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Conversations with Tyla Wynn-update

Porn Valley- I had the following chat with Tyla Wynn on a Bridget Kerkove set recently, noting that just a couple of weeks previous, Wynn had been on KSEX, with her mother. We talked a little about that. Wynn said she’s taken her mother to a Nectar Entertainment shoot to watch her do a boy-girl scene. “But it was kind of like kids playing on a tree and she actually watched it,” says Wynn, mentioning that her mother was interviewed on that set. “They all got a kick out of it but I’m not embarrassed to bring her around. She’s like a best friend to me.

“Then I wanted to take her to KSEX,” Wynn went on to say. “They [Wankus] wanted to talk to her and see what she was all about. She’s kind of like me. But it was a lot of fun. She almost got me into trouble a few times, but other than that.”

I assumed that her mother is this real cool person and Wynn entirely agrees. “She’s an abnormal mom, I would have to say,” says Wynn. “She’s a good mother but kind of like a teenager. We do pretty much every thing.”

Wynn said she got into the business without her mother first knowing. “I did nude modeling when I was 18. My brother used to edit porn. From there he saw a boxcover and showed my mom.” Lynn said her mother was living in England at the time, so obviously it wasn’t like she was in the next room to do anything about it.

“At the time she was, like, it didn’t happen but she likes what I do,” says Wynn. “She’s happy with whatever I choose to do.” Wynn subsequently flew her mother, who was living with her boyfriend, out to Califonia. The situation with the boyfriend wasn’t working out. Meanwhile, Wynn’s father, after the divorce to her mother, went back to Texas where Wynn’s originally from.

Maybe the worst thing she did as a teenager was sneak out of the house and get caught, otherwise, Wynn describes herself as a good kid, except for an occasional DUI- one which she got right after her first porn party. Wynn lived in Texas until she was nearly fourteen then moved out to Lancaster, California. “I went to high school and graduated then went to college for about two years,” she states. “A kind of got tired of that. The modeling was picking up and my career shifted. I chose that over school just because the money was good. But I kind of want to go back to school. I was majoring in business administration and I’d like to take that a step further.”

By taking it a step further, Wynn meant that she wanted to be an agent. “Until I realized that my agent was the best one I knew!” she laughs. “I also want to do interior design.” Whichever path she might choose, Wynn says it’s good just as long as she’s successful and doesn’t have to worry about any guy taking care of her.

“It’s good for all girls to make their own money so that if something bad does happen in a relationship, you can go off on your own. That’s a big step my mom learned.” During her modeling stint, Wynn had been able to claim a Genesis January, 2004 layout including a High Times magazine credit. “It was a job that was really cool,” she says, not to suggest that it’s reflective of a personal lifestyle. Other credits include Playboy TV, “And foot-fetish stuff”. Wynn said she heard about LA Direct through Jennifer Love. “And that’s how I got started.”

Wynn describes growing up in Texas as a hot, humid and horrible experience. “It was buggy and muggy and it rained a lot,” a condition which Wynn found as incentive to leave. “But I wanted to go to college there because they do have the best business schools.” I was curious why Love would make a move from Texas to Lancaster. She explains that her father’s line of work dictated the move. “I liked it both ways,” she says. “I like Texas. I like that whole Texas atmosphere. I like the southern mentality and I like how people are raised there compared to California.”

Wynn says she’d be tempted to move back to Texas. “It’s cheap and you can buy a house. Then, maybe I can come out here on the weekends and do porn.” I asked Wynn to define “cool” where her mother’s concerned.

“She drinks with me an my friends,” Wynn replies. Because Wynn always ran away from boys, she didn’t have sex until she was 18. “I was playing with G.I. Joes until then. Just kidding.” Wynn mentions that she’s still with the guy she lost her virginity. Actually they lost their cherry simultaneously. “He was 16.” After being together through high school and college, Wynn says they broke up for two years then got back together. Her boyfriend accepts the porn business. “He’d rather me do this than be a stripper,” says Wynn. “There it’s more flirting. Here it’s a job, a profession. That’s how I look at it.”

I asked Wynn to lend a little more detail about her ceremonial deflowering. “We were on the floor of his room and he said, hey, I want to do something sneaky and take your pants off and stick it in.” While I was ready to give the guy points on style and approach Wynn is describing it as a blind leading the blind make out scene with one of them finding a seeing eye dog. “He kind of just went for it and I kind of gave in. We didn’t talk over any thing.” Prior to the sex, their relationship went ten months with Wynn’s boyfriend generally landing his hand in her pants in one gesture or another. Most of the times it would be over her friends house with them fooling around on a trampoline. “Be he wouldn’t go inside me. I was like, what are you doing? Go in! He would not go inside at all. It was kind of funny because he had no experience.”

Wynn’s first time in front of a camera was a lot of fun as she remembers. “It was a shaving scene and then we fucked. I wasn’t nervous. I think a lot of girls who jump into porn don’t realize their sexuality. They get very nervous in showing off their sexuality. For me I had done the nude modeling so I kind of knew just how to work my body. It was really easy.”

Wynn’s second day in the business resulted in her first anal scene. Wynn was substituting for someone else. “She was supposed to do a boy-girl anal, and I was supoosed to do a girl-girl which I had never done before. I was, like, I have to do girl-girl today? So this girl came upstairs crying. I said you know what, you do the girl-girl and I’ll do the anal. We switched. I had done anal only one other time, and that was, it’s the wrong hole; this is not right, don’t do it! I didn’t know what enemas were or anything like that. But I just jumped on to it.” Otherwise, Wynn is of the opinion that if you’re not going to make money doing anal in front of a camera, don’t bother doing it at home.

Wynn remembers going to her first porn party- the Jill Kelly Party- and getting drunk out of her skull. She landed a DUI. “I drove and got pulled over right away,” she says. “They took me to jail for the night. I had to take a three month’s program and classes. And I don’t even drink. I don’t go to too many porn parties, now.”


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