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Porn Valley- Trina Michaels and I had lunch at Jerry’s Deli a little while back.

“I’m trying not to feel like a guy right now,” Michaels is saying to me.

I think she’s blushing. This is because Michaels has scoped out a woman with big tits who’s directly in her eye view.

“I’m a tit person- I’m attracted to big boobs,” Michaels continues to say. I ask her how often she’ll hit on another woman. Michaels gives the impression not too often, that recently she had been on the road.

“I asked another girl for her number but didn’t use it,” says Michaels. “I’m kicking myself because I didn’t.”

Although she’s obviously not one, Michaels thinks guys are hilarious by the sometimes slick ways and not so lick approaches they use during autograph signings. Often times Michaels gets asked about her tattoo.

“Technically it means ‘wife’ but I tell everyone it’s ‘love,’” she says.

Michaels and her husband, who renewed their vows recently, are swingers. But Michaels was one even before she got married. She remembers doing a D.P. at the age of 18, involving some guy she met online.

“I had already tried anal and I enjoyed doing that,” she explains. “Sex always came natural and I always enjoyed it. My guy loved seeing me doing that and saw how much I got off.”

“How did we meet him?” Michaels wonders aloud. “I think we chatted for awhile on computer. There were people I wasn’t interested in although they contacted me. But this guy seemed real cool and we had a good connection. We met.”

“Was there a forecast of events where you told him come over for a D.P.?”

“No, nothing like that,” laughs Michaels. “It was come over, let’s hang out. Let’s chill.”

A couple of days prior to our meeting, Michaels had announced her skateboard line. The first of a two board series was currently available and the second was released at Adult Con where Trina signed at the Stiletto Magazine Booth.

Michaels was obviously excited about the official sales which began May 1st via her web site, ; her myspace page, ; her YouTube page, as well as personal appearances. One of the recent ones was in April at Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, Pa.

Michaels was also telling me about this Miss Extreme Bikini contest which was supposed to have taken place this weekend in Redondo Beach as part of the XPW reunion. But I couldn’t imagine too many people from that old Rob Black organization re-uniting under any sets of circumstances.

“The smaller the pieces you wear, the better,” Michaels laughs. “You try to get the crowd going. I’m excited.”

“No crotch lifts and body slams, I imagine,” I say to her.

“Not that I know of,” she replies.

“How does one get solicited for an event like this?” I ask her.

“I knew a couple of people who were involved in it,” Michaels goes on to say. “I was, like, hey can I get in on this? Sure.”

The closest Michaels can compare to being in such an event was something called Porn Star Punch Out, a pay-per-event from a couple of years ago.

“I was girls boxing and we had 18 oz. gloves,” she says.

“Ron Jeremy was the host and we were doing it topless. [Not Jeremy, of course.]

“So that made it kind of fun. We were slugging it out and I happened to win my match. It was held at a warehouse and we had a hexagon ring, but I don’t remember exactly where it was. We had a crowd watching it. Felony Fights distributed it.”

Michaels’ opponent was Abby Brooks.

“I felt really bad because she’s pretty and the worst part of it was I had to drive her back to LA when we were done,” Michaels recalls.

“That must have made for some interesting bonding and conversation?”

“No, it was cool,” says Michaels. “We were both cool with it. You got to do what you got to do for work. But you’re friends after it.”

In the pick on someone your own size dictum, Michaels thought she and Brooks were pretty evenly matched.

“We’re both on the taller side and similar builds.”

“It was for real but because I’m on the nicer side, it was hard to get in there and punch. But some of the girls were seriously going at it. It was kind of fun in a sick, twisted, little way, and the closest thing I’ve come to wrestling or fighting.”

Evidenced by this bikini-thing, Michaels has always kept herself in great shape and works out as often as she can. Every day, if possible, although that doesn’t always work out according to plan.

Michaels was never the athletic type in school.

“Not whatsoever- that’s the funny thing,” she says. “I did every thing I could do get out of doing P.E. class. Now I workout or make sure I look good in front of the camera. And now that I’m into working out, I couldn’t imagine not doing it. It really keeps you healthy.”

According to Michaels, she works her legs out really hard, and that’s fairly obvious.

“But I neglect my arms and I’m getting better at doing that,” she adds. “I also do a lot of cardio with my squats. As far as eating, I try to stick with salads and chicken breast. But every once in awhile you got to break out and have a hamburger.”

Michaels, who will tell you that she’s not much on drama and more on minding her own business, also looks back on the fact of being in the industry over four years. She realizes that very few from that Freshman class are still in the business other than Tory Lane and Brooke Haven. Michaels and Haven are very good friends.

Michaels was a late bloomer- quiet and shy in school.

“I knew a lot of people, but I didn’t hang out with a lot of people,” she says. “I didn’t date anybody until my senior year of high school. I was raised in the church and all that. Not so much a strict upbringing but sheltered might be the right word. It wasn’t you can’t do this or you can’t do that. It wasn’t like that. It was a quiet home life.”

Michaels also liked being with friends and also got involved in church-related activities.

“I did the out reach stuff- it’s good to give to those who are less fortunate,” she comments.”

