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Dasani Has a Bad Attitude?

> Stoney Curtis comments about Dasani [pictured] on I interviewed the girl and I got bad vibes from her because she tells me she is not crazy about interracial but she can pull off a good scene. So I went against my instincts and booked her. Then she tells us that she needs to see a picture of the male talent before she works to make sure his dick isnt too big. (Like this is Love connection). We didnt have a pic because we havent shot him yet but my question to her is if you don’t like BIG dicks ” WHY ARE U DOING INTERRACIAL”. Duh???? Most producers want Black Talent with large cocks not the smallest ones we can find. The guy by the way was medium sized.

We were told that she was shown a pic of the talent before the scene and thats why she cancelled 2 hours before. This girl has a BAD/WRONG ATTITUDE about porn. Avoid this headache!!!!

> Michael Payne also posts on PSP: The reason that I’m posting this message here, is because recently there has been some negative reports posted about Malory Knox in this website; and my personal experience with her, was totally different from what I read here, and that led me to the conclusion that unfortunately there might be some people among us who, in case if things go wrong, rather to look for some one else to take the blames on, instead of accepting responsibility for their own actions, and considering the possibility that the other person’s response, might be a reaction to their own behaviour.

so, in this case, Malory has been either a victem of misunderstanding, or, an easy target. last night I met her through a friend of mine, we talked just about any thing, including the industry, and I found her such a sweet, articulate, and caring person. she has a friendly personality, and a professional attitude which most certainly makes her very easy and fun to work with. I booked her for three scenes in my new movies, which I’ll start shooting within a week. I’ll post a report about how those scenes will work out, but I’m sure every thing will work out just fine with a girl like her. it’s easy to surf the web, and trash people by typing bad things about them; what’s hard, is to think twice before doing that, and, taking a look at ourselves. human errors, mistakes and misunderstandings are a part of our nature, and so are tolerance, understanding, and comprehension.

> RHV writes on Does anyone know anything about this ????? Friends Mourn Clarissa Doll’s Passing

LAS VEGAS – Friends were mourning today the passing of former adult performer Clarissa Doll.

She was discovered dead at a home in Las Vegas this week. She was 26. Veteran director/producer Joe Gallant, who was close to Doll, said details of her death are unclear, but added that it appears she took her own life.

“We really don’t know any details, but it’s a sad day for her friends and her family,” he said.

> heyyou weites on my friends, I know that you remember the Marc Wallice´s HIV strike in 1997/98. Does anybody knows how the girls are facing this ‘battle’ ? Tricia Devereaux is working with John Stagliano, isn´t she ? Let´s talk about news of… Brooke Ashley, Nena Cherry, Kim Jade, Jordan McKnight, the french girl Delfin and the hungarian Caroline

>sex city replies: On another site, someone wrote that Jordan McKnight had returned to her home state and shortly after that, started escorting.

Neneh Cherry actually popped up on RAME for a few years after everything happened and had a huge flame war with Brandy Alexandre. Neneh claimed to not to have HIV and said that she was married to a well to do man, did not have to work, and had a three month old baby. Brandy stated that she had done an ‘investigation’ and that Neneh’s claims of a hubby, child, and non working lifestyle were false.

Kimberly Jade was in a hospice in Hawaii for a while, according to the LA Times.

I saw Brooke Ashley interviewed and looked very worn and weathered beyond her actual age.

Does anyone else have updates? Ironically, Wallice seems to have landed on his feet and actually got non-performing jobs in the industry after what he did.

> Kelly writes on ADT:Hey, how’s it going, I watched a couple Ben Dover titles back when he was distributed by VCA. Eventually, I tired of finding half of the girls in his films unattractive. However, now I think back to his true gonzo style and amateur girls who don’t look or fuck like porn stars and find it utterly refreshing. Anyway, it was June of 2004 that Kick Ass announced that they had secured a distribution deal with Ben Dover. Since then, five volumes of Ben Dover’s Kick Ass Anal Adventures have been released, the last coming out July of last year. Of course, these scenes were actually released in films with different titles in the UK.

However, I see from BGAFD that Ben is still toiling away in the porn trade, putting together a lot of compilations now. There’s even an official website (, though the BGAFD forum casts some doubt on the quality of the members area and the level of involvement from Ben. Plus, I recognize some of those scenes so I’m guessing it’s like the various RLD sites.

Anyway, there’s no new Ben Dover title on the horizon at Kick Ass. So, am I correct in assuming that he’s back to not having a US distributor?



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