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DCypher to Justine Joli: “You Need to Bathe More Often”

Porn Valley- There was a press release that went out this week about Justine Joli relaunching her website. The blurb came from the pen of DCypher. Which struck kind of a note because Joli was on KSEX last September to promote a movie she was doing for Heidi Joy Pike then proceeded to lambaste Rob Black and Max Hardcore.

Plus she also had a few words to say about DCypher.

Here’s what happened.

Jason Sechrest, complimented Joli on her “gorgeously Victorian facial structure.” Sechrest first thought Joli had been the one who starred in Michael Ninn’s Catherine which actually was Audrey Hollander.

“I was Audrey Holladner’s body double the entire time,” Joli said. “Any time you see Catherine disappearing in the movie, that’s me. They spent all that time filming me. I was the one who wore that Victorian dress.”

Joli thought it was a honor, noting that the guy who did special effects in that movie, also did them for Ghost Busters and quite a few other mainstream movies.

“I got a mainstream horror movie out of it,” Joli said. Sechrest approached the subject of sex behind the scenes and Joli made it sound like she was fucking the planet.

That’s when she brought up DCypher.

“And I know your thing for DCypher,” Joli told Sechrest. “I’d love to see that.”

“I don’t have a thing for him- he thinks that I have a thing for him,” said Sechrest. “He assumes I have a thing for him.”

Joli then talked about how she’ll go to bars to pick up girls.

“Then you slowly work them into taking them home and fucking the crap out of them. I talk them into not sleeping with their boyfriends and sleeping with me instead.”

Joli later in the show made a point of saying she doesn’t date pretty boys. Sechrest at the time of the interview asked if she were dating anyone.

“Me, myself and I,” she replied. But Joli said when she was dating DCypher she had a girlfriend as well.

“You were dating DCypher?” Sechrest asked evidently unaware. “I really don’t have a crush on him- I don’t know what would give him that impression.”

Joli suspected it was because Sechrest was overly flirty and friendly.

“I’ve never been, like, can I suck your dick,” said Sechrest.

“He’s slighty phobic,” answered Joli. “I’ve always known it.” Asked why she broke up with DCypher, Joli said their careers were on different paths. She mentioned at the time the fact that he had just signed with ClubJenna.

“Careers are careers- what about your love life?” Sechrest next asked.

“My love life is my career,” said Joli. “I’m more dedicated to my career than having a lover.” Joli said she’s a Cancer and Sechrest pointed out that they tend to fuck themselves over at every turn.

“I’m a water sign which also means everything is always ebbing and flowing and changing.” Joli ponted out that DCypher’s a Virgo who would bathe constantly.

“Bathing is one thing- hygiene is a good thing- but four fucking times a day? And also because he’s Italian, he’s oily. He’d be, like, why didn’t you bathe today? Because I bathed last night,” Joli continued.

“I didn’t work out today. I didn’t fuck today. What did I do to get myself dirty in the last 24 hours? I’ll bathe once a day and that’s plenty enough. He was, like, you need to bathe more often. I’m, like, do I smell? Like what the fuck do I need to bathe five times a day for?”


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