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(PORN VALLEY, CA) — Recently someone told me about a web site that allows the users to make custom erotic stories for their lovers or friends. I decided to check it out and really enjoyed it, found it easy to use and very fun.
PillowMail is the first internet service that allows you to create a thrilling, explicit erotic fantasy about yourself and your special someone, doing all sorts of exciting and sexy things, in all sorts of exotic and interesting locales!

PillowMail is totally free and 100% secure. No credit cards! No memberships! The perfect way for lovers to enhance their relationship!

Below you’ll find an erotic story I designed with me and Jenna Jameson in it. Just reading about us was pretty exciting. I sent it to her, probably won’t hear back, but who knows….maybe she’ll like it as well.

Remember, all I did was fill out a simple form about who I was, who I liked and some easy details about favorite foods, cars, city, etc. PillowMail did the rest:

“Let Me Rub You the Right Way”

It was late in the day, almost dinner time, when Jenna Jameson finally walked in the front door. The Los Angeles traffic had been unusually heavy for a Thursday, though she never minded spending a few extra minutes in her beloved Porsche. Jenna Jameson dropped her things in the entrance hall, and casually flipped through the mail. Bills. Bills. Bills. An offer for a new credit card. She quickly tossed it aside – can’t be responding to that one before I take care of these three, she thought to herself. And then she found a handwritten note. From Brian. “I’m waiting for you in the bedroom,” it said. Jenna Jameson smiled. Brian was her friend, her soul mate, her lover. And he was great at all three. Jenna Jameson wasn’t exactly in the mood for sex after a long day, but, if that’s what he wanted, she wouldn’t disappoint.

Jenna Jameson opened the bedroom door, half expecting to find Brian waiting for her on the bed, hard-on at the ready, wearing nothing but his football jersey. What she saw instead was a complete surprise. The room had been transformed into a pleasure palace: Softly illuminated by vanilla scented candles, jazz music playing on the stereo, a dozen long-stemmed roses overflowing from a vase, the bed turned down revealing satin sheets. And standing at attention, wearing white shorts and a t-shirt, was Brian. (He was the one at attention; his penis was flaccid). Jenna Jameson took a moment to admire him. That outfit really shows off his ass, she thought to herself.

“What’s all this?” Jenna Jameson asked. Replied Brian: “I’m at your disposal, here to tend to your pleasure, and yours alone.” “I don’t get it,” Jenna Jameson said. “You deserve it,” Brian said. “You do so much for me. In every way. I know you’ve had a long week, and I wanted to do something for you.” “So you redecorated our room?” she joked. “I’m talking about giving you a massage,” Brian said. “I’ll do it however you want, and it’s all about you. Don’t even think about doing anything to me.” “You’re serious?” Jenna Jameson asked. “Yep,” he replied. “Of course, I can’t guarantee I won’t get excited by having my hands all over your body, but that’s not your problem.” “Eh,” Jenna Jameson scoffed, “that’s happened with all the guys who’ve ever massaged me.” Brian hesitated a moment and looked at her, then they both laughed. Then Brian produced a tray with drinks on it: a White Zinfandel for Jenna Jameson, and a Amstel Light for himself. “Just to help us both relax,” Brian explained. “Great,” Jenna Jameson replied, and they clinked their glasses in a toast.

After the drink, Jenna Jameson settled face down, completely naked, on the cool satin sheets. She was quite a vision, her beautiful blonde hair spreading out from the pillow, her exquisite body seeming to float upon the satin. Brian took a moment to drink in the view. “God, Jenna Jameson, you’ve got the most incredible chest ever,” Brian wanted to say to her. But, playing his role, he went for: “Shall I start with your shoulders?” “That’s fine,” Jenna Jameson replied. “But lose the ‘shall’ stuff, okay?” Brian smiled, then poured some massage oil into his hands. He rubbed them together to warm the oil, and began to slowly, deeply, rub Jenna Jameson’s shoulders, kneading the muscles, working out the kinks. Then he moved his hands down her spine to the middle of her back, applying firm thumb pressure around each vertebrae. He massaged outward from her spine, pressing with his palms, pushing in long strokes to her flanks. Her breasts, pressed down against the bed, spilled out just millimeters from his fingertips, but he purposely avoided them now. His hands moved down to her lower back, and then onto the firm flesh of Jenna Jameson’s ass.

