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Darrah Ford Responds to Willie D

Darrah Ford writes: Hello! Could you please run my reply to Willie D so I can clear up all the false stories he has stated to you as fact.

You have run two of his attacks against me and I would like my chance to reply. The first two links of yours are Willie’s attacks towards me. My two links are my replies to him. I have now combined my two previous posts into one post for you to post. Thank you!

Title: >>> That bag of wind Willie D is now obsessed with me!

First off, I have never said I was a porn insider as Willie just said. Read the subtitle of my blog. As clear as day, it says “A non-porn insider’s view of Porn Valley”. I also have said at Mike South’s that I am not a porn insider after someone accused me of being a porn insider. I don’t comment at Mike’s anymore after what he said about female porn stars not being able to write their own columns. I also said at LukeIsBack that

I am not a porn insider many months ago. I have always said I am so far away from the porn world and have my silly little blog that I started 8 months ago. I live in the suburbs, am a 27-year-old female, have a weird obsession with John Holmes, rarely watches porn, when I do it tends to be couples porn, and run my blog when I have free time.

A few at XPT have also accused me of saying I am a journalist. I have never in my life ever called myself a journalist. The people at XPT have called me a journalist, not I. I have always said I am a blogger. Big difference.

I never said my blog was one of the five best around. I always said VideoBox Blog named my blog number 5 of “The 8 Best Porn Blogs on the Web”.

About Darren James, as I already said a dozen or so times, I read that he got tested every two weeks. And he thought Lara had a herpes outbreak but still worked with her because he himself has herpes. I saw the picture of her infected ass. It wasn’t on purpose like with Marc Wallice. I read people were trying to paint Darren as the new Wallice. But I read he got it from her.

Willie once again gets his “facts” wrong and says:

She writes to Desi Foxx, “But people like me will be more sympathetic and care more than anyone you have worked with or worked for.”

I never said that to Desi Foxx. I said that to Cameron Keys at XPT:

“Keep in mind most in your industry don’t give a shit about you and would throw you under the bus to save their own skin. You are meaningless to them and a prettier, less expensive girl will always be near by. When something horrible happens to you, very few will care about you and not even extend a helping hand. But people like me will be more sympathetic and care more than anyone you have worked with or worked for.”

Yes I did call Desi Foxx a whore. And you’re point is? SHE is a whore who does porn with her daughter, brags about it wherever she can, is now looking for a father-son team to fuck both of them, and has also said at ADT that she wouldn’t mind sharing the same lovers with her daughter. That is a whore.

You are the one that wanted me to die. You’re second reply on my “Desi and Elli Foxx not posting at XPT” thread, you said “Please contract Ebola-Zaire and die. We hate you. You are done here.”.

Oh, and thank you Willie for being so obsessed with me that you have my first avatar as your current avatar. Yours is photoshopped and upside down. But it warms my heart that you still think of me when it was you mostly responsible for getting me banned. And not two days after you got me banned, Brandon Iron was just named as new moderator. How is that load of karma been treating you Willie? hahaha

Willie is the one I was warned about before going to XPT telling me to stay away from him. I get there and he was nothing but nice to me there and on Myspace. He was trying to get me to get on messenger with him. I told him I rather stay in contact with him through XPT or Myspace. He wouldn’t leave me alone. To get him off my back, I said I noticed on his Myspace that he is married and I rather continue talking to him either through Myspace or XPT.. He agreed. As time went on during my month and half at XPT, he became more vocal against me and hostile and even saying he wanted me to die. So I figured the honeymoon was over and here is the Willie D I had been warned about. I took him off my Myspace and that was the end of our faux promising friendship.

I used the word kewl as a joke because that’s how I look at you. I know what I am and never take myself seriously while you think you’re Jesus because you sit in front of a computer with your thumb on the baning button. I never speak in chat speak and take great pains to spell correctly and edit my posts for spelling errors. Doesn’t work all the time though.

You’re the power hungry one with nothing else better to do than to say to someone you’ll be banned soon and your time on here is ending all because you don’t like what someone says. What power do I possibly have or think I have? I know I’ll never be accepted in the industry you think you’re a part of. I can live with that while your world would probably crumble.

Yes I like stirring the pot. And you’re point is? Is this news to anyone?

I would like to think I’m more a bitch or a cunt than a degenerate asshole. Thank you.

And as I pointed out earlier, the amount of posts I made on XPT are in average normal for posting on a forum. I was at XPT for about 7 weeks at 700 posts in all. That’s an average of 100 posts a week. Which means about an average of 14 posts a day. And considering I mostly spent my time on 4 of the 9 forums on XPT, that’s an average of 4 posts per board, per day. So your whining about my posting history is pointless and bullshit. Find something else to do if you can’t handle being a moderator.

Now go back sitting in front of your computer with your Napoleon complex and find someone else to harass. Thank you.


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