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Daisy Duxe: “You Make One Bad Choice It Follows You the Rest of Your Life”

Porn Valley- She spells her name differently, but some times a dead water buffalo is still a dead water buffalo.

The last time she was on KSEX, Daisy Duxe had made waves because she shot a an animal for an Internet site and had sex next to the dead carcass.

Almost 2 1/2 years later, Duxe was again on KSEX, this time apologizing profusely for the incident.

“She’s known for not-so-nice-things, but she’s a pretty nice girl,” Tony Batman said, introducing Duxe. In a spirit of forgive and forget, as Duxe began to speak, KSEX started running sublimnally sequenced photos of dead animals on the screen.

Duxe had shot her scene for a company called Sexy Outdoor Sports but doesn’t think the company’s around any more. And Duxe, who was also repped by Eli, a talent agent in Florida at the time, is no longer with him having signed up with Lighthouse.

“Every one just blew up with this thing,” said Batman.

“You make one bad choice and it follows you the rest of your life,” Duxe concedes.

“I made a bad choice of saying yes to a shoot. It was from lack of experience.”

According to Duxe, she had been placed in “an uncomfortable situation” and didn’t know how to handle it.

“Where was Eli in all this?” Batman wanted to know.

Duxe, instead of answering, played the question off, saying something about how Eli was sitting two seats down from her on that KSEX show.

“If I was your agent I would have stopped it,” Batman continued.

Duxe said she now knows that certain things don’t mix.

“Like hunting with sex,” she offered. “That’s a bad combination.”

But Duxe said she gets the question a lot and is used to hearing it. Especially from fans on the east coast.

“It doesn’t matter how nice I am or all the good I’ve done,” she continued.

“I’m defined by that one bad decision, and I’m totally sorry I made a decision to go in that direction.”

Batman talked about how he tried Googling “water buffalo” and kept coming up with something about a Chinese rice worker.

Batman said it was funny that people in the adult industry can’t remember what happened last week but everyone seems to know about the Duxe story. Duxe begged to differ in a sense that she had been on 25 recent go-sees.

“And I have heard not one thing about it.”

Besides water buffalo, Batman wanted to know the last thing Duxe shot.

“I haven’t shot this trip,” Duxe answered.

In any event, Duxe made it sound like most of her work comes from dance gigs and that she’s booked into November. Duxe also mentioned that she had been nominated for Newcomer of the Year.

Perhaps taking Duxe unawares, Batman announced that he volunteered a percentage of Duxe’s dance bookings to a New York animal rights organization, ASPCA.

“I’m 120% cool with that idea,” said Duxe who added that she donates to a humane society, as well, and gives homes to stray dogs on her three acre property.

Duxe hails from Valdosta, Georgia, about 10 minutes from the Florida state line.

“Are you near water?” Batman asked.

“Bath tub water,” quipped Duxe.

“With three acres, do you have a still?” Batman also wanted to know.

Duxe said she doesn’t but that she’s tried moonshine.

“It tastes bad- really, really bad,” she laughs.

Dukes also observed that people on moonshine tend to get stupid.

“And marijuana makes me tired,” she adds. “I’m not good on tired. Caffein is my drug.”

On another subject, Batman felt that Wal-Marts are few and far between in Porn Valley.

“Wal-Marts make me feel at home,” said Duxe.

Batman also wondered if she gets recognized a lot. Duxe said people in her town know what she does.

“That’s why I’m out of town so much,” she laughs. “It’s bad enough the mail man knows what I do.”


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