Brian had tried to prevent it, but no amount of concentration could keep his cock from beginning to stir now. How could it not when he was touching this gorgeous, naked woman? The problem was, it was twisted downward and was getting to be painful. Removing a hand from her, he made a quick adjustment to relieve the discomfort. “Having a problem,” the incredibly perceptive Jenna Jameson said. “Fine, don’t worry about me,” Brian replied, returning that second hand to her ass.

Brian had been standing beside Jenna Jameson, but now, to improve his angle of attack, he moved around to the bottom of the bed. Leaning forward, he used his body weight to add to the pressure he put into the massage of Jenna Jameson’s ass. This angle also changed his view, allowing him to see up into the lovely “V” where her legs came together. Brian could see wisps of pubic hair, and exposed vulva. Brian shut his brown eyes to try to remove the temptation, but unfortunately (or not) he got the mental image of Jenna Jameson wearing just her G-String, only increasing his temptation. With a sigh, he tried to concentrate on massaging the backs of Jenna Jameson’s legs. First he rubbed the back of her right thigh, using his thumbs to press firmly against her hamstring muscle. Then he repeated the treatment to the left thigh. Then the right calf, followed by the left calf. Jenna Jameson has very ticklish feet, and she flinched slightly when Brian shifted his attention to her soles. But by applying firm pressure in long strokes, Brian turned a tickle into pleasure. “Ooh, that’s delightful,” Jenna Jameson said. “For me, too,” Brian said, mostly in regards to giving her pleasure, but in some ways about the view he had resumed of her pussy.

“Did you want to turn over?” Brian asked. She answered by just doing so. Brian returned to the head of the bed, and paused a moment to take in her beauty. Jenna Jameson actually glowed as she lay naked on the bed, lit by the flickering candles, her blue eyes sparkling. “You are so gorgeous,” Brian said. Jenna Jameson looked up at him and smiled. “Kiss me,” Jenna Jameson said. Brian leaned down to do so. His intent was a nice, short one, but Jenna Jameson pulled him to her, opened her mouth, and began to probe gently with her tongue. Brian couldn’t help but respond in kind. Then Jenna Jameson reached for him with her other hand, landing it on his thigh and moving quickly up to grasp his swollen cock. Which caused Brian to do something neither one of them thought him capable of. “No, no,” he said, pulling back from her touch. “Tonight’s about you. I wasn’t kidding.”

“Okay,” Jenna Jameson said, straightening herself out on the bed again. “Suit yourself.” “No,” Brian replied as he began to gently massage around Jenna Jameson’s collar bone, “I want to suit you.” Brian moved down to lightly stroke the tops of Jenna Jameson’s breasts, but carefully avoided going anywhere near her nipples. He moved on to do each of her arms and hands, then began to work on her abdominal area. Brian moved upward, and continued to come ever closer to her breasts. “Did you want me to..?” he asked, his meaning clear. “Please,” Jenna Jameson replied. Brian started at the outside, massaging each of Jenna Jameson’s breasts in ever tightening circles. Unlike her feet, Jenna Jameson loved to have her breasts tickled. The closer he got to each nipple, the less pressure Brian applied. And when he finally touched her nipples, both of which were fully erect, it was with the lightest touch possible. Jenna Jameson let out a soft sigh as a tingle flowed through her, and even rocked her pelvis forward slightly.

Brian again shifted down to the end of the bed to work on Jenna Jameson’s lower body. Her legs were parted slightly, affording him a wonderful view up into her pussy. This view made it clear while Brian’s massage may have relaxing most of Jenna Jameson’s muscles, it was actually creating tension in some others. Brian placed his hands at the very tops of Jenna Jameson’s legs, his thumbs on the inside, just barely outside the margin of her pussy lips. He began to knead the muscles, sure the sensations were being transmitted upward, but never actually touching her there. He kept this up for a few moments, and could feel Jenna Jameson subtly pushing down so there would be actual genital contact. But he continued to deny her by moving his hands fractionally lower. Then he left the area all together, and began to work on her thighs. He moved down to her knees, using a light tickle, which actually made her giggle. He worked over her shins, and then the tops of her feet. And then he gave a strong individual massage to each of her toes.

