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Conversations with Syren-final

Porn Valley- I had a lengthy chat with Syren last week on the set of Dusk Till Dawn’s Sinsations 2. I reminded her of the last time we chatted which was on the set of Vampire Chronicles 3

“You have to tell me everything- a day by day account of your life since last June,” I tell her.

“Last June!” Syren exclaims. “I was the vampire hunter and we were sitting on the grass- I remember. That’s why I want to sit on the grass again this time but it’s too cold.” And she was right about that. Since that time, a major thing happened, according to her. Syren’s back doing adult movies.

“I shot my first x-rated movie recently with James Avalon,” she notes. “We had a reunion. It was a fun movie, actually. It was for Red Light and it’s called Babes in Black. It’s based on Men in Black and I get to play the character Tommy Lee Jones played. It was fun because we had similar gadgets that they used in that movie like the time machine and the piece that makes you forget.

“The make you forget machine- I don’t think I remember that one,” I tell her.

“Yeah, that one,” she laughs. “And of course there was a lot of dialogue. I was probably in every scene in the movie. And, as you know, James Avalon always comes up with these weird ideas and creative scripts. He called me and wanted me to play the role. He said you can do whatever you want in the script. You don’t even have to do a sex scene but I told him I would do a boy-girl scene.” Syren wound up working with Kris Slater.

Syren mentions that she’s hooked up with September Dawn’s agency, Exotic Star Models.

“I’ve only been with them for two months and we’re trying it out to see where it goes,” she says. “It just happened that way- I was talking to September and we were talking about old times. And she mentioned that she was running this agency- that came out of the blue and I was, okay, sign me up. That was it- there wasn’t a choice in my head that I had to go to this agency or that agency to compare them because people in the industry pretty much know who I am anyway, unless of course they’re a really new company or new people. But it’s a way for me to be in the system which is how it’s going right now. It seems like when producers book actors they go online and see who the girls are. So that’s a way for me to get in again. And September’s a really good friend and we have history. During those times we were shooting for James Avalon and VCA, she was always pretty cool when we were hanging out and doing girly stuff. So that was an easy switch.

“So far they’re booked me pretty good jobs,” Syren continues. “I told her I only wanted to shoot features and work with good people and she’s kept me on that level. So it’s working out. I’ve also shot two movies for Playboy. Bud Lee directed them and I guess it was their first projects on the X-rated side. I shot one movie called Spice Airlines. In both movies I did a sex scene with Evan. And I’ve also done some smaller projects for other companies.”

In the Sinsations series, Syren plays a girl named Trish who’s a producer of a movie titled Dusk Till Dawn.

“And she’s also Evan Stone’s girlfriend in the movie,” she adds. “Evan plays himself and I get to play a take charge kind of girl. She tries to get everyone to do their part and get the production together. And then of course there’s some sex scenes thrown in the mix.”

Syren was on KSEX recently when she and Stone guested on The Goddess of Gush show.

“You and Cytherea were fooling around.”

“I wasn’t going to,” Syren laughs. “It was supposed to be like a straight interview. Then she started being touchy-feely with me. And she started to talk about squirting and stuff like that. It was five minutes to the end of the show and she kept asking how many minutes more, how many minutes more? I wasn’t sure what she was up to. The last five minutes she spread her legs – she wasn’t even wearing panties or anything – and had her boobs exposed. She just spread her legs and she says to me, ‘Put your fingers inside my pussy.’ I wasn’t sure what to do. I said, you mean, simulated? And she laughed and she said, no, not simulated. Put it in. So I put my middle finger in it. Just one. She says, no. Put two. So I put two fingers in. And it was less than a minute. I was doing the in and out and come here movement. In less than a minute she squirted and I was so shocked because I have never done that to a woman before. I was just sitting there freaked out about it because I had never done that before to a woman.”

Syren explains that a week later after she show, she herself squirted.

“It was funny- a week after I made Cytherea squirt, it was almost like I don’t know what she passed on to me but when Evan and I were having sex he made me squirt. That was the first time for me and I almost freaked out. Evan had this freaked out look and I was going on, hold on, hold on. I was touching it and smelling it just to make sure it wasn’t pee. He said no it’s not.

“I always check myself the same way to make sure,” I tell her.

“And so I looked at the blanket and said, wow,” Syren laughs. “That was that.”

“You know once you start squirting you can’t stop.”

“Really?” she asks.

“You are now officially a member of squirtdom.”

