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CPA Veruca James : Another “Educated” Porner Using The Same Retarded Logic on Condoms

Let’s look at some porn news.

Now I know people on the industry have a tendency to copy each other. Porn is not exactly know for having too many original ideas. If the trend is parodies, everyone else follows suit. It’s usually a result of being lazy or having a lack of intelligence.

If you follow mainstream news, you may know that American Apparel CEO Dov Charney was fired recently for alleged misconduct with women. Lee Roy Myers wrote him a letter offering him a chance to appear in a sex tape for his company WoodRocket. This is something Mike Kulich likes to do a lot, as does Steven Hirsch. Whenever anyone is in the news for some sort or sex related infamy, these guys will put out an offer to them to appear in a celebrity sex tape. Rarely if ever does anyone take them up on the offer, it’s simply a way to garner cheap publicity on venues like TMZ.

Now Lee Roy Myers, who is supposed to be very creative and has in fact done a few movies that have brought him acclaim including The Big Lebowski parody, is jumping on the celebrity sex tape offer bandwagon with a very uncreative way to pump up publicity for his company WoodRocket. So if you go to AVN or XBIZ you can see Lee Roy Myers offering fired American Apparel CEO Dov Charney a chance to be in a WoodRocket sex tape. Yay. Following in the footsteps of Mike Kulich and Steven Hirsch. And I thought Lee Roy Myers was one of the smart ones.

Another interesting story is that Jane Hamilton aka Veronica Hart and Candida Royalle are now doctors. Yes, Janey and Candy have each received Ph.D’s. From a college. Or a university. Not exactly sure what it is. It’s called the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. It’s a school run by Rev. Dr. Ted McIlvenna. Not really sure how to pronounce that, so we’ll just call him Dr. McLovin.

We’ve talked about Dr. McLovin before. He was the proprietor of the now closed Erotic Heritage Museum in Vegas The same wackadoo with all of the sex artifacts like crusty cum tissues. The same doctor who handed out degrees to Sharon Mitchell and Annie Sprinkle has now awarded Jane Hamilton and Candida Royalle with doctorates in human sexuality. He also gave one to Gloria Leonard. She’s dead, but she got her degree posthumously, kinda like Heath Ledger got the Oscar for Batman.

So now these women can walk around and call themselves doctors. Well, Jane and Candida can walk around. They can walk around and proclaim they are doctors who received their degrees from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality by Rev. Dr. Ted McLovin. Kinda like getting a diploma from McDonald’s University with a degree in Big Macs.

Only in porn. This is the same business that created Dave Pounder, who teaches sex education and has a company called Happy/Fun Math Tutor Company. He also has a doctorate. Two of them, as a matter of fact.

Another genius in the porn midst is Veruca James. Who is Veruca James you ask? She is a performer who has been in the business for about three years. She recently penned a blog post spouting off the same bullshit line about the condom issue. Another article claiming that condoms are bad for porn, they lose sales, cause chafing and blah blah blah. Another article that doesn’t address the 9000 pound elephant in the room. The fact that Wicked is successful and is still producing movies and is condom mandatory. Nobody ever addresses this fact. They hope the issue will just go away.

I challenge any of these people to come on the show and debate this with me. I would challenge Peter Acworth. But nobody will ever do it because I would chew them up and spit them out.

I guess Veruca James had a meeting with Senator Holly Mitchell’s staff a coupla days ago. Has anyone heard of the outcome of this meeting? I would imagine with the credentials that Veruca James has that any politician or business leader would speak to her. Veruca James claims that she has a bachelors degree in financing and accounting and is a CPA.

A CPA. Do you know that there are people who will say that the CPA exam is harder to pass than the bar exam? I’m not bullshitting. You can be an accountant and not be a CPA. A CPA is like a doctor. Not a McLovin doctor, but a real doctor. A doctor of accounting. It’s like the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. One can prescribe drugs and the other can’t. A CPA has to go through a litany of tests and have a bachelor’s degree and have general accounting experience supervised by a CPA with an active license. A CPA is the quintessential accountant.

Being a CPA is some seriously lofty credentials. And all of that was thrown away to gape your asshole and have cum shot down your throat for Mark Spiegler? I’ll bet this girl has more education credentials than Senator Holly Mitchell. There girls in the business who claim to have college degrees or doctorates, but when you push them, you find out it’s bullshit. Just like Veruca James.

Veruca James has no bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and she’s not an accountant and she’s definitely not a CPA. No fucking way. It’s very easy to prove me wrong. Somebody make me eat my words. I beg you. Make me eat my fucking words. Veruca James ain’t no certified public accountant. Show me proof.

Veruca James is just another in a long line of idiots trying to speak for our business who makes up credentials to give her retarded viewpoints some validity. As long as there are companies like Wicked and directors like Porno Dan out there using condoms and being successful, your arguments don’t hold water. Plain and simple. When you stand before a state committee or a senator and state these things about condoms and they do any research, they will find out you are full of shit. Perhaps they don’t need to do research. Maybe they’ve already seen movies from Wicked like Horizon. A movie that was very successful and very good and is shot with mainstream cameras and with Hollywood production values and the actors are wearing condoms.

If you want to argue about privacy and free expression that’s one thing. Someone making the argument that a husband and wife who shoot a scene on a cell phone camera in their own bedroom shouldn’t be forced to use a condom has validity. I’m with you there. But saying that the industry will go out of business if they use condoms is ludicrous when companies like Wicked have proven that not to be the case.

When our industry doesn’t mount a defense against Michael Weinstein testifying at the CDC hearings and doesn’t provide its own evidence and pie charts like Weinstein did and just says, “He’s mean and doesn’t like us and he’s lying.” This is politics. You need to get people in front of this who will present the arguments logically. People like Axel Braun and Phil Harvey, not Peter Acworth and Diane Duke. You can’t present the argument that condoms don’t work in porn when you have studios like Wicked who prove that they do. You can’t present the argument that condoms chafe and make sex more dangerous when you have people like Jessica Drake and Stormy Daniels who prove that they don’t.

Nothing is going to change with the same people in charge making the same tired arguments. These people have to go. Free Speech Coalition need to be defunded. A new organization and a collection of new voices that don’t spew the idiocy of Veruca James and Casey Calvert. Not guys in leather harnesses or mumbling bimbos in a dungeon. Not people who auction off sadism to the highest bidder.

A new voice. It’s that easy.

Until that happens, we’re going to continue to be mocked and we’re going to continue to lose. When we say that there has been no on-set transmission of HIV in 10 years, we don’t take into account how many people were exposed and how it’s really only been luck that more people haven’t seroconverted. A logical person would say it’s Russian Roulette. And it is.

General Motors knew they had a problem with faulty ignitions for years and did nothing about it until people died and their hand was forced to make changes and they had to recall cars and it cost them millions. When we rely simply on testing and someone comes up positive and all of the people they worked with are retested and cleared and everybody breathes a sigh of relief, that’s not safety. It’s luck. A test doesn’t prevent disease, it only notifies someone that they have something. But if a person tests on the first and doesn’t test again until they 14th, they are still gonna be exposed every time they work. We’re gonna keep crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. Kinda like GM hoped that not too many people died before they were forced to improve their standards.

Intelligence and logic would go a long way towards improving our situation. But I guess as long as we have Lee Roy Myers and his sex tape offers, Dr. McLovin and his pornstar doctors and CPA Veruca James out there making the rounds and making us proud it is what it is.

Smarten up.

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