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Cousin Stevie Visits KSEX

Porn Valley- On his Wednesday KSEX show Wankus took note of the fact that co-host Sunny Lane switched agencies and was now with Seymore Butt’s organization, Lighthouse Talent. Wankus heard that Family Business wasn’t going to get re-signed for Showtime and Lane suggested he ask more of Cousin Stevie who was coming on the show that evening. On another note, Wankus was laughing because he got a call from Lane’s mother.

“Sunny Lane’s mom is taking it upon herself to call me,” he announced. “I hear a Sunny Lane voice-alike but a little bit older. She was just filling me in on a few things.” Wankus also mentioned that Batman was doing an interview for and Lane said that was an interview she wanted to hear because she didn’t know much about the subject. Lane announced that she was a contestant on the Hottest Girl in Porn website. Wankus heard there were cash prizes, and Lane heard she was a nominee against girls like Nataly Rosa and Whitney Stevens. Wankus bet that Lane knew none of the girls she was competing against. Lane said she didn’t.

“Who’s going to give Whitney Stevens a prize when you got Sunny Lane in the mix?” he asked. Lane shot a scene earlier in the day and had Tommy Gunn’s cock in her mouth.

“I sucked him right up.”

Wankus had to laugh because he could picture Lane’s mother being with her most of the day and figured she called at the time Lane was sucking that cock. Wankus also thought Sunny was stoned Wednesday night but Lane claims she gets giddy from having sex.

Cousin Steve, was introduced and Wankus remembered that it’s been about a year since he was last on.

“You were in the KSEX Games last year,” Wankus noted.

“Loved it,” said Stevie. Wankus also liked the fact that the Seymore Butts team took the whole thing very seriously.”He talked shit to me on Showtime,” Wankus added.

“Everyone had a great time and it was a great experience,” observed Stevie. “I can’t wait until this year.” Wankus noticed that Stevie was wearing a Pure Vanilla shirt and Stevie explained that the company provided an anonymous payment system.

“You can’t get identity theft, and your wife or girlfriend can’t find out where you’re spending your money [obviously on porn].” Stevie referenced something from the recent porn Expo in New York and said he still chuckles over the comments Wankus would make.

“It was a long fucking night, a long day, a shitty-ass convention,” said Wankus. “It was a shitty-ass ball and I was in a shitty ass mood. Add some Jack and Cokes to that, everything came out.” Lane said it was her first time in New York and she had a blast being there. She was signing both for Genesis and Pure Vanilla.

Asked about the Showtime situation, Stevie said there would be no fifth season of Family Business.

“They didn’t give us any reason,” he said. “You can surmise what it is. We all know what it’s about.” Wankus wondered if another network was interested in picking it up. Stevie said no.

“Obviously a very popular show,” Wankus quipped sarcastically. When Stevie said it was among Showrime’s top three shows, Wankus wondered if there was a morality issue involved. Stevie said he was putting out a personal opinion but thought the network was afraid of 2257. Wankus explained to his listeners what that was and said the government was really beginning to enforce it.

“They said it’s to protect child pornography,” observed Stevie. “Let me ask you a question- do you know any child pornographer that puts his name down on the film?”

“And do you know any children that have their own driver’s license?” Wankus asked in return. It was Wankus’ opinion that the little companies that kept sloppy records had a lot to be concerned about whereas the powerhouse companies like Wicked had departments devoted to that now.

“They just got Joe Francis on 2257,” Stevie pointed out.

“That’s fucked up that he doesn’t have 2257,” Wankus said.

“If someone is topless on a public beach you should be able to sell that,” Stevie thought.

“And if you’re a fuckin’ 14 year-old getting a blowjob from a hot fuckin’ Florida teacher you ought to be able to take it,” Wankus added.

Stevie admitted that Debra LaFave the teacher in question was hot. Wankus then chided Stevie for relating a pointless story about attending a military school in Georgia and dating nearby junior college girls. The subject then got on to girls from Kentucky and how good-looking they are. Wankus suspected there was a lot of brother-sister sex going on if Nacho Vidal could eat out his sisters. Lane took mild exception to the idea of inbreds flourishing in southern states.Now that Family Business has been cancelled, Stevie said he was hanging out and shooting movies.

“The Pussy Party-thing is hot- everybody loves it,” observed Wankus. Asked if he was going to branch out beyond that, Stevie said he’s seen dicks for 63 years.

“I don’t want to hear about the bath house stories,” Wankus chuckled.

“I love pussy,” Stevie replied, noting how he used to listen to his sister’s sorority stories and that women are nastier than guys.

“I guarantee your girlfriend’s best friend knows everything about your penis and everything you do in bed,” Stevie told Wankus. “All girls talk to their best friend.” Stevie said he just shot a movie that Lane was in and explained how the Pussy Parties work.

“It’s structured around a contest,” he continued. “They do a masturbation scene and I give a prize for the best masturbation scene. Then we do couples and I give a prize for that. Then we do four and four, then we do all eight [girls]. There’s not enough cameras to capture all the action. Seymore helped me put together the original concept.”

Wankus was sure that Showtime canceling the show must have bothered Seymore. Stevie agreed.

“But how many people can say they’ve had four years on television?” Stevie asked. Lane said she got a lot of positive values from watching the show.

“If his parents and family can come out here and do this, I can come out here,” she said. To that extent, Lane said, yes, she was inspired by Seymore and watching the show.

“I knew what adult was but I didn’t know a lot of the porn stars,” she continued. “It was all new to me.” Wankus didn’t know if Lane meeting all the “psychos” at the Tampa show was a good example of porn people. Wankus remembered being on stage judging a contest with Seymore the year Lane was there in Tampa.

“It was so different from skating or yoga,” mentioned Lane. “I was, wow, this is so cool.” Wankus said there’s a lot of scumbags in the industry but a lot of nice people as well.

“There’s scumbags in every business,” Stevie agreed. Wankus said, unfortunately, he never gets to hang out with the people he likes.

“I find that this industry is more generous when it comes to charities on a per person basis than any place else,” Stevie also pointed out. Wankus then mentioned how a lot of organizations won’t take charity from the adult business.

According to Wankus, Tyler Faith gets requests from the troops but that they can’t accept naked photos. However she has a clever way of getting around that.

On a similar note, Stevie said his company will send porn DVDs overseas but with Family Business artwork.


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