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Craig Valentine: Ed from Dane is Screwin’ Ya

> Craig Valentine responds to Bob from Dane: Well bobs own words send someone over, who is the accoutning firm ???? how do i owe them money when they only pay me on what sells ???? if they are not stealing my product why wont they return it ???

you can print whatever i say gene and correct the spelling.

also DANE has had no sales staff since they fired Dallas and William, kinda fun stuff was selling when they had sales people ?? WHo is DANA bob told me she ran AVN. ED used to be an accountant all report get certified by ED, Want copies since day one GENE ?? i have the reports in my hand according to DANE IVD owes 1,890.00 to me for unppaid product for the past 6 months on my stuff. Phoenix has almost 1k. The units are not acounted for in the physical count that means they are missing, if they didnt sell and not in eds’ wharehouse then they are missing and DANE owes me.

Its kinda funny BOB didnt want to get involved now he opens his mouth. lets see the simple formula on distribution 101

i give you 1000 pcs you sell them for 10.00 a unit that make 10,000.00 dist take 30% leaves you with 7k. or in DANE;s case ED screws ya. If this is the equasion how do we owe you monies ???

DANA the secratary, bobs banging, told me all the studios were over paid, as soon as i read the line everything is open here come on in i did i have the printouts that are not right. So lets try this in public BOB and ED are you keeping the 5000 units i have there in essence stealing my units you are not paying for or returning them freight collect. ????? Maybe i need to scan all the reports in and put them online ? they are not confidential i will send copies to gene to right ones that have the running totals since day one, Gene is far from dumb and can read a report


> From: Dave Pounder
To: C.Valentine
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 12:25 AM
Subject: Re: Dane stiff you

My DVD sales are so low these days that I dont even take the time to read the reports… I used to sell like 1500-2000 units at a $12 wholesale 5 years ago, then it was 1000-1200 units at $10, then 800-1000 at $8, and now 500 for $6… and all the catalog stuff is $1 these days when it used to be $3-6… the DVD stuff is dying, so I just focus on the net…

But I dont even read the reports anymore… I’m just happy to get a check if at all 🙂

If it makes you feel any better, I dont know a single producer who is happy with their distributor… even the guys that distribute hate the regional guys that buy from them… the only people that I havent heard complaints about are PurePlay and Pulse… everyone else complains about their distributors 🙂

Hope you are well man,


> Craig Valentine writes to Adultfyi: here is the email where dana and dane said they would ship my product back if i gave them 3rd party billing so i told them freight collect; as you see the product has not left they are still keeping my units, under florida law since the dane contract is not valid the units are classified as stolen and if not returned within 10 days of notice are supposed to be reported as such.

but the overpayment DANE speaks about are when a company like IVD paid a past due the old book keeper split it up to all studios due, ED said it goes to DANE only and reversed it on the next months reports causing us to wait, i have this in eds own handwritting on past reports if you need copies:

Dear Craig,

Thank you for your response regarding your product here at Dane Productions. Per our conversation on April 13, 2007, we spoke regarding the overpayments that Dane has made to you over the course of the past year. At this time our records due indicate that there is a payment now due on your end due to the overpayments you’ve received.

You stated while in our office back on April 12, 2007 that you would go back over your records with your accountant and you would get back to us with figures. Up to this point Craig, all we’ve received are threats regarding LAPD, and your attorneys. We would like to handle this in a business like matter, if you will please gather all data that reflects any overpayment or underpayment to and from Dane and we can reconcile this matter is a business like fashion.

We do understand that you would like to have all your product shipped back to your Florida, warehouse but until there is a prepaid account or third party bill to Dane Productions, will not send any product on our nickle. You will need to provide us with billing information as to how you would like to have these items shipped to you and as for payment for sales, that is another matter in itself.

Once you have decided how you would like to handle this matter outside of sending the LAPD, here to state falsely that we are holding your merchandise is untrue. Dane Productions, looks forward to speaking with you in a business like matter to resolve this matter.

Thank you for your time and patience,

Dana Woodard
Office Manager
Dane Productions, Inc.


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