Cytherea Calls Another Radio Station

If you listen to radio talk show host Tom Leykis regularly, chances are you know what Flash Friday is all about. This is where Leykis urges young ladies to flash booby for guys who keep their automobile headlights on during the daytime drive. Porn star Cytherea, of KSEX radio fame, called Leykis this afternoon and obviously Cytherea wanted to flash some tit. She told Leykis, who was taken back a bit by her name [he asked how her sister, Dip, was], that she was parked off the 101 near the Hollywood Bowl exit and was ready to display the goods.

Cytherea described herself as a 34C. And while she didn’t come right out and tell Leykis she was a porn star, Cytherea gave him enough hints to leave little to speculation. Cytherea told him she was working at a nearby hotel, and Leykis took that to mean that she was employed by a hotel. Cytherea then went on to explain to Leykis who wasn’t getting it that she was doing a video. Leykis asked her what kind, probably already having figured that out. Cythera said she was having sex with girls and that she was being featured in an upcoming magazine.

At least from where we were sitting, Leykis sounded a bit flustered and managed to usher her off the air real quick for a commercial.



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