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Craig Valentine Responds to Mario “the 110-pound weasel”

Proof, again, that no good porn deed goes unpublished, Craig Valentine [pictured] responds to the following item posted earlier on this site.

Mario writes: In June of 2005, a guy Juan #954-XXX-XXXX, Lee Anna Heart, & Myself #954-XXX-XXXX, (there was another girl but I can’t get in touch with her) shot video for Craig Valentine of

We (Juan & Myself) were to get copies of the dvd & I’m not sure if Lee Anna was to get dvd’s or cash or a combo of each. In the Spring of 2006 I sent Craig a girl to shoot & he told me “He will give me $50.00 finders fee”.

A few days later when I called him, he said “He had my check on the dashboard of his car”. I asked him about video & he said should be out soon. The next time I called him, he said something like “He will have his accountant cut a check for me” (Wasn’t it on the dashboard of his car?) He had claimed he was away on business (California?) for a while.

In the summer I asked him again about check & video. He asked me to “Send an invoice to his accountant” & told me “He had dvd’s but was going to wait till fall to release them when business will be better & I would have to wait.”

Now when I call Craig he claims “He doesn’t own the company any more & doesn’t know who does” & hangs up! Now, didn’t he have my dvd’s in the summer & wasn’t my check in his car at one point? When Juan calls him, he hangs up on him also. Lee Anna never got paid or got any dvd’s. All I want from him is what I was promised. ($50.00 & dvd(s) copies I did for him) He also needs to get Juan dvd(s) & whatever Lee Anna was promised.

Valentine has his say: “This is the little 110 pound weasel who thinks he’s a magazine photographer down here. I used to be partners with a guy from Couples Fantasies. Mario shot a threeway scene for him. He never shot for me, never shot for ClubSummerHaze. He never shot for her company, nothing. He shot for this guy Kevin who’s a photographer. He did the model releases with Kevin and everything else. I just put everybody together.

“Basically I told Mario when the movie comes out I’ll get him a copy. This was a few years ago. Evidently now he’s getting real bothered that nobody believes he fucked Lee Anna Heart. He wants a copy of the movie. I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do about it. I have nothing to do with that company. I can’t see why a guy who couldn’t get his dick hard for the entire scene, along with his buddy, would want to show that to people. So he’s been hounding the piss out of me. He’s been going to all the clubs saying I won’t give him a copy of this fucking movie.

“Last time I remember in Porn Valley- I thought it was a courtesy for companies to give male talent a copy of their movies.”

Addressing Mario’s argument about a finder’s fee, Valentine said Mario was supposed to send him a girl.

“The girl showed up with no test,” says Valentine. “No nothing. I didn’t shoot her. I don’t pay an agent’s fee if the girl don’t shoot. But he’s, like, you owe me Fifty bucks. I told him if he finds us girls and they complete a shoot, he gets paid. Just like in Los Angeles.”

I ask Valentine what this deal was about a check supposedly being on his dashboard.

“I have no idea,” says Valentine. “One thing you know about me, I never not pay anybody. There’s three things you can say about me: I’m basically honest; I’ve never stolen from anybody and I’ve never not paid anybody. There aren’t that many people that can say that. But he’s been causing a lot of shit down here [Florida] to the point where the attorneys suggested slapping a restraining order on him. He’s had a couple put on him in the past for stalking girls. He used to be a freelance photographer down here. He started his own magazine- a little half size rag magazine. He goes around strip clubs with his camera hanging down in front of his dick. He becomes the male talent along with his buddy. That type of thing. I can’t describe how bad the guy looks. Let’s put it this way. Half the girls say they’d rather shoot themselves than have sex with this guy Mario.”


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