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Conversations with Tony Batman- 2/12/07

Porn Valley- is a new Internet TV concept, and Tony Batman is its program director.

The programming schedule will be Monday to Friday starting at 7pm.

The station hosted an open house at its Chatsworth studios Sunday night, and I had the following chat with Batman in which he talked about the new station and his career in the porn biz.

“We’re doing Internet TV- it’s live streaming video,” he tells me. “It’s all going through a video player. We found a way to deliver free video feeds for people who are not members. And once a membership part does go up which should be later down the road, that video-feed will be of a higher quality. But I’ll be broadcasting video no matter what. Either the free or the paid part. There will be a video player when you go on to the site. When a show’s going live you can watch it live. If we’re not broadcasting live at the time the shows from the past week will be archived. If you’re a fan of one particular show you can watch it for an entire week any time you want.”

According to Batman, attorney Michael Fattorosi came up with the idea.

“He said he was going to be doing video and he wanted to cross a little bit of porn with a mainstream broadcast,” says Batman. “But do it over the Internet. He had found a way to make it affordable to do that. In the past the technology has always been there but the price of it has been so high that it would be a losing proposition instantly. He found a way to do it where you can control the quality of the feed to where that’s how much you pay for it. Because we’re still paying for the feed whether it would be free or not. We’re counting on a lot of fans that would want TV quality to pay a small membership fee afterwards. Plus there are some main sponsors and that’s how it all came about.

“He came to me and said he wanted me to be the one full porn show that was dedicated to talking to porn people.”

Batman’s scheduled night is Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to 9pm. [PT] His co-host is Monica Mayhem, and it seems likely that they’ll carry over the same kind of show that they did with KSEX.

“We’ve had great chemistry from the beginning,” Batman notes. “And we’re roommates so it’s easy for us to come up with things to talk about since when we both get back from our jobs in the evening, we discuss things anyway. So it’s almost a show of real life in the making by itself.”

“Porn stars will be on the other shows,” Batman continues. “But they’ll be talking about different things besides porn. Gary Garber will be on doing a dating show. Michael Fattorosi will be doing a porn law show Monday nights. You’ll be able to get the free advice and call in and ask questions. He’ll have people from the industry who deal with the legal part of it coming in and speaking on different subjects each week.

[Fattorosi kicks off his show tonight at 7pm.]

Batman started off as a probation-correctional counselor in Clearwater, Florida then became a strip club DJ. The funny part about it, he says, is the fact his sister was a stripper.

“Their DJ didn’t show up one day,” he relates. “I did AM radio and FM radio in high school and the beginning of college. She called me and said the club needed a DJ that night. Could I just learn how to do it and do it. I refused at first.”

If you figured this put Batman in an awkward position being a probation officer and working in a strip club you’d be figuring correctly.

“The funny thing about it is I took the job as a DJ at night,” Batman relates. “And I worked for the state of Florida during the day. I didn’t tell them at first until they noticed I was a little bit tired. Because getting home at 3 in the morning and being in the office or the prison at 8 o’clock I got a little tired after awhile. They asked me and I told them I had another job. They have a form you’re supposed to fill out for all extra employment and they have to approve it. So I filled out the form and waited. It went up to Tallahassee and it came back denied. Does that surprise you or no? At this point it took six weeks to two months for that to come back. It’s government work so you can figure that.

“At this point I was making per day at the strip club what I made in a two-week check for the state,” he continues.

“They told me to quit that job or quit this job. I decided to take the strip club job instead. Everyone thought I was crazy because I had put nine years in the state of Florida by this time. It was a high risk and it takes ten years to get a small retirement and get vestment from them. Which I still could go back and get any time as long as my certification is still good.”

“I bet you’re rushing to go back to Clearwater,” I tell him.

“Yeah,” he says sarcastically. “That was great. So I took the strip club job and quit the state of Florida. It was funny- they called me after I gave my resignation and asked me if I was crazy. They did not believe it. If you knew how much money I made per day you’d not think that. So I started building my way through the strip clubs. I became an assistant manager then manager then I started going to bigger clubs. So I got on with the Deja Vu Corporation and started working with them. I worked in Tampa for three years and then they merged with Larry Flynt’s Hustler Clubs and they started clubs all over the country and hired me to go and train their deejays around the country.

“So I traveled for about a year with them doing that.”

“A DJ instructor if you will.”

