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Dakota Cameron Kicked out of the Industry?

Porn Valley- During the segment in which he had Candy Manson on his KSEX show Friday night, Wankus reported that Manson does a great scene in the second volume of the KSEX games.

“I don’t know about the person you worked with,” Wankus laughed, referring to Dakota Cameron. Manson had said something to the fact that Derek Hay kicked Cameron out of the business. Wankus also found that rather amusing.

“Derek runs LA Direct so he would kick her out of LA Direct because he’s kicked a lot of girls out,” Wankus acknowledged. “But you said, no, no, no. He’s kicked her out of the business.”

“Derek is so horrible he kicked her out of the business,” Manson insisted.

“Nobody fails out of porn- how did she get kicked out of the business?” Wankus inquired. Manson said it was a long story, noting that Cameron’s first boob job was messed up.

“So she went in for a second one which Derek put the money down for,” Manson said. “And she was supposed to pay him back. She didn’t do that. Plus he had a lot of problems with her and he kicked her out of LA Direct. Then she couldn’t find work with any other agency. They wouldn’t hire her.”

Asked why so, Manson said because of Cameron’s penchant for drama. Wankus then talked about how he booked the scene with Manson and Cameron.

“Soxxx and I shot it,” said Wankus. “We did out best to make it the best we could. Guy Capo did a great job editing it and making it look as hot as possible.” According to Wankus, during the scene Cameron would ask Manson if she could finger her ass. Manson’s going yeah.

“We’re watching the scene and Dakota isn’t fingering her ass,” said Wankus. “We’re like, finger her ass.” Faith asked Manson what happened with the finger.

“She wants to see if she can shake the coconuts out of the tree,” Wankus mused. Co-host Tyler Faith had to admit that Cameron’s tits were bad.

“The other thing is she told us she [Cameron] likes to be rough with girls,” said Wankus. “And that she likes girls.”

But Manson said Cameron wasn’t even eating her pussy. Wankus said Manson was all up for Cameron going rough with her but they waited until doom’s day for that to happen. According to Manson, where it looked like Cameron was finger-fucking her, Cameron was actually bending her knuckles to make it look like she was in her pussy.

“I’m like shove your fucking tongue in my ass!” exclaimed Manson

Asked in what events she participated during the KSEX games, Manson said she was in the football game.

“The six hour football game?” Wankus laughed.

“The one that since I fucked up and ran to the wrong goal, you changed all the rules,” Manson answered, noting that she was on team Red Light.

Wankus reported that the feature would be out this week and available on

Not to put down her scene with Cameron but Wankus remembered apologizing with Manson after it was over.

“You made her bang a monkey with fucked up tits,” said Faith who thought that Cameron looked a little chimpanzee-ish. Manson said, leaving, she knew it was a bad scene. Asked how she was able to have sex with an unattractive woman, Manson said she was paid to do it but thought it was going to be a bad-ass scene because she’s into girls and Cameron told her she was going to play rough. All things said, Wankus felt the scene accomplished what it set out to do.

“It works.” It was noted that Manson also worked with Tyler Faith for a pay-per-view show and Manson thought it was pretty hot.

“It was in a Hummer stretch limo,” said Manson. “And it was really hot. We tried to put all this shit into it like pouring champagne on each other but they didn’t want any of that. They didn’t want to let us do the real deal.”

“They were scared of you,” Wankus thought. Then he brought up the fact that Cytherea, who was also on the Friday night show, when she was on Blind Date with a Porn Star was telling a guy to fuck her. Cytherea said that wasn’t true but that it’s also hard for her to fake softcore. Wankus brought up another fact that Rebecca Love and Evan Stone fucked for real on a soft shoot and when the director had apoplexy, they told him it would be fine.

“But when it got back to the main producer, he freaked,” said Wankus. In the shoots she’s been on Manson said when porn shoots a hardcore and softcore version, they’re doing it for real in the soft edit, but just hiding it. Manson also said she’s good at dialogue but really bad at faking sex.

“Because I’m really passionate about it,” said Manson.


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