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Conversations with Stephanie Cane- final

Porn Valley- I spoke to Stephanie Cane who’s with Cane just started in the business, coming in at the beginning of this month. Before that Cane worked at a tanning salon.

“I’ve always had this thing about tanning salon girls,” I tell her.

“Everyone always likes the tanning salon girls,” she laughs. Asked if she ever got action on the beds, Cane first says, yeah, with her boyfriend. Then on further questioning, she unloads with another interesting story.

“Customers hit on you?”

“All the time,” she laughs. “Mostly males.”

“How would someone offer you a sexual proposal in a tanning salon?”

“They’d flirt with me and ask me out,” she says.

“Anyone ever want to take you under the bulbs?”

“Yeah, one time,” says Cane. “We went into where the spray tanning bed is and we fucked. This was a customer. It was a random hot guy.”

“What was it about him that made you want to go into the spray tan?”

“I just love fucking,” Cane answers. “It’s the spur of the moment. You’re horny and you want to fuck.”

“You realize how many fantasies you’re going to fulfill because of that one incident? Did that guy ever come back in?”

“He came in. Trust me. He was a regular after that,” states Cane. “We did it a couple more times. Every time my boss was away we’d do it. It was a tanning booty call.”

Because she loves having sex, Cane figured why not do it for a living.

“It seemed like a perfect job for me.” Cane said she had a friend who knows Danny Dukes.

“They’re friends of my friends and were saying you should get into this,” says Cane. “His girl friend is one of my good friends. Then I was introduced to Chico Wang and did a scene for him- I really liked it. I love Chico. I think I did another two for him. I’ve done under ten scenes as of now. Chico then referred me to Joel at Gold Star. I talked to a number of people but I ended up choosing Gold Star. And I had to quit my little tanning salon job because now I’m too busy! Sorry, sexy random boy. I can’t be there no more.”

Compared to what she made at the tanning salon, Cane said one scene equals three months what she’d make on the outside.

“It worked out perfect- I love it- I’m having the time of my life as of right now,” says Cane who was always the popular one in high school.

“Everyone was always all obsessed with me and stuff,” she laughs. “My group of friends were always the hottest ones and all the guys always wanted to hook up with us.”

The first time Cane had sex was at the age of 14 with her then-boyfriend who was in twelfth grade.

“We started going out and ever since we did it I loved having sex. We did it at his house then did it one time at a McDonald’s. It was in the play area. It was at night and one of my friends was working there- the manager wasn’t there- and he was like, get randy. I said don’t joke with me because I’ll do it. We didn’t get caught, luckily. I like wild crazy places and random spur-of-the moment things.”

Cane’s starting off slow in the business because she doesn’t want to overwhelm herself.

“I’m getting used to the business and everything because it’s way different than any other regular job,” she adds. “As of right now I’m doing b-g, solo and I swallow. I also do g-g-b but I don’t hook up with the girl. I’m thinking about doing g-g and adding that on but not for a little while.”

Which is to say that Cane’s not really into girls.

“That never really worked out for me,” she concedes. “But the more I get into girls and get used to it- I don’t want to do a scene and get all freaked out by it. So I’m going to try to have some interactions with some other girls on my own, then I’ll add that to my resume.”

“No, no, none of that,” says Cane when the subject of anal is brought up.

“I did try it once and it hurt really bad. I’m like a litle girl- 5’2″, 105 pounds. But I’ve got a loud mouth and I put my foot down. I’ve got a huge personality.”

With about 22 days in, Cane says no drama but she’s made a lot of new friends.

“I’m really, really easy going,” she notes. “I get along with people. I’m a people pleaser. I know when to be quiet and when to talk.”

“You being a people pleaser, what is the sexual activity that most pleases you?” I ask Cane.

“I don’t like being the dominant one,” she replies. “I like the person slapping and hitting me. I’d rather be the one getting choked out and slapped. For some reason it’s fun.”

As a little kid, Cane would sneak into her father’s porn collection and watch it.

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off it,” she says. “When I was 10 and 11 I was making out with boys and stuff.”

Cane doesn’t particularly care if her family knows that she’s in the business.

“I moved out on my own, I live on my own,” she says. “My mom lives in Castaic; my dad lives in Las Vegas. I don’t talk to him- he was never in my life; and I don’t talk to my mom, either. She’s just out of this world, we don’t get along at all. If they find out it would be on the Internet nor would I care if they found out. I also have a sister who I love to death. She doesn’t care. She just wants me to do whatever makes me happy.”


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