“They have a system they like to use,” Batman laughs. “My job was to go in and make sure that the deejays from each particular city used that system or found different people that could use their system. I ended up meeting Regan Anthony and got married to her. We went out on the feature circuit after that and I started emceeing all of her stuff and all the nude pageants, instead. We made it to about as far as we could go without her doing porn. So we came out to Los Angeles and decided to get her into porn. After awhile we ended up getting a divorce. Since I was out here, I wound up getting a job at KSEX. I did that for about six months until I got my own show there. I kept building that.”

“There was a point where you practically filled in for everybody over ar KSEX.”

“I loved that,” says Batman. “I loved the work so it was not actually work to me. Then this opportunity came along. It was for Wednesday and I wasn’t working on Wednesdays so I thought, okay, I can do this also. I came to find out that it was sort of a conflict of interest which I didn’t see at first because I was told it was all video and heading towards mainstream; I figured KSEX was radio and not that big of a deal. But it became that and I decided to keep this job instead.”

“Was your split with Regan the result of the usual tough to maintain a relationship in porn malady?”

“It seems like it was that way,” replies Batman. “For those who don’t live in the middle of Porn Valley, they don’t quite understand exactly how tough it is to stay together as a couple. It’s a lot of work. At first we set rules to keep that from happening. And as you go on, a lot of times your rules change. There are rules and if you’ve known anyone who was a swinger or lived in a swinging nudist camp or anything like that, that is a basic part of a relationship- the rules. Sex is not 100% of your relationship; it’s your relationship itself that counts. So the sex becomes different than ‘civilians’ like to think of it as. As those rules changed, things changed and we just grew apart- just like 75% of all the couples that come out here to do that.

“We’re still friends,” Batman continues. “As a matter of fact I still do some PR work for her. And she just came back after a small break and she’s now with Gold Star Modeling. She went back to the east coast for awhile after the split and got herself together. We both remain friends and sort of stayed apart and did our own thing. Now she’s back and ready to go. And I believe she just did three or four new scenes in the past few weeks.”

“What was crazier- you’re life as a strip club deejay or being out here?” I ask Batman.

“This outweighs the strip club business 3 to 1 at least,” says Batman. “The thing about the strip club industry, it gets redundant. There’s the same girls. A lot of times the same customers, the same music, the same club. It just goes over and over. After awhile it gets to be the same. Out here it continually changes. There’s always new girls. Girls are retiring or quitting. Or not making it where they wanted to go and new girls are coming in every day. I like this better.”

“Do the strip club deejays get a lot of action?”

“Yes,” says Batman. “They get as much action as male talent most of the time. The part about it that everyone thought I was crazy for staying was the deejays actually make a lot more money than male talent. It’s very lucrative. There’s an old adage from the strip club business: look for the most expensive car in a strip club parking lot, and if the owner is not there, it’s the deejay’s car. It’s pretty true. You have to remember the strip club deejay gets paid by the hour and it’s a common rule, not a law that they receive ten percent of what each girl makes on the shift. That doesn’t usually happen. Most girls won’t tip ten percent if they don’t have to. I know a lot of talent agencies will tell you that- if you don’t make the girl pay, a lot of times they just won’t. But it was common for the girls no matter how much money they made to tip a $20 bill. There’s 60 girls per night and you can do the math. That’s pretty lucrative.”

“Among my favorite shows you did on KSEX was the night you told that story about how Mickey G walking off with your car keys.

Batman gets a good roar himself at the recollection.

“I tell this story to other people and they’re dumbfounded that something as stupid as that could happen.”

“That was a great story,” Batman agrees. “Thank God for Lorrainiac and Cuz Fucker. We were over at KSEX- they took me to their house and took care of me for the weekend while we were looking for the keys. Little did we know that Mickey G had ’em in his fanny pack the whole time.”
“It became a ridiculous scavenger hunt where you have to drive to different spots to meet up with him.”

“Yeah, we got a hold of him in the morning and he said for us to meet him here and we met him there,” Batman chuckles.

“Then he’d say the keys aren’t with me, meet me over here. We finally ended up back at his house where we should have met him in the first place. We followed him on his bicycle in a car. The best part of that story was the reflection of my life as I was sitting out in front of a trailer park in a blow up pool with Lorrainiac and Cuz Fucker, having a cocktail and looking up at the stars in Los Angeles, thinking to myself, yes, I have arrived. This is what I came here for and I don’t think it gets any better than that. No matter what else happens in my life that will be a moment I’ll never forget.”


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