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Delilah Strong’s First Anal

> Delilah Strong [pictured] posts on ADT: i just wanted to let everyone know that my first anal movie has been released from diabolic’s director chico wang it is titled un-natural sex #16. this is an all anal title… and that shanes world will be releasing the announcement of my poster girl status and my first college invasion (#8) is soon to be released! i will be signing for smash this year in january but will make sure to stop bye for a minute at the shanes world booth for a quick hello! hope to see everyone this year in vegas… don’t be shy *wink-wink*

>pinkincide writes: Just saw Un-natural Sex 16. Rockin’ scene, Delilah! Hard to believe that’s a first anal. You look so natural with a cock up there. Delilah gets an A+ but the guy gets a C-. He never gets more that 70 percent hard. Pretty sure I could get better wood…for about a minute, at least.

> prodigy 2 writes on ADT: Bangbros has officially become nothing but a cheap, shitty site. It is so pathetic to what Ass Parade has become. Look at the latest update.

If you look at the trailer, it looks like a good update right. Well, members can see that once they watch the actual movie for the week, you got these two fine girls with great asses, but the scene is ruined with lame, fucking, shitty elevator music. What was this motherfucker thinking who ever edited and shot this! Not only that, but they have JMac (who has to be one of the worst and abnoxious guys ever to step into porn) be in the ass parade scene for the second week of the row.

The site has become such shitty work and the new directors have no idea what good porn is. I want D Sanchez back behind the camera and for him to get the older guys he used, not JMac and Jordan. I CANT STAND THOSE DUDES!

I hope someone from bangbros reads this. Does anyone one of their myspace pages so I can write them a note?

> skronker writes: I always hated those stupid fuckers anyway. Their schtick is insulting both to the female performers and the fans – condescending frat boy garbage – and they always have every motherfucking jarhead cretin lardass jerkboy in the convention hall hollering “BangBus! BangBus! BangBus!” at every single porn confab I’ve ever attended. I want the BangBus to explode in a fiery head-on collision with no survivors.

>Dana DeArmond writes: i was on assparade… but shortly after that scene went up i guess it went down? i dont see a trailer for it. weird.

this is from an interview describing my experience with bangbros

I was hired to do two scenes for I said I didn’t want to work with just any male talent, and if I couldn’t work with Tommy Pistol, I’d just do girl/girl scenes. They were like, “No, no, no, give us Tommy Pistol’s info,” and they flew us to Miami. Which was really nice of them.

The BangBros company seems to be extremely unorganized, and no one called me to make sure I was on the plane or coming. And no one gave me any information about where I was staying or who was picking me up from the airport. So I was calling Tommy, and he was calling a girl that worked in the office, and I was upset because he being talent should not have to do P.A. work.

I was pissed and ready to turn around and go home right then and there in the airport.

I finally got to the limo and the hotel and my Tommy, and everything was okay. Except my call time was 9 a.m., and I had to do my own makeup. And I admit, I fucking had a fit about that too, because 9 a.m. in Miami is 6 a.m. in Los Angeles. Sad.

Monday morning, I go to the office and spend a couple hours trying on different outfits. And waiting. And drinking coffee. And meeting people. And sitting around. I don’t think it was necessary for us to have been there at 9 a.m., but whatever.

They tell me that they are going to shoot us for BIGTITSROUNDASSES.COM. And the shoot went extremely well. Tommy and I seemed to have really impressed the director, D. Sanchez. And when we return to the office after the scene, he raves to everyone about us.

Day Two:

Tommy and I go to the office, and there is a blonde woman there, and we are told we will be working with her.

I sort of whine about it. Well, someone should have told me about this before. Thanks, guys. Then we are made to try on a million different outfits.

After wardrobe and everything is all sorted out, they pull me into an office and say that this other girl does not have a valid AIM test. This is an STD test that you have to get every month to work in the porn business. Tommy informs me that this girl told him she’s been in the industry a few months and has done thirty-some-odd scenes.

The BangBros people tell me that I don’t have to go down on her and we can use condoms and all this other stuff, but ultimately, it’s up to me.

I straight up told them that it was unfair and unreasonable to ask me and my friend to take a risk with our health, and we refuse to fuck the girl. I even cried. That was really fucked up, I thought.

They explained that they didn’t want to shoot me alone for, and that I could do a scene for with Preston Parker. Tommy Pistol was given a kill fee and sent home.

This pretty much bummed everyone out and put us in really awkward positions. The scene with Preston went really well, but I would have rather just done two scenes with Tommy as originally booked.

The scenes were shot on Monday and Tuesdays. The BigTitsRoundAsses shoot was uploaded to that THURSDAY.

I got a flood of email from my fans asking, “Dana, why would anyone ever call you a milf?” I still don’t know. I called the bangbros office and left a message. I never heard back.

