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Corina Taylor on Stern- Update

Porn Valley- Judging by the nature and the extent of his conversation with porn star Corina Taylor , Howard Stern didn’t sound like a man who was too concerned with the FCC breathing down on his neck. Taylor was on the show with the announcement of the junk to a hunk winner. Two contestants Tomas and Rob went on a weight loss binge to vie for a date with Taylor. Tomas, who lost 94 pounds was declared the winner.

We also had the opportunity of chatting with Taylor on the set of Evolution Erotica’s [] Teen Meet 3 [review:]; [interview:] when she was fairly new in the business. On Stern’s show, Taylor proved a more give-and-take adept interview.

Taylor kidded about her youthful appearance first telling Stern that she was 12. He was hoping she was kidding. 24, she then said. “I had a birthday.” Stern told Taylor that she was going to be out of business soon if Ashcroft goes after porn.

“I think they should leave you alone,” Taylor also told Stern. “The radio would not be the same without you.” Stern, complimenting Taylor on being a hardbody, asked her where she’s from. Taylor replied, Arkansas.

“You must have been the talk of the town,” Stern said. “I still am,” Taylor answered. Stern was of the belief that people must lay a trip on her parents about her being in the porn industry.

“They could care less,” Taylor stated. Taylor said her mom and step dad watch her movies. Stern thought that was pretty creepy, the fact that her stepfather watches the movies. “It’s totally like out of appreciation,” she explained.Stern wondered if it was because he was hot for her. Taylor didn’t think so. “It’s with my mom. She’ll rap at him if he doesn’t.” Stern still suspected that he got excited from it. Taylor said not at all but suspected that they probably got it on during the movies.

Asked if either of her parents had ever been on set, Taylor shared the fact that her mother has a brain tumor.

“She’s going to have radiation on it so it wouldn’t matter what I did. She would totally support me.”

Stern then wondered if Taylor’s parents watched porn in their bedroom. Taylor said she wouldn’t know because she’s generally in California. “They said it’s the next best thing to having me there.”

Stern, likewise, wondered if Taylor’s stepfather ever made admiring comments about her work. “None at all,” she also replied. Stern said he had to get some of Taylor’s videos, noting that some chicks in porn don’t look that good having watched something from On Demand recently. “A lot of the chicks were real skanks. I ordered a movie that said Hot Teen…Nymphs or something. These chicks were so skanky.” Taylor joked about being in the pre-teen series. You could hear a groan in the background.

Stern said a girl shouldn’t even consider being a porn star if her belly was going to flop around. “You can’t be a porn star- you should have to work out.”

Taylor said you could, that in Arkansas there are a lot of what she likes to call the Wal mart fat people. “They appreciative the chicks with the floppy bellies.” Stern begged to differ that he wanted fantasy. “Some of these chicks have a face- it looks like they stuck a man’s head on a body. You got a nice feminine face- pretty lips, eyes. You’ve got a nice body.” Taylor said she’s seen the same think from Arkansas in California, too.

Asked if she was a “high paid porno chick,” Taylor said her rates have gone up. Stern said it was probably because of her being on his show. Taylor said she came into the business last October.

Taylor also put a plug in for noting that the grand finale airs on April 29th on Pay Per View. Taylor is one of the seven semi-finalists competing for a contract. The Stern gang was trying to get her to show her tits and Taylor apologized for their aize, stating that they could get him for child porn.

“Porn needs more chciks who look 12- I’m it,” said Taylor soliciting votes from the Stern listeners. Since the winner of the contest,Tomas, was also getting $10,000, Taylor said if she was a guy she’d take the money and run. “I wouldn’t even bother with a chick in porn.”

What also confused Stern was the fact that Taylor was already a porn star so what was she doing in a contest attempting to find one. “There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet,” she conceded. “These chicks they already do pon. I kind of thought that myself. It’s silly- a little bit because a lot of us are.” Stern didn’t think a lot of guys would make that distinction. It was also mentioned that her stepfather probably doesn’t care, either.

Stern asked Taylor what the movie was that her mom and stepdad watched. She said it was Barely Legal 39. “I’ve never gone all the way with a girl but I did on that. I dove right in.” Taylor said the guy also in the scene was wearing a cowboy hat.

“My dad is such an Arkansas…” Stern assumed she meant cowboy. Taylor’s mom thinks her career’s great. “She carries photos of me around in her purse and pulls them out everywhere. She brags on me.” Taylor said they were naked photos.

Taylor was asked if her step dad gets mad if the guy banging her doesn’t have a cowboy hat on. Taylor didn’t know. “That’s the only one I know that they’ve actually watched the whole thing. I guess so they could critique the other girls against what I was doing.”

Asked if she was now doing girls off camera, Taylor said she wouldn’t touch girls back home in Arkansas. “Personally I don’t like country chicks.” But Taylor did admit to messing around with a couple of girls growing up. Taylor was also asked if she ever got molested by her stepdad. “Absolutely not,” she said. Her real father she said is living with his new family. “They’re really religious and they think they’re better than me. But that’s fine. I’m religious too even though I do porn.” Taylor said the last she saw of her dad was when she was 18. “That was the last child support check. But it doesn’t bother me. I don’t care. I’m above people who think they’re better than me.”

Taylor was asked where she spent Easter. She said at a waffle house by the airport because she had to grab a flight to New York.

A caller-in observed that Taylor had the voice of a teenager. Stern asked if she had any movies where Taylor pretended to be a school girl. Her guess was Kelly The Coed 16. “I’m a school chick in that. But I’m a college chick. I had on a mini-skirt and a one-shoulder top. I had college girl make-up on. I play a tattle tale.”

Asked if she kept movies or posters in her apartment, Taylor said. Stern took that mean she wasn’t proud of her career. But Taylor said her mother kept those things. “She takes care of everything for me. Anything new I come home with it ends up in her bag at some point.” Taylor said whenever she goes home she stays with her mom. But for the most part she lives in California with roommates.

Stern wanted to know who she shares living space with. “Other chicks that do porn,” Taylor answered. “We pay rent.” Asked who set her up with that deal, Taylor said their agent and that four girls are crammed in one room on bunk beds and that Taylor shares the bottom bunk with another girl. She claimed they didn’t cuddle. Stern was curious if she had any male friends in that event she got tired of shacking up with other broads. “I’ve made some friends out there,” she said. Taylor also said she goes back to Arkansas whenever she can.

It was assumed that Taylor’s male friends were rich guys but Taylor insisted that she supported herself. However Stern did get her to admit that she received a car from a guy. “But I gave it back to him,” she said, claiming that there were too many strings attached to the deal. Taylor said the guy wanted to marry her.

Stern got the distinct impression that Taylor was “a dirty porno chick.” Taylor said while she couldn’t vouch for other girls, she certainly kept herself clean. Taylor said she was 15 when she first had sex and started doing girls at 17. She met the guy at a concert. “He was older. I picked him up at a concert.” Stern asked if that meant he was 50.



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