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Cuntre on National Radio

Washington D.C – It was a match made over the airwaves. Once again Valentine’s Day lives up to the hype and true urban, do-the-right-thing style love blossomed between nationally syndicated talk show hosts Don and Mike’s hot piece of ass producer Beth Ann on WJFK-FM and Cuntre, star of Kick Ass Picture’s Inseminated by 2 Black Men and other videos.

For 17 minutes it looked like Cupid successfully popped a cap in one lucky ladies behind – live on the air from coast to coast, east side to the west side, on over 30 stations today, including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas and Baltimore.

As a surprise to their desperate producer, Don and Mike invited Cuntre to woo the radio kitten while she ogled Cuntre’s performance in Jelly 5. While Beth Ann was glued to the screen, Cuntre sweet-talked the curious babe into submission. By the end of the segment BA was bragging she snagged Cuntre’s phone number from the show’s main producer Robb Spewak. Cuntre left the listening audience with a little love advice, proclaiming in his patented Mississippi drawl, “If you lay it out, make sure you play it out.”

Don and Mike have also adopted Kick Ass Pictures notorious guarantee as their own in a hilarious parody, promising listeners no condoms, no fake tits and naked sex every show.

You can listen to the lovebirds plan their future and check out the “Don and Mike Guarantee” on And you can look for “Cuntre in the City” from Kick Ass Pictures in the not to distant future.


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