“Okay then, I guess that’s everything,” Brian said, trying to keep a straight face. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Jenna Jameson said lightly. “I don’t think so…” Brian responded. “Think again,” Jenna Jameson replied, drawing up her knees and spreading her legs wide apart. Her passion was evident by her swollen lips, and the sheen that had spread throughout her slit. “Oh,” Brian said. “That.” “Yeah, that,” Jenna Jameson said with a smile. Brian returned the smile, then slid down onto the bed between her legs.

Brian brushed his brown hair back, then brought his face to within inches of Jenna Jameson’s pussy. Her scent blended wonderfully with the warm aroma of the candles. Then, using his thumbs, Brian spread Jenna Jameson’s lips apart, and gently stroked them up and down. He was careful to avoid her clitoris – he was saving that for last. Jenna Jameson began to rock her pelvis ever so slightly. After a few moments, Brian placed his right thumb up against the opening of Jenna Jameson’s very wet pussy. Gently, ever so slowly, he began to insert it. Jenna Jameson, desperate to be penetrated, helped by pushing forward to draw in his opposable digit. “Ooooh,” she sighed. Brian began to move his thumb slowly and methodically in and out of Jenna Jameson’s warm canal. He made sure to drag it across the top so as to stimulate her G-spot. Waves of pleasure coursed through Jenna Jameson’s body.

Then, using the index finger of his left hand, Brian slowly, and lightly, began to touch the area around Jenna Jameson’s clit. Closer and closer he came, circling, just barely making contact. Jenna Jameson could actually feel her clit and pussy begin to heat up. At the same time, Brian continued his in-and-stimulation with his right thumb. Jenna Jameson was breathing heavily by now. She rocked her pelvis more forcefully. She began to let out low moans. Her vaginal muscles began to contract involuntarily.

Brian moved his face even closer to Jenna Jameson’s pussy, and added his warm breath to the mix of stimuli she was receiving. Then, leaving his finger beside, but not touching, Jenna Jameson’s clit, Brian reached out his tongue and began to lightly lick her there. “Ahhhh,” Jenna Jameson groaned when he first made contact. Her breathing became more labored. The feeling of warmth spread up to her belly, and down into her thighs. Her pelvis went into overdrive. “Oh god, oh god,” Jenna Jameson moaned. Brian’s thumb could no longer keep up with her motions, so he just held it inside to give her something to clamp onto when she came. Holding his tongue rigid, Brian let Jenna Jameson bump her clit against it. She moved up and down, left and right, then up and down again. And then, coming to a complete stop against him, she let out a huge groan as her orgasm exploded throughout her body. Her pussy contracted like a vise against Brian’s thumb. Spasms of pleasure washed over her. Neither moved for long moments, her pussy still jammed against Brian’s lips, his thumb still deep within her. And then, with a long sigh, Jenna Jameson relaxed, and settled back down into the bed.

Brian pulled his face away, and slowly removed his thumb. “Was everything to your satisfaction?” he asked with mock formality. “That was incredible,” Jenna Jameson said. “What about you? You wanna put it in? You want me to blow you?” “No.” Brian replied. “Like I said, this is all about you. Why don’t you take a nice nap.” Brian pulled the covers up over a surprised, but very appreciative Jenna Jameson. “Thanks,” she said. Brian leaned down and gave her a long kiss. “I’ll wake you up in an hour,” he said. “What are you going to do?” Jenna Jameson asked. “First, I’m gonna jerk off,” Brian said with a smile. “And then, in the fifty-nine and a half minutes remaining, I’m gonna feed the dog, then fix us some dinner: Sushi for you and steak for me. They exchanged another smile, then Jenna Jameson closed her eyes to drift off, while Brian hobbled toward the bathroom to get something else off.

Ok, I came. After a smoke, I think I may try this again! hah!



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