“Then after that I went on my knees and prayed to Cytherea,” Syren tells me. “And I thanked her. It was the strangest thing.”

“Tell me about when you and Evan met.”

“The first time or the second time?” Syren asks.

“I know it happened back in New Zealand.”

“That was the second time we met,” she says. “The first time was six years ago. We shot a movie in Lake Mead for Sin City. New Zealand was where we really connected. He and I were there for a signing and a dancing engagement. I didn’t know he was going to be there but I saw him in the airport and was kind of like, oh.”

“So you were exchanging eyeballs…”

“I’ve always been sexually attracted to him,” Syren comments. “Even from six years ago when we first met. We were doing scenes at the time and having sex, and I always had this standard that if I had sex with a man I would always compare it with him. So, in New Zealand I didn’t think much about it. But when we landed we kind of picked up from where we left off. I know that Jacklyn Lick and Kylie Ireland talked about it on KSEX. which I thought was tasteless because when I hung out with Evan in New Zealand I didn’t have a clue that they knew so much or that they would even open their mouths about it. And when they did it was just very stupid. But it was more than just fucking and I felt weirded out when they did that. Our rooms were actually next to each other. We didn’t have one room. He was actually sneaking over to my room during the night. It was fun and just like old times. And we’ve been together ever since.”

Asked how she made her break into the softcore side of the business, Syren first met Robert Lombard at Erotica LA about six years ago.

“He walked up to me and gave me his card,” she remembers. “I knew who he was because his name was mentioned in some of the adult shoots I was in, and they were like you oh you like acting? So some of my friends said you should call Robert Lombard. But I never actually met him until that day he gave me his business card. A week later I was in his office and interviewing him. I was, like, what do you do? What kind of movies do you shoot? Can you show me some of them? How much do you pay?”

Syren continually joked on the set about Lombard needing discipline and I asked if she felt that way when she first met him.

“I felt that Robert needed some guidance,” Syren laughs. “I think he need to go out of his shell. I felt that he was some kind of sexual deviant but was hiding it. He had like some kind of fetish and dark side to him. But he was trying to control it because he has his family and he has to look good. And he has to have this gentleman front for his office. But I know in that mind is lurking some kind of sexual thing. Then later on I learned that he painted his toenails. So then we became really good friends.”

“What color did he paint his toenails?”

“Oh different kinds- I think red was his favorite,” she says. “But that’s when we became really good friends.”

“Did you ever paint his toenails?”

“No, but I want to,” says Syren. “But I think I’d have to pick a really good color for him.”

“What would be a good color?”

“Pink,” she answers. “Because it matches his skin and lips and it would look really good with open-toed high heels.””So you’re meeting him for the first time and it’s in the back of your mind that he’s got all this sexual repression- other than that, how did the meeting go?”

“The meeting was long,” Syren recalls. “It was like a two hour meeting and he showed me some of the videos that he shot and I was really impressed. And I think the stuff he showed is when they were still shooting 35mm films. I said I want to do it and after that I started shooting stuff for Mainline Releasing.”

At the time Syren was also feature dancing and was very busy with that aspect of her career. She’d be on the road two or three times a month.

“But I realized that when Mainline titles started coming out on HBO and Cinemax, the guys who went to the clubs to see me dance were different types of guys, apart from the regulars,” she says. “I would attract people who have never been to strip clubs but have seen me in R-rated movies. They knew that I would be around and they wanted to see me. So I was starting to reach out to a different market of guys and that was really cool. I would meet up with them and they would tell me, oh, we didn’t know that you also shot X-rated.”

Syren feels that she and Lombard have a very successful business relationship.

“Apart from that, when he ventured into Digital G which produced X-rated titles, that really kept my name alive out there,” Syren comments. For the time she was on the road and shooting R-rated product, Syren never felt that she left her roots in the more explicit end of the business even though she stopped for awhile.

“But it feels good to be back in adult,” she says. “I feel like I’m starting again.”

“The softcore-stuff looks like it’s a lot of fun.”

“And it’s good energy, too,” she agrees. “The people that are involved in it- the crew, the technical people- it’s a light hearted group of people. There’s not a lot of drama going in which I like and they’re really professional but fun. There’s a lot of flirting.”

Asked if she might start up her own production company, Syren said now that she’s with Stone it’s fun to explore what they can do together in terms of directing, production and websites.

“We’re both very creative people,” she notes. “He does a lot of camera work. And I’d love to direct one day. I think I’d be good at it. I have actually directed one film.”

Syren graduated in mass communications and majored in film.

