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De’Bella on the Anita Cannibal Show; Is an Investigation of Talent Agencies Coming?

Porn Valley- Ever since Friday night, Anita Cannibal has been in a take-no prisoners mode.

On her KSEX show this week, Cannibal said she felt that both her and Madison Scott had received shabby treatment from both the industry and media for trying to bring an important story to the table.

The 19 year-old Scott, introduced by Cannibal to the KSEX audience last week, made allegations of sexual mistreatment on a porn set. Both Scott and Cannibal have posted on as the subject became hotly debated both pro and con.

Wednesday night, Cannibal said she would continue to stir the pot by dropping additional bombshells.

“Stand for something or fall for anything,” Cannibal advised her female brethren in the business. Cannibal also said she was sick of people who need support in the business being maligned by “lying fucking skanks.”

Cannibal didn’t say who the lying, fucking skanks were, however, but made it pretty obvious with references to certain posts on the XPT site.

“Legitimate people are making legitimate conversation on what they feel to be real,” continued Cannibal taking note of Scott’s controversial statements.

“All kinds of madness went on this week. She [Scott] got called a dirty, motherfucking whore by people who raked her over the coals. Madison Scott was beat up and I was beat up. That’s not right.”

Cannibal felt that as the story was developing, people were taking a “fuck the victim” attitude when they should be supporting the victim instead.

Cannibal also had De’Bella on as a guest, and judging from what De’Bella’s saying there’s a few adult talent agencies who are operating illegally and without proper licensing. For one thing, both De’Bella and Cannibal agreed that it was illegal for agencies to take fees from producers and talent. De’Bella who intends on starting her own agency, apologized for the delay since her original announcement of that.

“But I have to do this right,” she said.

De’Bella was accompanied by a guy named Michael who Cannibal described as a partner in a security agency and was also helping De’Bella get her agency going.

Michael reported a case now being reviewed by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement where an agent was berating one of the talent on a porn set. Apparently someone had taken digital photos and sent them in. Now as it stands, the DLSE’s apparently looking into porn agencies that are operating without a license.

“And if they are operating without a license, any contact with them is null and void,” Michael continued, noting that all licensed agencies have to include their DLSE account number on everything from business cards to stationery and literature.

Cannibal asked De’Bella if she wanted to comment on a 6 year-old story that involved her estranged husband Larry Schwarz who at the time was fired from a state job relative to a kiddie porn investigation.

No criminal charges were filed, but De’Bella said she couldn’t comment because of divorce proceedings. That marriage is ending after 30 years, and De’Bella said she felt like she was trapped for those 30 years.

Featured in many MILF movies, De’Bella’s also had her share of drama on the set. Alluding to Cannibal’s previous remarks about sexual assault, De’Bella said she had been raped as well but didn’t go into detail. Although she said her work subsequently suffered.

“I’ve drawn a blank to some of my scenes- I don’t remember them,” she says.

Cannibal said it’s called Dissociative Disorder.

“Men must be aware of their partner’s voice,” Cannibal went on to say. “You can be liable for rape if a woman says no and you don’t stop. Granted, you can get really seduced by this business but you can be in trouble here.”

Acknowledging the way the music industry currently promotes itself, Michael said women are coming into the adult business with similar expectations that they have to be skanky hos and live up to a raunchy image.

“A woman’s indoctrinated from the time she’s young that a hostile environment is okay. And the adult industry is walking a fringe. It needs standards.”

De’Bella also described an instance where she was injured on a Red Light district set, injuring her neck and back.

“I was trying to get through it and taking pain pills,” she recalled. “I got addicted to them. Finally I had to get off the hard medication. I was getting high on prescription drugs.”

De’Bella said she’s seen some girls fresh off the bus, who, a year later were already strung out on drugs.

“This is a men’s dominated industry and it needs to change,” she said. “I think it will.”

While De’Bella felt that some directors want to push the buttons too far she also had praise for certain ones like Bono, Jeff Coldwater and Tony Malice.

Cannibal said she couldn’t wait to attend a conference in October titled Women: The Architects of the Future.

“These are women you don’t want to fuck with,” said Cannibal advising porn producers and agents against passing their business cards around that day.

De’Bella also talked about her firing from Red Light when she had asked for an office change. She and Schwarz had been sharing one, and De’Bella requested to be moved upstairs. Later that day at 4pm she was fired.

“They let me go,” she said. “They told me it was because DVD sales were low. Give me a break.”

“Are sales that much in the shitter?” Cannibal wanted to know.

De’Bella described herself as being a jack-of-all-trades with the company while handling p.r. and marketing. According to her, her request for office space then became an issue when the human resources person in the company asked her to document the problem.

“Which I did in writing,” she said.

Besides the fact that she was let go [Cannibal said it sure sounded like wrongful termination], De’Bella described an initial problem collecting unemployment because the HR person at Red Light apparently refused to make phone calls and fill out documents properly.

“I have finally gotten checks,” she announced. “Nine weeks later.”

According to De’Bella, another thing she didn’t like about working for Red Light was the fact that she had to take a cut in her rate when she did scenes for them.

“And that’s against the law,” Michael pointed out.

Nevertheless, De’Bella said she didn’t care any more and was going to speak out.

“If you don’t want to hire me, that’s fine.”

Because she’s been very blunt and open about her experiences in the business, De’Bella says she’s been snubbed by some of her friends for telling the truth.

“A lot of people are not capable of dealing with that,” Cannibal agreed.

“But these are hot button issues that won’t go away.”

Cannibal then got on her bandwagon about condoms in the work place and urged talent to call Cal-OSHA at 213-237-9958 regarding unsafe conditions. And by that Cannibal means working without condoms.

De’Bella concurred, and Cannibal went on to note that the state so far has issued seven citations to TT Boy.

“He’s paid three and one has been dropped,” added Cannibal indicating that she’d keep her audience apprised of the latest developments in that case.

De’Bella also came out of left field with the comment that a lot of felons are currently being employed by the industry.

“I look at these guys with their prison tats. They’re fresh out of jail and co-mingling with other felons,” Michael added. “That’s a violation of parole.”

And also illegal, said Michael. According to him, some of these guys have been charged with sexual assault in the past.

“The business is giving sex offenders license to do this,” he added. “This is criminalizing the industry.”


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