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Conversations with Tabitha Stevens- final

Porn Valley- Last time I’m sitting in Jerry’s Deli in Woodland Hills, Cindy Crawford walks in the bar. Crawford eventually gets stood up by some guy from Wicked, and Crawford’s mentioning something about a contract before she walks out.

So now I’m sitting at the bar again having a chat with some guy who’s claiming that Phil Spector is in Easy Rider, that Spector’s the one doing the drug deal at the beginning of the movie. He’s right on this point but hits one for two when he whispers that Jessica Drake’s husband has just walked into the room. I turn around to look. This is not Evan Stone who is actually Drake’s ex, I’m telling the guy; but I’ll have to admit, it’s someone who definitely looks like Stone. I don’t get a good look at the girl he’s with, but it’s only some time later that Tabitha Stevens- who is the girl- comes over to say hi.

This is knocking me for a loop. The Evan Stone-looking guy that Stevens is with is movie producer Gary Orona. The next day when we’re able to chat, Stevens is telling me about the project she’s doing with Orona. It’s the project Howard Stern was busting her chops about the last time she was on Stern.

I leave for the evening but find out the next day that Stevens was flashing everybody in the room. As I caught up to Stevens, she was flying out to Michigan to cover a gig which Ron Jeremy wasn’t able to take. Jeremy’s currently in Great Britain shooting another reality TV series, and Stevens was spelling him as emcee of a Pimp and Ho Ball which is tonight.

“Whenever Ron can’t do something, he passes it on to me,” Stevens explains. “They called me last minute and said can you come to Michigan. I’m like, okay. Dennis Hof is going to meet me there, and we’re going to host it. Stevens says she has to get immediately back to L.A., however, because she’s in the middle of shooting this movie. It’s going to be titled The Shaman.

“I still probably have another four weeks left on it,” Stevens continues. Stevens is aiming to finish the movie by the end of June. “We’ve been shooting a lot. It’s the coolest thing, and I’m just happy that I have a chance to create.” Stevens said the project started out with the idea that it was going to be XXX. “But then it hit me. I said to Gary the script is too good and I’m not going to waste it. Not in a bad way but it shouldn’t be X-rated. Howard Stern said it best when I went on the air. He said who’s going to want to watch this movie that has a story with people having sex in it. You want to see the sex and why take away from that..”

According to Stevens, the project has been changed. “There’s no sex in it whatsoever,” she said. “There’s some boob shots and some swearing in it. But it’s not a movie with sex. It’s sexy because of the way I do things and the things that happen. And we have a lot of really cool costuming. But it’s like watching The Cell. That’s how cool it is.”

Stevens explains that she and Orona have worked as a team for over two years. “I direct for these movies called Torchlights. They’re softcore. So I’ve been working with Gary doing that. Then they wanted me to start directing them. So with Gary, he’s like take ’em, do ’em. I usually get to direct two titles a month which goes straight to pay-per-view then Cinemax. So I’m directing kind of mainstream-stuff, anyway, not total mainstream, but it’s almost like a mainstream credit as a director.”

As far as The Shaman goes, Stevens is the only porn name in the film. “I wanted Ron Jeremy in it for a part,” she says. “But I don’t think he’s going to be around for it, so I have that covered by someone else. Other than that, there’s no one from the business that’s in the movie.” To hear Stevens talk, she’s very confident about this project. “We shot it on 35mm and we can transfer to hi-def.”


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