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Craig Valentine: One of Brian’s Girls Got Drunk on the Set and Yacked All Over Her Model Releases

Porn Valley- One thing I’ve learned about Craig Valentine is that he pays his bills.

And that’s what caught Valentine’s eye in an interview I had with Brian of Giirlz Inc, a Florida talent agency, this week,

Brian’s claiming that Valentine not only slept with the girls in his agency but neglected to pay three of them for shoots they did.

Valentine who just got back to Florida from Vegas and Porn Valley, leaves the following phone message: “I just went by the office after being out for 12 days- I have returned letters. The addresses the girls put on their payroll forms, their W-9 forms and their ID’s are not valid.”

Valentine’s message is basically an addendum to an early morning conversation I had with him when he was still in the throes of jet lag. Valentine, at best, found Brian’s comments about his lothario behavior highly amusing.

“I found that story pretty entertaining,” says Valentine.

“Obviously you’ve become a master seducer.”

“Pretty amazing,” says Valentine. “I didn’t know I was that good.”

Valentine also addresses Brian’s charges that it was Valentine who set up Autumn Skye with a potentially life threatening gig in Chicago. Skye’s life was apparently threatened by Eric the Killer Pimp who she believes ran an escort agency.

“Last time I checked I’m not an agent,” says Valentine claiming that he never sent Skye to Chicago but left word with her to call him should a problem arise.

In Brian’s interview he also says that Valentine slept with one of his girls Chrissy Vonner and attempted to seduce another one, Cody Kay.
Valentine says he’s been to Brian’s house on several occasion but was accompanied with celebrity friends. One particular celebrity he can’t name. The others were wrestlers, he says.

“Brian wanted pictures of all the famous people,” Valentine says. “Brian’s girls went out with us to a party at Tootsie’s. Brian sent two chaperones with us. One of his chaperones- a male talent- proceeded to get drunk and was trying to purchase drugs from all the strippers in the club. The other, basically, was the lady who works in his office.

“Well, this whole thing turned into one big six-way in the club. Everyone had their tongue down everyone’s throat. So I guess I’m seducing everybody.” Valentine meant that sarcastically.

Nevertheless, Valentine says who cares if he did or didn’t screw anyone.

“I’m going through a divorce- I’m a single fucking guy,” he says. “If a girl wants me to take her out, I’m going to take her out.”

“Brian brings in all these girls and shacks them up in his house on air mattresses. Then he tells the girls not to hang out with people like me, Ron Jeremy and other famous adult actors because we’re going to corrupt them and show them the wrong side of the business. Brian’s there to protect them.”

In Brian’s spiel he goes on to say that Valentine’s got issues with Cody Kay who apparently won’t fuck him.

“Pretty interesting,” muses Valentine. “She crashed at my house the day after the wrestling show taping [in December]. She proceeded to basically jump on top of me. Somebody thought that was entertaining and took pictures. She kept chasing me around but I don’t get involved with people who lie, do drugs and steal. I came to find out she was a coke addict.”

Valentine admits that he did fuck her while she was on her period.

“There was blood all over her ass,” he recalls. “Everybody’s also of the opinion that I’m fucking Autumn Skye. So I got a text from Cody Wednesday morning [after the Skye interview had been posted on Adultfyi] all pissed off at me because she said I was fucking Autumn, that I took her to AVN and was walking the red carpet with her.”

“She goes what is this bullshit- am I dating Autumn? Well I’m not dating you and I’m not fucking you any more so what do you care. She goes on to say that I’m introducing Autumn to the famous people I was supposed to introduce her to.”

According to Valentine, he’s trying to figure where Brian’s coming from.

“No one seems to know who this guy is,” says Valentine. “The guy doesn’t have a bank account. He never invoices me for girls. Every time I go to drop checks off he immediately grabs the girl, drags her to the bank so he can get his commission money. All he does his brag to the girls about how he knows Pam Anderson and all these famous people.

“And every time I have one of my famous friends in town he goes you got to bring them by my house to take pictures. All the times I was at his house we were asked to come by because someone famous was in town and he wanted pictures.”

“Remember- all these girls I ‘seduced’ never worked for my company,” Valentine adds.

Addressing the issue of not paying Brian’s girls, Valentine asks if that includes one of them who got drunk on his set and “yacked” all over the set. Valentine couldn’t remember her name off hand.

“She was doing drugs in the bathroom and threw up all over her model releases and I had to chase her down for a month to resign them. She’s like I want all my money- not until you sign your paperwork, sweetie.”


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