too nice and I should have just kicked both the guys out.

Gene: Ever have people try to get in your face because you’re the bouncer and they just want to fuck with you.

Sledge: Not really. Because I’m a pretty intimidating guy to most people who know me. It’s just a problem when some people get to know me and they want to see how far they can push me cause they get a little high off that apparently. But I’ll put them in their place.

Gene: Ever get to bounce a celebrity?

Sledge: LOL. Like being a bodyguard for a celebrity? I haven’t really been security for any celebrities. Somewhat maybe for Shane of Shane’s World when Brian Williams had Adult Adventures. I was like her personal guard so when she was out mingling with the crowd, no one would get too handy and harass her.

Gene: She could get verbal from time to time. Did you ever have to step in?

Sledge: No. LOL. Only thing she did wrong was appear on stage without her tassels. And because the place we were at didn’t have a cabaret license, areolas needed to be covered up and she went a little against the rules. So we got in trouble for that.

Gene: Ever have sex with anyone famous?

Sledge: No. Just girls in the business that are pretty well known.

Gene: What sort of woman turns you on.

Sledge: I’m pretty much an ass and leg man. I also appreciate a pretty face. Chest? I would prefer no boob job. I’ve seen some good ones but for the most part I don’t dig ’em so much. I like my girls all natural.

Gene: You’ve worked for EvolutionErotica a couple of times now.

Sledge: Yeah, the guys are good. I always have a good time.

Gene: You were doing a scene last week with Julie Night.

Sledge: That went really well. Me and Julie have been friends before she got into the business. And so we’re real comfortable working with each other.

Gene: How do you know her.

Sledge: We have a mutual friend. He does mainstream film work and he’s back off into that. He dabbled in porn for a little while, did some work for West Coast as a writer and producer. So just through some house parties he would have, that’s how me and Julie met.

Gene: How do you like the business.

Sledge: It’s pretty good. For me it’s all about staying in shape and always putting forth my best effort every time I come out so that fans trust that they’re getting a good product when they see Sledge Hammer’s name on it.



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