I feel that being called a milf is incredibly insulting, considering my views on children and the world population.


So, yeah, BangBros… nice people, incredibly unorganized.

Perhaps I am very spoiled working with companies such as (,,,,,,,, which runs an extremely tight ship.

Nevertheless, Tommy Pistol is an amazing talent, a pleasure to work with and one of my closest friends. I do love him, and the scene is really great, regardless of what site it ended up on.

oh and that POV scene never went up anywhere. so what the fuck?

> Brekky DJ writes: Must admit reading that, really does tick off us Porn fans who believe the stars should be treated better.

I have no doubt that there would be quite a few of us that read this forum that could get together and do better than BangBros – but in reality it comes down to the all mighty dollar – they’ve got the cash to do… we just have ideas, and without the green, they are worth jack.

Plus with Dana being listed as a “MILF”… WTF??? – Though I must say there are a few sites out there guilty of calling ladies in their 20s MILF’s – I classify a MILF as 35+ (Same may agree, some may disagree)

On another note I have browse through the BangBros Members section before. As a few of us would know, there’s quiet a few “free” passes to their sites on the net. I used one to have a look at what they had.

Now before someone jumps down my throat for doing the wrong thing, I do that with several sites… if I like the sites content (and it has the correct file formats I want for me computer) then I DO THE RIGHT THING and buy a membership (NaughtyAmerica being an example… looked for free, liked what I saw then got a membership).

What got my back up about BangBros was how they didn’t get a good performance got of the younger and less experienced stars. I remember one shoot they really stuffed up.

It was in the Bus where this beaut Redhead was getting it doggy style (gotta love redheads), then a little dog comes into the shot… the camera puts a better focus on the dog, then the rooting! I DON’T WANT TO SEE THE F-ING DOG, I WANT TO SEE THE REDHEAD.

Sorry for the Caps there folks, but it showed what my anger was at the time of seeing – took me right out of the mood.

I guess it just shows how bad they really are.

> BSD writes: Gotta come correct and agree with you on this one.

I have long been a fan of the Bang Brothers sites, (well three of them anyway), and the Onion Booty site, but I have to admit that both of them have really been lunching for awhile. The Onion Booty dude’s scenes are fine, but he’s been ripping people off with this four to six weeks between updates, shit. Mess of problems with the Bang Brothers operations.

I really loved the Ass Parade and Big Tits Round Asses sites, and to a lesser extent, the Bang Bus site, cuz they did a great job at finding and showcasing the kinds of women I liked. As over the top and annoying as Sanchez could be, he could also be engaging and funny, and he was by far the best videographer of the bunch. He loved phat asses, and he celebrated them, and he knew what he liked to see when he shot them, (the Onion Booty dude is the same way), in a low budget Stagliano sort of way. And it was really good, and really made the brand. When it was mostly Sanchez doing the shooting, and Preston doing the fucking, and they were finding fresh-faced, PHAT assed girls, it was pretty dope. Or even experienced porn girls who seemed to have fun with what Sanchez was doing.

Now it’s just a mess.

You’re right about today. When I saw Victoria Allure and Ricki White , I thought, “There is no way they can fuck this up.” These girls are a couple of my all time favorites. Ricki is pretty, energetic, has a nice booty, and loves anal, and I have long wanted to crawl up inside Victoria’s MUNSTA and just die. I was ready to stroke. But these clowns fucked it up.

That cheesy music. The interminable, bad, camera shots. And this mope who first couldn’t stay hard, and then couldn’t fuck, just ruined the whole deal. The direction looked pretty bad, too. You could see the girls getting confused about where they were supposed to go and what they were supposed to do once they got there. And these two girls have both been around the porn block once or twice.

I was pretty frustrated with the whole thing. And Ass Parade has been going that way for awhile. The scene with Carmen Kinsley and the postal girl a few weeks back drove me up the wall it was so poorly done. They will get girls I like and then fuck it up. It just looks like monkeys got hold of video equipment. Bang Bus will every so often find a real diamond of a girl I like, but after an hour’s worth of foolishness you have about 15 minutes of interesting material. And my biggest problem with Big Tits Round Asses is that it has almost completely become a one man operation, which means POV which I don’t particularly care for.

So yeah, I feel your pain, and share your frustration.

P.S. – The guy at Bubble Butt Bonanza shoots pretty well, but his problem is that he won’t SHUT UP.

> posted on Ashton moore posted here a while back and included the following picture to one of her posts.

Soon after there was a firestorm of negative comments about how her tits looked, ashton never posted again after that and it turns out that was the real reason why, she took a lot of the comments to heart and had her boobs downsized. When asked about her new boobs ashton said that she had taken advice from some fans on a porn forum. Make of that what you will, I know I have.

XPT changing the shape of porn.



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