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Dane Productions: To Sell or Not To Sell? Apparently the Company Has Second Thoughts

Porn Valley- Maybe it’s an accounting-thing. Like when you tell a company you’re distributing for that you owe them money, then come back later and say, oh, disregard that last memo. We have a new accounting system, and now you owe us money. The old bookkeeper was a fuck up.

Such was the case with Dane Productions earlier this week. I get a couple of calls from Bob Blisten over there, that it’s important that I talk to Ed the owner. I talk to Ed, and he tells me he’s looking to sell the company. I post the story.

Then what happens? I read another story up on AVN today announcing that Dane, instead of selling, is moving down the street. But here’s the part that gets me, Blisten’s comments within that story:

“There were some people that thought we were going out of business or trying to sell the business,” said Dane Productions Vice President, Bob. “We just want everyone to know that that’s not true at all, we’re just moving. It won’t be that big of a change, we’ll just be about six buildings down.”

The Indians had an expression for that. It’s called selling someone down the river.

All of this, you realize, is coming from the same guy who also told me a couple of days ago that this Friday was his last day [because of Ed selling] and to let him know if I knew of anything out there.

Well, this is what I know. I tape all my interviews so that people can’t come back and tell me, you made shit up.

Ed certainly did tell me he was selling- or attempting to- and there was no gray areas to debate it like some attorney might. [I have all this recorded if you want to hear it.]

So does any of this alter the fact that Blisten called me 7:30 this morning to give me the update, that Dane’s now moving? Not really because Blisten makes it sound in the AVN piece like the original “For Sale” announcement was some cheesy, second-hand gossip tale.

So I called Blisten this morning to see what paper bag he was going to talk his way out of this time. [Remember he took himself safely out of the whole Craig Valentine equation, even though Blisten’s title on the door says Vice President.]

“What happened is this,” says Blisten. “We had a problem as Ed told you, the landlord this and that, right? So he didn’t have a home. Yesterday he found a home. Okay? Got me so far? Right across the street. [Blisten’s chuckling- I am not amused.]

“Right across the street,” Blisten continues. I tell Blisten this little thing makes me look like a fuck.

“That’s what he [Ed] does,” says Blisten. “He makes me look like a fuck, too. I’ve been putting out fires all day here. All day.”

I’m hot under the collar, but Blisten tells me not to be upset.

Had Blisten said something like – “contrary to the original announcement, we’ve re-evaluated our decision to sell and when the opportunity came to move into a more cost-effective quarters, we took it” – that would have been a whole different story. And the professional way to do it.

I tell Blisten by his comments the conclusion’s invariably drawn that I made up the whole thing.

“I never even thought of that,” said Blisten.

“Well, I thought of it,” I tell him. “It was the first thing that came to my mind.”

“Ed always jumps in things, I know,” Blisten concedes. “But we were having problems with the guy and the last minute the guy called him up and said I have space for you. You’re decent people. I didn’t know it myelf. I didn’t know anything. I thought I was out of a job come tomorrow. So did everybody else here. Understand what I’m saying? The nice guy across the street gave us space.”

“Every company’s up for sale- all the time,” Bob insists. “If the offer’s right and comes through. At least we have a place to go that will, hopefully, work out.”

While I can’t fault Dane for making a last minute decision to save its ass, the fact of the matter is this, circumstances don’t alter the facts and Blisten wears two faces in this scenario.

“What can I say?” said Blisten. “This has always been my problem with Ed. You know what I’m saying to you?”

“Now, maybe people will start thinking you guys run your accounting and inventory exactly the same way,” I tell him. “One minute you’re saying one thing; and then you change around to a different story.”

“Just know it isn’t me,” says Bob. “It ain’t me. I’m the middle man. What can I tell you? I left once before and came back because of the fact he [Ed] was so ill.”


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