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Copperfield Accuser Charged with Prostitution

Washington – from – The former Miss Washington USA contestant who accused magician David Copperfield of sexual assault has been charged with prostitution.

Lacey L. Carroll, 23, of Kirkland also faces the charge of providing a false statement to police regarding the events of Dec. 2, 2009, when she claimed to have been sexually assaulted.

According to the statement of probable cause, Carroll met up with a 20-year-old girl and a 31-year-old man at a bowling alley in downtown Bellevue on that night.

The 20-year-old woman told detectives she soon left the bowling alley because the “‘dirty’ sexual conversation” between the other two “began to ‘freak’ her out,” the document said.

The man corroborated her story, stating the conversation “included talk of menage a trois and specific body parts,” according to the statement. He told detectives Carroll fondled him, and that he “hugged, sexually fondled and kissed Carroll,” and also “touched (both women’s) breasts at Carroll’s physical direction.”

Later that evening, Carroll and the man left the bowling alley and headed to the Bellevue-Westin Hotel, the man told investigators. They could not get a room at the hotel, however, and took a cab to the Bellevue Club and Hotel, he said.

Carroll told detectives she could not remember anything that happened after she left the bowling alley. However, when questioned by another investigator, she said she “remembered taking a taxi and then coming to in a hotel with Loomis on top of her, pinning her shoulders down on a bed,” the statement said.

Carroll added she’d been lured to the hotel by her male companion, who’d told her that the other woman from the bowling alley would meet them there. The statement said Carroll led the detective to believe “she was sexually assaulted by (the man) in that (hotel) room because her tights and panties were off when she ‘came to.”‘

However, surveillance cameras at both hotels captured the pair’s “normal and romantic behaviors together (including hugging, kissing and holding each other),” investigators said, as well as footage of Carroll taking the elevator by herself to the reserved room while her companion ordered a bottle of champagne at the concierge desk.

A hotel employee also told detectives she’d overheard Carroll tell her companion “about being disappointed that ‘their friend didn’t come with them because Carroll really wanted them to have a threesome,”’ according to the document.

But approximately 15 minutes after the champagne was delivered to the couple’s room, Carroll returned to the concierge desk and reported “she needed a taxi because she has been ‘taken advantage of,'” detectives said.

Minutes later, Carroll’s companion called Bellevue police and reported he and the woman had been engaging in “consensual sexual touching” when she “offered to engage in continued sexual activity with him in return for $2,000,” the document said. When he refused, Carroll grew upset and immediately left her room, he told detectives.

The December incident wasn’t the first allegation of sexual assault made by Carroll, whose claims prompted federal authorities to launch what turned out to be a two-year rape investigation of magician David Copperfield.

Carroll, a fashion model and waitress, said she met the magician at one of his shows in Kennewick, and was later invited to visit his private island in the Bahamas in July 2007.

It was there Copperfield sexually assaulted her, in one instance holding her head under water to coerce her, Carroll told detectives.

Federal prosecutors closed the investigation without charges last month.

from Seattle Times-

The 23-year-old model who has accused magician David Copperfield of rape is now facing misdemeanor charges of prostitution and filing a false report after she allegedly tried to solicit $2,000 for sex from a man in Bellevue.

The charges were filed Tuesday by the Bellevue City Prosecutor’s Office against Lacey L. Carroll of Kirkland, who represented the City of Kirkland and was first runner-up in the 2010 Miss Washington USA pageant.

The victim of the alleged extortion, a 31-year-old single man, told police he knew Carroll as a waitress at a Bellevue nightclub he frequents. On Dec. 2, the pair rented a room at the Hotel Bellevue. Inside the room, the two engaged in a sex act until the woman allegedly told him, “put $2,000 in my purse and you can have it all,” according to the man’s statement to police.

When he refused, he said, she left the room. The man told police he went to the lobby and found the woman claiming to hotel staff that she had been “taken advantage of.”

The man said he called Bellevue police to report that he believed he was about to be extorted, according to his statement.

Carroll called police minutes later to report she had been assaulted, according to the man’s statement. She told officers that she could not recall going to the hotel and woke up to find the man on top of her, pinning her arms to the hotel bed.

Carroll was taken to Overlake Hospital Medical Center for a rape examination. However, she later said she was reluctant to release the results to police, according to reports.

Her reason, she said, was the then-pending FBI investigation into her allegations that Copperfield had raped her on his private $50 million island in the Bahamas after meeting her when he performed in Kennewick in 2007.

The woman refused to sign over the medical documents to police, who obtained them after filing a search warrant, according to police. The reports showed no physical injuries nor the presence of any “date rape” drugs in her system, police said. The reports note the woman had a blood-alcohol level of 0.14 percent, nearly twice the legal limit for intoxication.

“Her recorded statement … was very vague and her statements to police of being in a blackout state are not supported by the hotel security videos, hotel staff statements” or the statements of the alleged victim, a Bellevue police detective wrote in a referral for charges dated Dec. 12.

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors in Seattle dropped their rape investigation of Copperfield after learning Carroll was being investigated by Bellevue police.

Federal prosecutors are not saying there is a link between their decision not to charge Copperfield and the Bellevue investigation.

A civil suit filed by Carroll against Copperfield is pending.

Becky Roe, a Seattle attorney who is representing Carroll in her civil case against Copperfield, has said the accusations against her client are exaggerated.


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