“I finished a short 30 minute film,” she points out. “I was in school at the time and cut it on a movieola- you cut it with a splicer; I was studying at the time to learn how to do all that.” The movie, according to Syren, was about her childhood.

“It’s about growing up,” she says. “And I won the best thesis and I toured with that movie. I got invited to show it in Japan and I got invited to show it at the New York International Asian Festival- that’s how I got into this country, working as a filmmaker.

“So that was my academic background before I got into all this,” she continues. “So maybe I’ll get into that when I’m done with the performing side of it. Right now I’m still really excited about being in performing and being in front of the camera.”

At first Syren attempted to break into mainstream Hollywood.

“I met with The Women in Film people,” she recalls. “I realized this after working three months as an assistant to this producer that they just really rich Jewish women playing with other peoples’ money. They really weren’t producing anything and I just ended up working as an executive assistant. But it was really more like putting data on a computer. I got stuck in a 9 to 5 job in an office that didn’t produce anything.”

“So it was all a bunch of bullshit.”

“It was all bullshit,” Syren laughs. “But at that time I was doing my acting stuff too. I’d go out and audition and go on photo shoots. Finally I landed in Jim South’s office and the rest is history.”

“So, in other words, you made a right turn on Ventura Blvd. on to Van Nuys.”

“At least I was producing something!” she roars. “But at that time it as fun because it was a double life. I’d be this ‘wannabe’ filmmaker working at a producer’s, then I would take a day off and tell them I was on an audition run. But really I was driving to Malibu. Since it was all new to me, it was really an exciting life because it was forbidden. I’d go to the office with my hair all bunned up. It was a strange world to me but fun for a little bit, for a couple of months until I made the switch. But to answer the question, directing or doing behind the scenes stuff would probably be the most natural turn for me later on when I stop performing because I love this environment.”

“Do you ever find that your character Syren takes over your real life?”

“Over the years that I’ve been in the industry, I think it’s changed,” she says. “When I started out about six years ago my adult life and my personal life was very distinct. But as the years go by and I become more integrated with my life, I think I’m a lot more comfortable with ‘Syren’ and can actually bring that into my normal life. Because it’s a good thing. I dress up and I carry myself more confidently and like when I walk on the street I feel like I really don’t belong in the flow of things.”

“Evan works a lot and you work a lot- are you able to get together and have a good personal life and spend a lot of time off camera?”

“The schedule is very hectic,” she says. “He works almost every day and he’s on a set. But we make sure that we meet up after work. We do sleep over. I still have my own place and he still has his own place. But his days off and free time is spent with me and all of my free time is spent with him. But we like to spend time together. We like to do things together- and normal things- we like to go hiking. We like to watch movies. We like the same types of movies. We like to watch a lot of action stuff, Martial Arts type of stuff. And we love comedies.”

Syren mentions that she and Stone aren’t the partying type.

“I like to be quiet,” she says. “And he does to. It works out- right now our relationship is the fact that we support each other with whatever we want to do and just to be there for each other. We have a really good, solid friendship.”

Stone has yet to meet Syren’s parents who live in the Philippines.

“But we plan to go,” she says. “I’m preparing him- he’s learning how to speak the language right now. I’m teaching him. But I have met his mom. In fact, we go to New Zealand together- his mother goes with us. He has a really cool mom and she has no problems being in the erotic environment. And I tease her a lot and she loves it. I have met his extended family as well- everyone pretty much except for his father. His father lives in another state and we haven’t been there.”

Syren notes that she’s still feature dancing and her next stop will be in New Zealand.

“This is my fifth time to be there,” she points out. “But it’s my first time to be in this particular province. It’s called Christ Church and it’s in the South Islands. This is the first time that they’re bringing the show there.”

“Isn’t it going to be weird stripping in a place called Christ Church?”

“I would strip the rest of the week except for Sunday,” Syren laughs. “Sundays I would go to the church and confess all my sins. Then it will be all okay?”

“Then you have to purge your sphincter of all the evil,” I remind her.

“Gargle- use an enema with holy water,” Syren suggests.

“Once you do that you’re totally forgiven,” she’s told. “I know these things I used to be a priest.”

“Can we do it together?” she asks me. “I might need guidance.”

“I’ll bless some water- we’ll get some Evian from Evan.”

“No! Artesian water from New Zealand,” Syren suggests. “Will you come with me?”

“The best thing to use is sparkling water- have an enema with sparkling water.”

“Oooooooooooooooooh, that tickles!” she laughs.


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