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Porn Valley- Utah Sweet was on KSEX,, Friday. This was her first visit to the Internet station, and Sweet,, mentioned that she drove down from Sacramento to be on Wankus’ show. Though she’s from the area, Sweet gave the impression that she’s on the road a lot and rarely there to begin with. In the bomb sniffing weapons check, Wankus noted that Sweet was toting some serious weaponry. “These are the twins,” said Sweet hoisting her bazoombas. Sweet started as a flight attendant for Northwest. “I had boobies,” said Sweet indicating that their size at the time didn’t qualify them to be rescue bags as they now do.

Wankus asked if the rumors were true that if a passenger had some game there might be the possibility of a layover. Sweet said back then it was probably true. “It’s a little bit different now,” she laughs. Sweet said The Mile High Club did exist and there were lots of parties. “And a lot of long layovers- but not like today.” Sweet said from there she got into bodybuilding contests then started stripping at gentlemen’s clubs and private bachelor parties.

Sweet said divorce was a great incentive for her moving into the sexual arena and that it pushed her over the line. “The real me came out. I took off the pantyhose and got totally naked.” Sweet said she was married to a guy who was plain nuts but what she needed out of that divorce, more than anything, was a better source of income. “The dancing was very cool because it provided cash every single night.”

Asked how she made the mental transition from being a normal girl to one who takes her clothes off for “a bunch of Iranian assholes,” Sweet said she has always been sexual but there was a real bad girl lurking underneath that needed to be brought to the surface. Sweet admitted she was very nervous the first time she auditioned. “They had this red square and you couldn’t go outside the red square.” Wankus said Sweet made it said like she was auditioning in Russia. “Sacramento-Russia is the same thing,” Sweet laughed, noting that during the audition she couldn’t think, that she was always drifting outside the square. “The manager kept saying stay in the red square.” Sweet aid he was so distracted being that she was naked in front of people.

But before she was a flight attendant, Sweet said she used to go to nude beaches in the Bay area. “I used to love it. It was great. Nudity’s cool.”

Katie Morgan actually asked Sweet the same question Sports Swami did- was Sweet from Utah, and if not, why the name. Sweet conceded after-the-fact that it might have been a really bad choice but that she picked the name because she knew a girl from the nude beach whose name is Utah. “It’s a German name, and I thought it was such a cute name, it’s so cool.” However, Sweet said she never had a sexual thing going on with the Utah namesake. Asked if she likes girls, Sweet said she does but likes boys better.

Questioned about her url, Sweet said that someone owned but she hadn’t even really thought about taking the -xxx variation on her name. Wankus immediately warned listeners that a claim was already made to the site. “Don’t you touch it!” Sweet said that her site offered, quite simply, lots of her. “I’ve worked hard on the website and am always working hard.” Sweet said she takes a lot of pictures and videos besides doing variety of sex phone calls. She also maintains journals including an audio blog, she said.

“Other girls have that, too, but I try to update quite frequently, too.” Sweet said there’s at least 3,000 pictures in her members area some of which included a recent shoot she did for a company called about four months ago. Sweet said she had been working with a sub who obviously enjoyed the work. “I could really hurt her but she liked it. That was done in a studio in San Francisco.” As for herself, Sweet mentions that she functions both as a sub and a dom.

Asked if she’s done any movies, Sweet joked about being in the King & I and Ben Hur. “I’ve done a lot of girl-girl stuff and wrestling stuff,” she noted. “I’ve done catfights and boy-girl. I can’t believe that I’ve gone from flight attendant to a gangbang. That would be a great movie.” Wankus joked about Sweet’s appearance on the show creating a spike in sales for Northwest. “Even though they [customers] got nowhere to go. Give me a flight! I want to meet someone like her!”

Asked if he had diddled with any pilots, Sweet’s hesitiation gave Wankus enough to presume that she had. “That was back when,” she said. Wankus wanted to know if the pilot, not so much Sweet had been married. “They say they’re not, that they’re living with a girl.” Morgan suspected that they just forget to add minor details about a ring. Sweet aid her performances in adult video have pretty much covered the gamut and that she does custom videos, besides. The weirdest request she got involved a BM special. “He wanted to eat a shit sandwich,” said Sweet. “And he wanted to go to a park bench to do it. He wanted to eat my shit.” Morgan wondered whether the guy wanted her to do it right in the park or bring it in a sack. Sweet said a sack and that the guy wanted her to put it on whole wheat bread. “He wanted to eat the sandwich in public.” With or without mayo Wankus wanted to know. Sweet said they didn’t get that far that he was only forking over $500. “That’s a pass,” she said. “He wanted me to publicly humiliate him.” Sweet pretty much said she’d have done it in a heartbeat had the offer been five grand.

“I want to find a guy who’s really rich and really weird who would give me $5 million for something really strange,’s she said. In another custom video, Sweet played a chemist. “We had a really good set up and I wore the white jacket. I was pouring this concoction together and drank a little of it.” The gimmick was for the potion to turn Sweet into a slut. “It was kind of fun.” Sweet said she got $700 to do that one. “I’m sure most the girls get really strange requests,” she conceded. “And I do a lot of sex phone calls.” Sweet says she gets a lot of frequent callers, one in particular who wants her to beat him up. “I beat him up on the phone. “Physically he wants me to punch him, hit him.” Sweet said she makes the complimentary sound effects. “He wants me to stomp him on the floor and stand on top of him; and face smother and sit on him, turn him into dust, put him in a box and throw him out the window.”

Sweet says she tends to get the weirder calls from guys who are into female muscle builders. “They’re a little bit kinkier.” Sweet said she got a recent call from a guy who was telling her how big his dick was. “He asked me what I was wearing. I had on my workout clothes but told him I was wearing a bikini and heels. He starts telling me how big his dick is and he starts stroking it. Then he tells me his brother is there in front of him.” Which drew an oh shit response from Wankus. Sweet said the guy went on to tell her that the brother was wearing tiny trunks and posing for him [the caller]. Sweet said he must have loved doing it because he called her three times in one day.


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