Michaels’ had her first real boyfriend the summer of her senior year.

“He opened my eyes to the big wide world,” she laughs. “We both worked at J.C. Penny of all places. The very first time I met him was my first day of working. They left me by myself in the department and I had a big line of people in front of me. He worked in the department next to me and so he came over to help me out, being a nice guy. It kind of went from there.”

This is the guy she wound up marrying, and they’re still together nine years later. But Michaels thinks it took about three weeks before they did the deed.

“It was pretty quick,” she says. “It was at his house. It just kind of happened. I didn’t feel nervous or I shouldn’t be doing this. It felt natural and was good times. It had me coming back for more.”

“Before we met I was just doing my thing and cruising along.”

“What’s it about your man that makes this really special?” she’s asked.

“He’s just a good guy,” Michaels replies. “He’s real supportive of what I do, and that’s a real helpful thing. We’ve always had an open relationship and it’s just comfortable. You don’t feel like oh I can’t express the fact that I’ve got an interest in anybody other than you. I have the freedom to go, oh, that guy’s hot, or that girl’s hot. He doesn’t get jealous.”

“Was there magic from the get go?”

“I’d say so,” says Michaels. “There was that chemistry.”

Michaels says her decision to come into the adult business came out of nowhere.

“People would always make comments, oh you should do modeling. I was, like, whatever. That’ll never happen. I had no idea how to get into it so I brushed those comments off. But I took it as an opportunity and thought let’s see where this goes.”

“I started doing promotions for Hypnotic, the alcohol drink and we went to a photo shoot. Then I went on to a modeling website and where you make your profile, you put down what kind of work you’re looking for. There was stuff for adult work. I thought that could be interesting but had no idea of what was going to happen out of it. Probably within the first month I was on there I got contacted by somebody from LA Direct’s office. We came down here, met with them.”

“I thought it would be kinda cool, so I did my first shoot and was hooked from there.”

Michaels was nervous her first time in front of an adult camera.

“But it was a comfortable environment,” she hastens to add. “It was just me and the male talent and the director who was shooting camera. That was it. It was really easy. It was for Robby D, and Jack’s Playground #19. It was fun. The male talent was Joey Ray. He was nice.”

Michaels used to keep track of each and every scene but after awhile it became too much, she laughs.

“I’m sure it’s in the upper 300’s if not 400’s by now,” she adds. Michaels also keeps occupied with feature dancing and is probably on the road twice a month.

“But I love it- I have such a fun time doing my job,” she says.

Her favorite club is Keys Lounge located in West Palm Beach.

“I’ve been there three times and I just love it,” she says. “It’s five days and 18 shows. They’re all about hardcore and penetration. Anything goes there, and I have a blast.”

Michaels is asked if she gets a little home sick during these jaunts.

“Of course,” she says. “But when I’m home we hang out with our friends, being like a little family.”

Had she not met her man and wound up in adult, Michaels says she was headed for the Coast Guard after high school.

“I had always been interested in oceanography,” she adds. “And I was interested in the military but most of the branches have restrictions on what they allow females to do. The Coast Guard is open to whatever field you want to be in. So it was a way to combine two of my interests. But I met a boy. He might have been cool with me doing it, but I don’t know. I just let it go.”

What I find intriguing about Michaels stay in the business is that she remains free of not only attitude and gossip but the sordid tales of hidden lovers tucked away in El Paso. Or, maybe there are and Michaels has the good sense to keep them out of this interview.

She also tells me how she used to play the guitar and write stories.

“I love creative writing,” she comments.

“And I once thought about making that a career. I’m sure if it was something that I proceeded with, I’d get better at it. The last story I was working on, I was kind of scared because it was a lot of dialogue between two people in a car. It made me very nervous, and I stopped writing. I never finished it. I sucked at writing poems, but, stories, I was good with that.”

“And I like photography,” she adds. “Maybe one day I’ll get to put my scrap books together. I collect little things from everywhere I go. Maybe like a business card or a napkin with a restaurant name on it. I have a whole pile of them and maybe one day I’ll put a book together.”

Beyond her present career, Michaels won’t say.

“I’m just living for the moment and trying to get as much out of it while I can<‘ she states. “After that, we’ll see where we’re at when the time comes. There’s a couple of things that I think might be interesting.”

Michaels maintains a home in northern California which means a regular commute of 4 1/2 hours one-way to the Valley.

“But it’s nice because it gives me a break.”

Michaels schedules her trips for two to three weeks at a time and has a place to stay when she’s in town. Then it’s another drive back home.

“The automobile industry must like you- there’s got to be a turnover on cars. How much mileage do you put on?”

“One way is about 300 miles,” says Michaels. “It adds up.”

On occasion, Michaels will make a trip into town specifically for one project.

“I’ve been at home and have received a call- hey, is there anyway you can come do this scene? I’ll drive down for the day.”

“It would have to be a prestige project I imagine- I can’t see you coming down here for a bukkake.”

Michaels squinches when I say bukkake.

“I’ve never done of those,” she laughs. “It would have to be a good, solid scene that makes it worth the drive. But I don’t mind. It’s dedication.”


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