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Demi Marks Once Banged Five Altar Boys in Church

It was about half-way through the interview with Demi Marks that it dawned on me she looked like someone famous. “Neve Campbell,” said Marks. “I get that every day.” Marks, who appears in Guy Capo’s American Gunk was about to do a scene with Benjamin Brat, also for the same company, when we had the following chat.

Gene: How long have you been doing this?

Marks: I was out here in March. I shot every day for the month. I left six months to go to Chicago to finish school and decided to come back.

Gene: What is school.

Marks: It was my associate of arts with emphasis on fashion design and merchandising.

Gene: What prompted you to get into the adult business.

Marks: I was looking for extra money. But the club where I was dancing at the same was very slow. I had a friend who knew this guy. We went to shoot this little Internet-thing. He’ll pay us pretty good for it, she said. No big deal. Who’s going to see it. The problem was I liked it Then somebody called somebody else and the next thing I knew I was with Direct Models and I was working every day. I kind of tripped and fell into the industry. It just kind of happened.

Gene: What were you like growing up.

Marks: I got straight A’s all through school. I was very quiet. I was really extremely shy until I got into high school. Then I started cheerleading and dancing in competition. I was a little bit of a wild child in high school.

Gene: Any wild cheerleader stories.

Marks: I remember one time me and a couple of girls got together with a rival football team after the game. We had this little menage a trois under the bleachers for a good 2 1/2 hours. That was a little crazy. I lost my virginity at 15. It was a boyfriend. He was 20. I was like I’m not going to have sex until I get married. I held out for six months and then I caved in. It was downhill from there.

Gene: How did you meet this guy.

Marks: On a cruise strip where I’m from. Every Friday and Saturday night all of us would get in our cars and cruise up and down the streets. I saw him and we started talking. Then we started dating. The rest is history.

Gene: I take it you do girls.

Marks: In my personal life and on camera. My first girl experience was in the sixth grade. It was a little fondling and kissing. Totally innocent. In sixth grade even kissing is pretty major. It didn’t get bad until my freshman year in high school. Going into my sophomore year, my parents sent me to a Catholic boarding school in Texas. It was an all-girl school so there were 85 girls in one house. We weren’t allowed to leave. And the house next door had altar boys, and when the altar boys were in town we’d sneak out.

Gene: I’m surprised the altar boys would notice with priests being around.

Marks: Basically I roomed with three other girls and we’d get bored. So we took action.

Gene: Getting back to the 20 year-old guy what were the circumstances.

Marks: It was at my parents house. I was like, I don’t want to do it, even though I wanted to. One thing led to another. My shirt was off and we were having sex behind my parents couch trying to use it as a shield in case someone walked in. After that is was everywhere, all over the house. After I started having sex I broke up with him a month or so later.

Gene: And started branching out.

Marks: Testing the waters

Gene: What were the circumstances behind you starting to dance.

Marks: I had always been in dance. I find a womans body to be very sexual and sensual and a very beautiful thing. I decided to try stripping. I started with a private agency doing bachelor parties and things like that. I went from there to an amateur night at a club. I won and they offered me a job. I started working.

Gene: I’ve talked to girls who have had some hair-raising bachelor party stories.

Marks: One of the best men paid me $500 to get in the shower with me. He’s actually a teacher at a high school in my home town. So we won’t name names.

Gene: Did he get in the shower with you.

Marks: He did.

Gene: Was it a wash or was there more involved.

Marks: I gave him a simple little innocent handjob.

Gene: So it was a wash and wax. Do you ever run into this guy afterwards?

Marks: No. I came out to L.A. soon afterwards and started doing porn.

Gene: Remember your first scene.

Marks: It was with Jon Strong over at Anabolic for his Spring Chickens either #4 or #5. I had never done anal in my private life but somehow I got talked into doing it in my very first scene. He made me feel very comfortable and the scene went really well.

Gene: But I’m sure you’ve been asked to do it before.

Marks: Sure. Boyfriends would ask. But I think it was because everything happened so fast sexually that it was almost too much and I was afraid of it. Even though I was curious about it. Once I did it I usually test the waters and just dive in.

Gene: Besides the manage a trois under the bleacher seats can you remember some other wild and crazy instances.

Marks: Back to the altar boy situation, me and a roommate snuck out. That was with five altar boys at the church. It happened in the back, in the baptism room. She chickened out and I it was five altar boys and me.

Gene: You, five guys and a baptismal font.

Marks: Right.

Gene: Were they bending you over the font.

Marks: Yeah, it was bad. We did every single position.

Gene: Except anal.

Marks: I didn’t do anal.

Gene: That’s a great story.

Marks: I was lighting forgiveness stories for two months!

Gene: So you really were born for this industry.

Marks: I have a major sex drive.

Gene: How do you like the business so far.

Marks: There are a lot of nice people in the business. Everyone’s pretty personable. In the beginning it’s really nice and people make a girl feel comfortable. Nobody’s forcing you with anything. You always have the impression that you can leave if you’re not comfortable with doing something. Once you establish yourself a little bit, you really get the respect of being a performer.

Gene: Any performers you enjoy working with.

Marks: I work with Chris Charming yesterday. He’s a very nice guy.

Gene: And charming from what I hear.

Marks: As girls go I haven’t done that many girl-girl scenes but one actress I’d like to work with is Belladonna. I just absolutely love her. She’s amazing hot. She’s great.

Gene: I have this fantasy where I want to floss between her two front teeth. But I’m sure yours are a little more physical. You worked in American Gunk.

Marks: I did it back in March before I left for school. I had a lot of fun on that shoot. It was a boy-girl scene that was part of this teen party.

Gene: Any feuds yet in the short time you’ve been in?

Marks: I’m a very respectful person. I demand respect so it’s I respect you if you respect me. But if you step on my toes I’m going to jump on your feet. But I haven’t had any problems.

Gene: Did you ever have sex with a guy because you reminded him of Neve Campbell and he was trying to have a Neve Campbell fantasy.

Marks: The only time that came close was on a video that I was shooting for Digital Playground. The director couldn’t get over the fact that I looked like Neve Campbell. During a time in a scene with Evan Stone he kept saying, oh my God, you’re fucking Neve Campbell in my living room! But that’s as close as I got.



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