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Dave Cummings Visits Tabitha Stevens’ PS?

Sometimes you need less than a rectum bleaching to look younger.

Porn Valley- Dave Cummings posts his latest From the Trenches column: I turned 65 years old earlier this week. I celebrated with an early morning 6-mile jog/run on the beach, a long shower, and steak and eggs with family members at one of my favorite San Diego restaurants; after that, I went home and did a sex scene with a very sexually-enthusiastic adult actress for my “Knee Pad Nymphos” series; and, I ended the daytime portion of my birthday with two of my groupie girls, both of whom tried to sexually wear me out (and almost succeeded!). After the erotic snuggling and cuddling that the girls enticed me into, I diplomatically ushered them out and met up with some friends for drinks at a local brewery hangout. It was a long but fun day, and based upon family genetics I expect to have another 20+ birthdays!

There are benefits to getting older, things like senior citizen discounts and free hearing aids from the VA Hospital for military service-connected hearing problems. Also, unlike some younger guys who get off in 3-5 minutes, we older men are somewhat more controlled and attentive and don’t climax so quickly that the girls feel neglected. There are also negatives to getting older, LOTS of them! No matter what anyone says about baldness not being so bad, I’d rather have hair and save all the time I spend applying sunscreen on my head. On the other hand, I’m appalled by the hairs suddenly sprouting forth like weeds out of and on my ears and nose, yet nothing grows on my head. When I graduated from college (see my college year-book photo at the link to “Around Town” at the bottom of the first page in the Guest’s Section of my website), I had lots of hair and weighed only 150 pounds, only to lose the hair and gain over 35 pounds as I’ve aged-yuk!

I now take daily medications for cholesterol (presently at 172), and for an enlarged prostate that a lot of us old farts get as we get older and would otherwise have to get up during the night to urinate. I also take vitamins/minerals/anti-oxidants, and I almost always exercise every day for at least 30-40 minutes and usually longer doing between 25-35 miles of jogging or brisk walking every week. Besides the groupie girls and the sex I have on camera, I practice what I preach about masturbation being a healthy daily happening; but, at my age, the volume of cum now takes only two tissues to clean up, and I now dribble more than I shoot (and no, I’m not talking about playing basketball here!) There are a whole bunch of other negatives that I wanted to mention, but I’ve gotten so age-related forgetful that I can’t remember what they were!

Turning 65 required me to go to the Social Security Office and sign up for Medicare, a prerequisite to continued use of the military’s health care system for military retirees like me; fortunately, the Social Security processing was far less of a hassle then it is to go to the California Motor Vehicle Office to get a license renewed or to register a vehicle. I’ll start drawing Social Security later this year. I plan to start checking out places to purchase rocking chairs in another 10 years, just in case I decide to really retire.

In this day and age of sexual dysfunction pills for men, I’ve avoided using them for “enhancement” purposes-heck, there’s hardly a morning that I don’t wake up with a full erection, and/or get one as I read the morning newspaper and see model’s photos for department store bra ads. Admittedly, I’ve tried that blue pill a few times in the past, but I suspect that I used too low a dosage to make it worthwhile for my particular metabolism. Now that I’m 65, I’m planning to ask my physician for a “just-in-case” prescription; it would be better for my personal ego if I don’t have that crutch, but I feel a personal responsibility to have back-up, rather than let down the shoot’s Director due to me having a “bad day” on set.

I’m surprised that I’m still the oldest regularly performing guy in America—I started almost 11 years ago, well before blue pills were available. I had expected a bunch of older guys to use the blue pill as a means to join the ranks as a porn star, but I’m not yet seeing many of them (perhaps they realize that performing in their own environment is easier than the pressure of doing “it” on a large set in front of lots of cast/crew/others when working for VCA/Wicked/Wildlife Productions/ Elegant Angel/ etc?

Before I close, let me remind you of the upcoming Erotica-LA in Los Angeles on Jun 10-12, where almost all the big-name stars will be appearing; and, the Adult Internet Cyber-Expo in San Diego on Jun 12-15 (Rob Black, Brittany Andrews, and I are on a Jun 14th panel there!), where Adult Internet folks network, learn, and party like crazy! OK, next month’s column will get back to the basics of sex, I promise! Reports from porn sets, and from the trenches, not just a bunch of drivel from a 65-year old fossil! Remember, sex is indeed natural, normal, and healthy; and masturbation is good for human beings!

Dave Cummings, Old Fart,



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