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Dave Cummings: From the Trenches

Dave Cummings writes: What a fun month this has been, complete with holidays, gatherings of friends and family, filmings, groupie girls and swingers, Playboy Mansion party fun, and a new year.

I’m hopeful that the new Congress can keep us safe from the legislators who feel beholding or in sympathy with the sexual privacy and freedom-robbing radical religious hypocrites. I’m hopeful that our military can soon start exiting Iraq. And, I’m hopeful that voters and the courts will make it possible for more and more consenting adults to enjoy sex as a normal part of living without government interference.

One of my recent trips to Los Angeles was especially enjoyable; it started out with me being slated for my normal monthly 20-minute participation on Playboy Radio and Sirius Satellite on a sexy Playboy program co-hosted by Hall of Fame legends Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn; the 20 minutes ended up being a full hour, and probably would have continued on had not the program run past its time slot.

Instead of the usual telephone guest spot, this time I was physically in the Playboy Radio studio; within mere minutes of walking in, Christy was licking Ginger’s every orifice, I was sucking on Christy’s breasts and caressing her butt, and Ginger was bare-handing my penis and testicles and sharing them with Christy.

Then, we took calls from listeners while we switched around sexually and played with each other while Producer Marie sat behind the glass in the control room blushing at the way our sexual parts were being deployed (that’s a military term, so I can’t go into the explicit details—suffice to say that I plan to do a lot more in-studio monthly guest appearances in the future).

Besides the sexy shenanigans in studio, caller questions were wild, interactive, and interesting; actually, I am convinced that the show is educational, fun, and sexually enjoyable for the huge and wide-ranging listening audience. I know the hosts have sex fun in the studio! I slept well that night, and I pole-vaulted out of my hotel bed the next morning thanks to the many enjoyable visions and fantasies I had about Ginger and Christy.

Later that morning, I arrived on set to host yet another release of Wildlife Production’s “Screw My Husband, Please” where Director Bobby Rinaldi arranges for wives to bring their husband in for sex with big-name porn starlets; it’s a fantasy many guys have (maybe even the radical religious hypocrites?). Because I had done an interview a few days earlier for the New York Times, they had a photographer on set to take some photos of me interviewing the couples – he seemed like he was in heaven seeing such beautiful women. And, yes, I did get lucky with a few of the famous porn starlets that day. Between the experiences I enjoyed at Playboy and Wildlife, I drove back to San Diego with a pervert’s grin on my face.

Speaking of Playboy, Internet giant threw a 10th Anniversary party a couple of weekends ago at the Playboy Mansion for their clients, employees, Industry folks, porn talent, and high profile famous VIP folks. The party was lavish, very lavish; classy, extremely classy; and, every superlative one can think of, and even more!

The women, of course, were absolutely beautiful, including Hugh Hefner’s favorite ladies; during the fantastic evening, I spent a lot of fun time at the Grotto where the female visuals were awe-inspiring. The All-American MVP founders of Video Secrets have always pioneered the way and provided award-winning products and services in the world of Adult Internet – now, in addition to that, they have set a party standard that will live in infamy for a very long time. Greg and Chuck, the heads of Video Secrets, are two good guys in every sense, the kind that inspire others to excel while simultaneously contributing to society. Like so many others probably also feel, I’m proud to know them.

America has had another Presidential funeral; President Ford was remembered and praised during coverage of the funeral, and I recall his calm and deliberate post-Nixon presidency as important to restoring faith and respect in government. I spent a lot of time in Washington attending meetings at the Pentagon during those days—in my personal opinion, President Ford was a significant and needed plus for America then.

Here’s something I’d bet few of you know about me; when President Truman passed away in late December of 1972, I was an Army Major attending the U.S. Army Command & General Staff College just north of Kansas City; since classes were on Xmas break, I was temporarily assigned to be a part of the State Presidential Funeral in Independence, Missouri.

I found myself in the midst of historical and great people those four days, ending with the burial at the Truman Library and a brief reception afterwards at the late-President’s home. I vividly recall standing near former Vice President (and Senator) Hubert Humphrey on the Library grounds after an all-night rain had made it somewhat muddy, and him turning towards me to introduce his wife Muriel when his left shoe became temporarily stuck in the mud and his foot came partially out of his shoe—I grabbed his right elbow and forearm and steadied him while an aide united his foot and his unstuck shoe. I have lots of interesting memories from my 25 years in the military, some of which I’ll include in a book I intent to write someday.

Back to sex! Some of the groupie girls who graduated last year from college and relocated out-of-state were visiting family and college classmates during the recent holidays, so I had numerous sex “sessions” during their stays in San Diego. They have since gone home to return to their new jobs, but fortunately their “replacements” have now come back to college and my available time has been eaten away by non-drama “quickies” with some of them who seem glad to be back to school.

I spent four years on the Staff & Faculty at West Point many years ago, so I sometimes try to tactfully motivate and nag them about studying hard and applying themselves – they seem to like having an older porn star sex-friend who knows what they are enduring at college! Lately, I’ve also renewed swinging with some folks who have moved back to San Diego—swingers seem so genuine, and the woman often seem focused on having long sessions of hot sex instead of the “quickies” that the groupie girls prefer. I like both kinds!

I’m heading to Las Vegas Tuesday for the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and the AVN Awards Show (see the links to these events at the bottom of the first page of ). It’s usually a great time, and I’m looking forward to getting there and enjoying the fun and activities. I’ll report on it next month.

Enjoy 2007; get and stay healthier, and happier; be safe; and, please join me in hoping that the long nightmare for our American troops in the Middle East, and for their families, will soon lessen/end.


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