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Cytherea on KSEX, Drug & Boyfriend Free

Here are some cliff notes from last night’s Wanker Show with Wankus and Tyler Faith on Full story to come.

*Cytherea appeared on KSEX for the first time since losing her radio show months back sporting a new shorter hair doo, obviously sober, alert and with some meat on her.

*Asked about her split with Brian (Plus One), Cytherea claims to still love him but they’re definitely officially broken up.

*On the subject of drugs, something Cytherea claims she went from recreational fun with to full on addiction, “In the beginning, I took them cause they made me horny.” Cytherea said it started as weekend fun then turned into Monday and Tuesday until it finally became a necessity in everyday functioning.

*Cytherea stated that while drugs did take over her life a bit, when she announced she was clean many months back on her former show, she really was–at that time. Soon after, drugs were back in her life and bringing her down.

*Asked what kind of drugs she struggled with, Cytherea said she didn’t want to discuss it.

*AVN’s Best New Starlet also said she’s trying to avoid hanging around the enabling crowd and filling her schedule with as much work as possible.

* “You know I love you and Brian,” Wankus said, “you’re both my friends and have been for years so this next question is just out of curiosity.” Cytherea accepted the long set up and agreed that they were all long term friends. The preface on the table, Wankus then asked, “What did Brian bring to the household? What was his role? Did he have income coming in?” Cytherea again declined to answer the question.

*To close out the segment, Cytherea passed along a message to Wankus from Harry Weiss which stated that he’s still expecting his commission from Team Tyler for booking Cytherea in Thar She Blows a couple of months back. Wankus holds his position that since he basically brought Cytherea into the business, booked her personally and because they are friends, Harry shouldn’t expect to see one. “You tell Harry and his Hillary Clinton looking calves that he’s only gonna get a gift certificate to the Sizzler Buffet from me!”

*LA Direct Models busty blonde Candy Manson was introduced as Wankus asked her a question off the beat and path. “No offense Candy, and you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to but, was that bottle of Vodka on my desk full when you arrived here tonight?” She replied yes. “Did anyone help you drink that here?” Wankus continued. She replied that it was all hers. “Then can you tell me how in the last hour there’s only about 30% of the vodka left in the bottle?!”

*Manson and Tyler Faith shot a softcore movie earlier in the week for King of the Cage. A UFC style fight organization seen on Pay-per-View. The girls were among other porners like Hannah Harper and Lexxi Tyler as well as a dozen mainstream girls. The set up includes a beauty pageant and some girl on girl action, all filmed episodes to be released at scattered intervals later in the year. Wankus said, “The thing about Hannah is that she looks like this innocent little British girl, so cute, so nice, but she’s a lush! That girl can party! I love her!” Faith agreed, “She’s a freak! She does all kinds of crazy shit!”

*Manson later addressed her horrible scene with Dakota Cameron in the soon to be release KSEXgames Part II. Wankus noted that Candy was awesome but they had a tough time getting anything usable from Cameron. “We’re shooting hardcore and Dakota’s asking Candy, ‘yeah you like when I stick my finger in your ass?’ The problem was, she wasn’t sticking her fingers in her ass.” Wankus said. “I’m looking in the view finder, I’m looking over the camera, I’m starring at Soxxx who was shooting Camera 2 and he couldn’t figure it out either. It’s hardcore, everything is seen. If you’re gonna brag about your finger in a girls ass, make sure it’s in her ass!”

*Wankus noted that because of Dakota’s poor performance, the scene is the weakest in the movie, “but our editor, Guy Capo, really saved it and made it jerkable. The good news is, the rest of the production is awesome and 10 times better than last years.”

*Candy claims, “Derek (LA Direct) kicked Cameron out of the business!” While admitting Derek had some pull, Wankus had a tough time understanding how Dakota was finally the ONE talent in history that actually failed porn. “He kicked her out of LA Direct or the porn business?” Wankus asked. Manson believes (in fun) he chased her out full circle.

*Asked why she was kicked from the business and Manson explained one reason was that Dakota owed Derek $11,000.00 for her tit job that he fronted the money for. “Her first tit job was horrible,” said Manson. “Derek paid for the re-do and she never paid him.”

*Candy’s thoughts on the recent comments Taryn Thomas said on her previous KSEX show that Manson was evicted from her apartment for living like a slob []. Manson claimed that her and Thomas were good friends who partied a lot together and had a falling out. “She was tryin’ to get off drugs and decided that we shouldn’t be friends since we did them together. I ended up quitting drugs and she supposedly did but was still doing them a little.”

*Wankus then got Thomas on the phone who claimed to be on a booze cruise in Hawaii with the Shanes World team. Thomas, sounding a little confused based on the noisy connection, a good bartender or both was very hesitant to participate in the conversation. “Taryn, Candy says she doesn’t have a problem with you, can we push this thing away and all be friends?” Wankus asked. “I don’t have a problem with YOU Wankus” Thomas replied a few times. Wankus continued, “I’m just trying to clean this thing up and get everyone in porn to get along. Who knows, someday I may even be friends with Kurt Lockwood.” As the minimal result phone call with Thomas wrapped up Wankus told Taryn to say hello to the good folks at Shanes World. After a short pause, Thomas replied, “Who?!”

*The night closed with a new feature conceptualized by Tyler Faith called “Dr. Suess’ Strip Bedtime Stories” where Tyler will read a new Dr. Suess nursery rhyme to close out the weekly show and when interrupted by a bell noise (Wankus’ mouth sound effects), Faith is required to lose an article of clothing. Faith chose Green Eggs and Ham and by mid-tale all three girls were completely naked and engaging in a full on group girl/girl scene.

The FULL show re-cap coming soon. The show will replay every six hours all weekend until Monday. Tune in to and enjoy!


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