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Porn Valley- Tony Montana who’s HIV positive but is now undetectable likes to pass along the story about how Steve Orenstein at Wicked tells him that he’s seen Montana at his best, he’s seen him at his worst but now Montana with HIV looks better than ever.

Montana said when he heard the news from Urbano about Darren James, he called AIM to ask if there was anything that he could do, talk to people, things like that. Montana said his offer was met with a rousing lack of enthusiasm. Montana only knows James from a Shawn Ricks shoot. “I used him in Porn School for Shawn Ricks,” Montana remembers. “I was in production for Ricks.”

Asking what advice Montana would lend James or anyone in that situation invites more than a one-word or one-sentence response.

“I called AIM and asked for Sharon Mitchell but she wouldn’t get on the phone,” Montana states. “She won’t talk to me anymore but I told the person who answered that I was calling to lend my services if they wanted me to talk to someone. It wasn’t like, oh yeah, like in the old days. I guess Dr. Mitchie can handle it all.

“All of this is up to the individual,” Montana goes on to say.

Montana: “It’s how you value yourself and how much you care about yourself. Are you going to beat it or let it kill you? I don’t know how advanced this is but, obviously they caught it early. But these guys were traveling in South America. I hate to say it but I did tell T.T. Boy, you know what, man? Be careful down there. And he was like, aaah, it’s no big deal.

Not because of me but you never know who’s sister you’re doing. And these people are very vindictive when it comes to getting my little sister in porno. But obviously they didn’t think the way I did when I was in South America. Then I called him yesterday and left a message but he never returned the call.

It’s something I don’t wish on anyone. If I could be of any help, to help him go through and handle it, I would. But T.T. Boy, if he did come up positive, he’d be, like, well, I’m T.T. Boy. I’m a bad ass. You don’t have to be a bad ass and feel you can handle it on your own. Because sometimes you do need someone. Me? Different people, different things. Everybody thought I was putting up a face. But my determination was to beat it and prove to others this can be controlled and not kill us today.

Now it’s South America, Europe, back and forth. In the old days we worked here. If we wanted to work in Germany that was once in awhile when people like Frank James went. But it wasn’t like today where people are all over the place. Too many people in too many places and, let’s face it, the technology over there is not the same as here.

And the moment girls turn 18, that’s all they want to do. Why? Because there’s no education for free. It’s a whole different lifestyle. Then you see a movie like The Girl Next Door which glamorizes porn. That’s what kids coming out of school want to do.

So the advice I would offer someone today might be too old school for them. Like what did I do before I became a porn star. Ah, construction. I went back to that. But the kids today they get out of school and they want to do porno. They’ve never really worked. For them to go from making $1,000 a day to $10 an hour? A whole hour for $10? They’d say get the fuck outta here. Some people can’t handle that kind of thing then they hide behind drugs. Or they’d go on to do whatever else they were doing.

The medicines that I take- and what I’m paying for in insurance- I hope this guy has insurance. From what happened to me everyone should have insurance. My advice is get an insurance policy because you never know. But it’s the same way I used to think- that it would never happen to me, that shit ain’t going to happen. Next thing you know…

And then people were saying, well, you know, he [Montana] used to go both ways. There were the comments on the websites. People can say whatever they want. You’re the only knows where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Me, I know where I’ve been and I got it. I abused the needle. I did everything and the moment I got off the set I went and parties some more and fucked some more. Like a never ending cycle.

Today so many people have cross strands, now, you don’t know how this is going to creep up on you.And when you go on the Internet for information you’ll read study not concluded. There’s enough studies that have not been concluded about medications and combinations. They don’t know the side effects in an individual. You could be taking $2900 worth of medication a month but the study on it has not been concluded as far as side effects. Some of the side effects may be suicidal tendencies or, if you love yourself too much, you can become very violent towards others. But I felt since I already fucked myself up, give it to me. But I don’t think about it until it’s time to take my pill, and then I take my pill. One in the morning and four at night.

Most likely Sharon can help him [James] get in a research program for the new drugs that are available. But the main factor is, can you deal with it psychologically? It was one of those things for so long that was considered a gay disease.

But this is one of those things that comes down to an individual and can you deal with it? Can you till be part of society and not worry about what people say? Psychologically if you can beat it, you’re 20 steps ahead of yourself. And you can’t worry about what everyone says. If you do, that’s what will wear you down. But the biggest joke is when I went around saying for so long this would never happen to me.

I used to have my dick insured by Lloyd’s of London. But I cancelled the policy thinking what the fuck is going to happen to me? Next thing you know five years later, bam. If I kept up paying the policy… but I was a drug addict and said fuck it, who cares. I would have had a million dollars.


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