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Deep Inside Interviews Bethany St. James

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Q: How did you get started in the adult industry?

As many people know, I grew up in the industry! It has always been a huge part of my life. I think I always knew I wanted to follow in my parents’ footsteps. I love the freedom that the adult industry gives you. You can truly be yourself and set your own standards. My first step into industry was dancing. I started at a nude club and I never had any nerves about it at all! I couldn’t wait to start dancing! The first time I stepped on stage, I felt like I belonged there!

Q: What was your parents’ involvement in the industry?

My father was first an investor in clubs – long before they were called “gentlemen’s clubs.” He fell in love with the business and worked every facet of running a club – from security to management to parking valet. He really felt that in order to get a sense of how to run a business, you had to work every part of it. I think that definitely carried over to me. That’s where I get my passion for understanding things from every point of view! My mother dabbled in pornography. People love to ask if she was ever a “major star” and the answer is no. She did film in a time when it was very controversial. I mean, to have children and shoot porn?! It’s still a touchy subject even now! So, she kept it low key and really did it to put food on the table and because it was a job she enjoyed. I don’t think she ever wanted to be “famous.” She definitely instilled in me the belief that you can be whatever or whoever you want – your path is never chosen for you. You carve your own road through the world.

Q: You’ve shot private videos in the past, what kind of interesting requests have you had and what have you enjoyed most?

I’ve done so many kinds of videos it’s hard to say. That’s why I laugh when I’m called a “newcomer.” Although I haven’t been in any shoots available to the public – I’ve been shooting for a very long time! Some of my favorites have been the “bizarre fetish” shoots. I’ve done tickling, looning, foot fetish, sploshing, belly button fetish, sleeping fetishes and so many other kinds! I’ve loved every one of them! I also have to admit that I did a shoot with a large group of men for a private collector once that was just a fantastic experience! I’m always open to explore any kind of safe sexual play!

Q: What can a guy expect when he comes to spend time with you at Sheri’s Ranch?

First and foremost – respect. I am very respectful of everyone’s desires no matter how typical or atypical they may be. We call our interludes “parties” here and all of my parties are different. There is no cookie cutter experience with me! I make everyone I party with feel special and that they are getting my full attention. Let’s just say, my client list can attest to the fact that they always know where they can come for a discreet, safe and extremely erotic time of sensually naughty pleasures!

Q: Tell us a secret or two to making your partner happy in the bedroom.

Oh! That’s easy! Eroticism and sensuality are something men tell me all the time that they miss! (Maybe not in those exact words!) I hear so often that they want a woman to be seductive and not necessarily “slutty.” They can find that anywhere! Women say something very different! They often tell me that they wish their men would stop thinking that all they want is romance! Sometimes a woman likes to feel a little “manhandled”! There is a very happy meeting place…. Women: try being a sultry, sensual vixen and not the trashy porn chick you think he wants! Seduce him with lace and sweetness…. Men: treat her as a lady but let her know that you are a man! Show her that she is the object of your sexual desires and that she turns on those primal instincts!

Q: You have your own “support legal regulated brothels” campaign. What message are you trying to get across?

There is a huge misconception as to what legal brothels are like and what the women that work in them are like, as well. I feel that if I can get the truth out there and not the sensationalized version that some money hungry people have put out there – we can make a lot of changes in our country. Not only changing the stigmas that I mentioned but, also in our current socioeconomic standings. The benefits for legal regulated brothels stretch far and wide. I really hope to have a platform in order to explain these benefits to a wider audience. Legalizing regulated brothels is not the solution to all of our problems, but it is definitely a good place to start! Communities at large would see a drastic improvement in so many problems that our country is plagued by.

Q: What part of feature dancing do you like most?

Well, as silly as it sounds…I am a horrible house dancer! I hate not being able to put on a REAL show and I’m a terrible ‘hustler.’ I don’t like going up and asking for money or trying to convince someone to go into a VIP room or whatever. I like being able to interact with the crowd while I’m on stage and show them some of my personality! I really enjoy wowing them with something sexy, cool and different! What’s even better is that as a feature – you really get to talk to the crowd afterward and get to know them! You have the opportunity to hear what they have to say and get to know them one on one without all the ‘hustle’ of trying to just get into their wallets! I also love the costuming!! My feature costumes are just beautiful and I feel so glamorous in every one of them!

Q: You are outspoken in your support of a pro-condom policy. Why is this important to you?

I think being in the industry as long as I have has given me such an interesting and factual perspective on the reality of what we do. I’ve lost a few friends and know a vast amount of people that have caught STDs – major ones and minor ones. Either way, it’s scary. We have a huge responsibility to the people around us to stay safe and to send that message out into the world. A lot of people in the adult industry choose to turn a blind eye to the fact that the days of ‘bare backing’ is over. It’s dangerous. I hear so many say “It’s my choice and it doesn’t affect anyone but me!” Sadly, that is not a true statement. Your choice affects everyone that you come into contact with. Like it or not, that’s the world we live in. At the brothel, we receive testing every week. We also do visual checks on every penis we come into contact with! We are very aware of the real threat of STDs– not just HIV but all of the others out there too! Because we have such an understanding of those realities, we follow the safest sex practices possible! I’ve heard several people in the porn industry say that “wearing a condom isn’t sexy.” I have two things to say to that: 1.) If you’re sexy enough and do it well enough– a little piece of life saving latex isn’t going to make any difference! 2.) The fact is that hearing about STDs isn’t sexy. But hearing your doctor talk about the one you caught is even more “not sexy!”

Q: What interests do you have beyond the adult industry? Oh wow! I have so many!

I definitely live life to the fullest, that’s for sure! I’m not a person who enjoys going to nightclubs or being in a bar. I love to drive fast, play outside and travel as much as possible! I want to go everywhere, see everything and do it all! I also really like spending time with those that are closest to me as much as I can. Although, my schedule has been very packed lately so it hasn’t happened as much as I would like!

Q: Where do you see your career going in a year? Five years?

There has been a lot of talk about what company it is I will choose to shoot with! My client and fan base is very excited to see my first movie! In fact, I constantly get emails asking about it! So, I hope to be in front of the camera within the next year shooting some fun, upscale and quality feature style porn! In five years? I would really like to have my own resort style brothel open by then. I’d also like to have made quite a bit of leeway in changing some of the prostitution laws that are in place right now. I also have plans for a clothing line and a full line of romance enhancement accessories! Seeing the charities and not-for-profit organizations that I have in mind become a reality would make me so happy, too! My ultimate goal is to see ‘Bethany St. James’ become an icon for sexual freedom, smart politics and intelligent women who aren’t afraid to be themselves.”


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