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Cytherea: “My Orgasms Are Not Piss”-update

Porn Valley- With Plus One being minus one Thursday night, Cytherea, took over the mike of her KSEX show, “My asshole husband is at home sleeping,” Cytherea explained. Cytherea shot a a movie- When Girls Go Bad- this week and talked about the production.

Cytherea said she started the day with her and Brian waking up around 7:30 am, co-host Harry Weiss noting that she’s usually up by the crack of noon. “We finally get to the St-8 Up Studios,” she said. Cytherea said the first scene of the day was a boy-girl with Brook Lyn.

“I just found this out,” said Cytherea. “Brook Lyn’s first name is not Brooklyn. First name Brook, last name Lyn.” Asked who she worked with, Cytherea said she didn’t know [John West]. “Some guy. The next scene was a bunch of girls I didn’t know in there. Then we got to Katrina Kraven- then we got her in. We were going to put her in with Dick Tracey. But it was like his first scene of the day. He didn’t feel really strong. So I told him it’s okay. Come back and do a better scene for me. Brian happened to have a nice long talk, so he [Brian] fucked her. Mr. X. So he fucked her and he doesn’t do anal. He’s never done anal before. It was his first anal. It was great. I made him do it- do it. He wasn’t going to do it. The last minute everyone thought he wasn’t going to do it. Finally he got the fuckin’ dick in her ass.”

Weiss wondered if Brian was afraid that something brown might show up on his dick. “I don’t know,” said Cytherea. “I think it’s an Italian-thing. Who knows. I don’t know what it is. All I know is that he’s never done anal and definitely not doing it with me.” Cytherea said they shot 6 scenes over 11 hours. The last scene of the day, according to her, featured Georgia South. “The best scene,” she said. “I’m telling you right now. You guys gotta see this scene. We’re trying to find somebody that’s really dirty for her. Because she’s this dirty fuckin’ whore. She’s straight up.” Cytherea explained how doing the scene, South is made to lick the ground.

According to Cytherea, the thing that will get her “pissed” is to say that her orgasms are piss. “My fucking orgasms are not piss. If you want to be stupid and ignorant and call it that, you can. That’s fine. That’s your own fuckin prerogative and opinion.” Cytherea further explained how she bit her tongue when the guy is told to go down on South and lick her piss. “As a director I had to keep my mouth shut and be professional. Which was really hard.” Weiss told her how he would have handled it by yelling cut. Cytherea said she didn’t want to ruin the chemistry and allowed the scene to continue with an option to edit things out later. “One thing of learned,” she said. “Don’t fuck with the sex. The sex was going really good.”

Cytherea said she and Cherokee also did a scene together. “I squited. But not a lot. I’m having issues squirting lately.” Cytherea said she was doing a scene with Lee Stone and couldn’t squirt. She said Stone was hitting her spot, and she would orgasm, but nothing would come out. “Like nothing would come up. I felt this enormous pressure on my bladder, and I would go pee and nothing would come out.” But then she did a scene with Lily Thai. “Her one little fucking finger- I was pissing every ten minutes after that.”

Weiss suggested that Tyler Faith would be a perfect candidate for Cytherea’s next movie because Faith was no longer with Jill Kelly. Weiss said it would be easy to accomplish. “Just put her boyfriend’s [Wankus] dick in your mouth- you can have her.” Weiss suspected with things as they are, Faith wouldn’t be doing JKP’s “500 Lactating Transsexual Midget Gangbang Bukkake”.

Weiss said he was musing about movies certain companies wouldn’t do, like Elegant Angel doing a couples’ movie. “Let’s see Rocco do a granny movie for Filmco. Let’s see how big a stud he is.” Weiss said everyone laughs at Ron Jeremy. “But he’s the biggest fucking stud. He will fuck anything.”

Cytherea remembered how Jeremy would call her during the beginning of her career. “He was trying to get to have sex with me. Aaaargh. You’re not touching me. You have cobwebs. You’re like old porn. That’s gross.” But now that she’s got to know Jeremy, Cytherea says he’s not too shabby of a guy. In fact, Cytherea thought she was scheduled to work with Jeremy Friday morning but couldn’t remember for whom. Then it dawned on her that it was for Roy Karch. “I’m going to be there all fucking day and I’m not happy about it at all.” Cytherea said Karch’s movie are the only ones she knows that go on to 1 am.

To which Weiss said he was pissed off again at Karch. “I hate when directors go around managers and agents. That’s a bullshit thing.”


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