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Danielle Foxxx: Up Close and Virtual

Porn Valley- Monday afternoon I spoke to Danielle Foxxx, who stars in the first interactive, hi-def, wide screen transsexual movie ever made. Foxxx did the project for Steve Volponi’s Goodfella’s Productions. It’s titled Up Close and Virtual and will be distributed by Devil’s Film.

While I was talking to Foxxxx she looked outside and saw some lightning. I told her it was a sign. Of what, who knows. If not the humidity in the air, maybe it’s an indication that her movie’s going to be doing blockbusters. Because it certainly sounds like it has the potential. The movie’s highlighted by the fact that Foxxx does a scene where she bangs Delilah Strong without a condom. Sounds like pretty good stuff.

Foxxx, 26, is from Brazil. She born and raised in Rio till she was 14. She’s been in the adult business three years. According to her, Vicki Richter’s her porn mother, and the person to whom she seeks advice. Besides Devil’s, Foxxx has worked for companies like Joey Silvera and Anabolic.

“I like sex so I might as well get paid for it,” says Foxxx. “I have a pretty good fan base. I also had an AVN nomination two years ago, but I didn’t have one last year. Hopefully I’ll have one this year with the new movie out. That would be good. Hopefully, I’ll get a nomination- if not I hope the video does.” Foxxx and Richter basically met over the Internet when Richter IM’d her telling her she saw Foxxx at Club Divas in San Francisco. Foxxx didn’t seem to recall meeting Richter, nonetheless they became good friends and subsequently worked together.

Foxxx talks about the time she worked with Richter and Ariana Jollee in a movie. Foxxx has also had the opportunity of working with Joanna Jett and thinks of her as a pioneer.

Foxxx also makes a living as a makeup artist and finished school last year in November. She’s also worked behind makeup counters, but I was kind of intrigued by the fact that she’s been a Disneyland character. Except Foxxx doesn’t want to let on which one, although the answer might be considered obvious.

“I don’t mind people knowing I was a Disney character,” she laughs. “I was also a Disney character in Florida and I lived in Orlando nine years. I always worked in Japan for Disney as well. I pretty much like to travel and it’s been fun.” Foxxx will tell you, though, there’s a lot of money to be paid in porn as well as the TS end of the business.

Hopefully I’ll get a little of that, and my website’s doing pretty well.” In a story that’s pretty familiar, Foxxx had a falling out with her first partner who burned her.

“But I’m glad I caught it,” says Foxxx, noting that Richter introduced her to, Len, her current business partner.

“He’s a great guy and very professional,” says Foxxx. “He gets things done right away.” But Foxxx concedes that she still has to put in a lot of work to make this venture really successful.

Foxxx talks about how she got an e-mail from Volponi, that he was about to direct this line. Volponi told her that of all the boxcovers in that genre he had seen, Foxxx’s stood out the most and that he wanted her to come in for a video.

“No problem- I went out to dinner with them,” says Foxxx. “They made an offer and I said sure. It sounded pretty interesting- I’ve never done anything like that before. I attempted to do an interactive video before but it wasn’t anything like this one. For sure. It was a fun thing to do and very different. You can jump to different scenes and make me do different things. It was fun shooting it, and I got the picture that people would really like it because of the fact that it’s interactive, fun and puts a lot of my personality into it. They’re going to have bloopers and all that stuff.”

I bring up the fact that Foxxx does a scene with Strong without a bag.

“I don’t understand why transsexuals have this bad reputation in the industry,” says Foxxx. “I’ve been getting tested since I was 17 years old. Then when I got into the business, I tested more regularly. I don’t understand why the industry has such a big problem working with transsexuals.” By the same token, Foxxx also goes on to note that there’s a lot of people who like transsexuals but that you would never know about it.

“It’s very underground and people don’t talk about it,” says Foxxx. “But Delilah Strong- I had no clue who she was, because I’m not really into stars.” Foxxx states that Strong’s a sweetheart and is a very beautiful girl.

“She’s super horny and we did a pretty good scene,” says Foxxx. “That’s a small part of the DVD but I had no clue who she was and her accomplishments. I’m just glad she was taller than me, that way it made me look smaller. But we got to hang out a little bit and I did her makeup and hair.”

I get the impression that Foxxx’s movie is as much of a personality piece as anything else.

“I would say so,” Foxxx agrees. “It’s very POV. So when you’re watching it, you’re imagining yourself as the person who’s interactive with me. That’s the whole thing about this movie- it’s basically POV.” Foxxx agrees that these are pretty tough shoots to bring off. This one took two days and Foxxx says she learned a lot.

“These are very good people to work for,” she says. “They’re very funny and respectful which I really appreciated. As soon as I met them, they made me feel welcome. People can be very judgmental and I ran into a lot of that in my personal life. Day by day it doesn’t happen because I’m passable. But every once in awhile it’ll happen when someone will say something or will stare. I don’t know what it is. Some people just know. It’s either that they’re interested or that they’ve seen something on TV or they’re educated about it.”

Foxxx doesn’t shoot that often and suspects that’s because directors are going a lot to South America and Europe to acquire content.

“To me that’s pretty bad,” says Foxxx. “Because I’ve seen a lot of content from Brazil. Although the girls are beautiful and hot, it kind of blends and becomes a filler scene. The directors will put a really well known girl as the main scene and fill it up with Brazilian girls. Those scenes are usually mute in that there’s no talking- a lot of moaning. I’m sure there’s a lot of videos that come out but people just can’t afford to hire any more experienced girls to do a scene. At least the small companies. So, I don’t get to shoot a lot but when I do, it’s good quality stuff.”

Foxxx has also worked for Joey Silvera in maybe five videos.

“I’ve done everything for Joey from boy TS to genetic girl; I worked with Avy Lee Roth and Ariana Jollee in one of the scenes that I did for him. Then I worked with Vicki Richter and Ariana Jollee in another scene. I’ve also worked with Christie Lee as well. I’ve done a lot of good stuff for Joey. I love working with him.”

Foxxx then gives a strange answer to a basic question. I asked her what was the craziest thing she’s done in front of a camera.

“I had sex with a girl- I never thought I would,” she says. Upon second thought, Foxxx remembers the scene she did with Richter and Jollee.

“When Ariana and Vicki were doing a scene for All American She-Male Roadtrip 9, Vicki was sucking me off- this was off camera,” Foxxx continues. “Joey started shooting it and then Ariana came along and started pushing Vicki’s head on me. So my Dick was too far down Vicki’s throat and it choked her and she threw up on me. It was watery because she didn’t have anything to eat. Then as soon as Vicki threw up, Ariana pushed her out of the way and started sucking me off. That was probably the craziest thing and we did a lot of scenes that had never been done in a TS movie before. We did a d.p. on Ariana. Vicki was in her ass and I was in her pussy. Then Ariana squirted on me like three times.”


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