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Denise Richards on Howard Stern Talks About The Capri Anderson Event; Doesn’t Wear Panties

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from www, – Howard said Denise Richards is a favorite guest of his. He said she just wrote a book called ”The Real Girl Next Door.”

Howard said she insisted on coming in to promote it. He said she looks better than ever. He said he can’t get over how good she looks. He said he remembers what she was telling them the last time she was there and she was talking about this guy she was having sex with but didn’t want to say who it was. Howard said it came out it was Nikki Sixx. Denise said it wasn’t Nikki. She said she never made love to him. She said she did kiss him but that was about it. Denise said that the secret lover was not Nikki Sixx.

Howard said he thought that she said that this guy was a rock guy. Denise said she didn’t even say that. She said it wasn’t Nikki and it wasn’t Richie Sambora.

Robin asked if she’s still with the secret guy. Denise said she dates but she has two guys that she sees. She said that one of them is the guy she talked about last time. She said he’s not relationship material. She said that she just wants to have fun wit that guy and she wants to find someone stable to be in a relationship with.

Howard said Denise seems to be one of the most together people he’s met but she was with Charlie Sheen. He said that’s just weird. Denise said when she met him he was sober and he was in a much different place. She said she didn’t judge him for his past. Howard said she makes a good point. He said the thing is that it was the humble Charlie when his movies weren’t doing well. He was grateful when he got the TV show and then he went berserk. Howard said you’d think he’d be grateful but he didn’t appreciate it. Denise said that things happen.

Howard asked if she’s talking to Charlie. She aid they are good right now. Howard said she’s very nice about the whole thing. Denise said the last time she was there was the day after the whole hotel thing. She said she ended up writing about Howard in her book. She said she felt so bad about the last interview because of what had happened the night before. Denise said all hell broke loose that day.

Denise said that night before she was on Howard’s show was the craziest night of her life. She said that she had never seen anything like that. Denise said she went out to dinner with Charlie and some friends and they had a great day that day. She said that she heard that some of his friends would meet with them later. He had a private room and there were 4 guys and 4 women. She didn’t know any of them. Denise said that she sat down and this woman Capri asked to take a picture with her. She said sure to her because she didn’t know who she was at the time. She said she had no idea what was going on. Howard said that Charlie was going nuts spending money and spending like $25,000 on a bottle of champagne. She said they were like $6,000 a bottle. She laughed and said ”Just six…”

Howard said Denise left the table when she realized what was going on. Denise said she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. She said that it’s not her place to judge people like that.

Howard asked if she said anything when she got up and left. She said she just said she had to get some sleep so she could do Howard Stern the next morning. She said they were partying pretty hard at the dinner table.

Howard asked Denise why Charlie invited her to that dinner. She said he told her that he didn’t want her to feel left out. Denise said that what he does isn’t appropriate for children but she can’t change that.

Howard asked how she felt when these women were watching her kids. She said that they have dinner together so she’s not worried about it. She said that he never asks for the kids on his own. Denise said when Charlie is having fun there is no room for the kids. She said when he’s clean and sober he’s around the kids. He knows when to stay away.

Robin asked how they explain that to the kids. Denise said she doesn’t have to explain it because it’s not that consistent.

Denise said that she had to explain to the kids what was going on with their dad’s addiction once. She said that the kids love their father though. Howard asked if she thinks that he’s going to go bankrupt. She said she doesn’t think that will happen.

Howard asked if Denise got boat loads of money in the divorce. She said she didn’t. Howard said she seems like an incredibly good woman. He asked if she just adopted another kid. She said she did. Howard said it’s a white child too. Denise said that she’s actually mixed and multi-racial. Howard said she had to wait two years for the kid. Denise said she was open to any race or gender. She said she went through the process and it took two years. Howard asked if it’s harder when you’re a single mother. Denise said some people don’t care about that. Robin asked if she needed an agency. She said she did but she had a lawyer too so she could keep it more private.

Howard asked Denise thinks that Charlie held up the process of the adoption. She said she doesn’t think so. She said it took her 2 years but some people take 4 years. She said that some take 6 months. Denise said she wanted a closed adoption so the parents won’t come looking for the child in the future.

Howard asked Denise if she ever thinks about adoption and how maybe it’s not that great of a situation and maybe the child would be messed up. Denise said she found out that it’s a wonderful family with a good history. She said she’s very grateful for this family.

Howard asked if she admits in her book that she had sex on the first date with Charlie. She had to correct Howard and tell him it was on the second date. Howard said she’s very sexy and this was some outfit she was wearing today. Howard asked where she got it. Denise said she got it just for Howard. Howard said that’s so hot. She wore the heels just for him too.

Howard said he can’t imagine what it would be like to have sex with her. He said if he was single he thinks he’d be having sex with her. Denise said she might have had sex with him on the second date too. Howard said she would have enjoyed it too. Denise said she bets she would.

Howard said he would have to keep the kids out of the house and in another one. Denise asked Howard if he’s going to have a child with his wife. Howard said they keep an open mind and do talk about what it might be like but right now they’re not going to do that. Howard said he had dinner with Beth last night and there were no hookers at dinner. He said they talk about stuff like that when they go out together.

Howard asked Denise about how she offered to take Brooke Mueller’s kids while she went to rehab. Denise said that they’re half brothers to her kids so she thought it would be nice to offer. Howard asked if she was wearing panties with that outfit. Denise said she wasn’t and she didn’t even have a bra on. Howard said he bets she doesn’t weigh more than 110. He said she has a nice tan too. She said it was half fake. Howard guessed she was a size 2 dress and he was right.

Howard asked if she’s fully shaved. She said that she waxes at Pink Cheeks. Howard asked how that works. He asked if she fully disrobes. She said yes. Howard asked if she gets on all fours. She said she does that. Denise said that she gets naked from the waist down to do it. Fred threw in some Charlie Sheen clips of him saying ”Winning!” and ”Yeah.”

Howard asked about the waxing and if the woman rubs wax on her vagina. She said they get in there and get everything. Howard asked how often she goes. She said it’s every 3-4 weeks. Howard asked if she orgasms during the waxing. Denise said she doesn’t and it’s a little painful.

Howard asked if Denise ever did any lesbian stuff. Denise said she has experimented and they talked about that last time she was on. She said she loves men. Howard asked if Ashton Kutcher is going to be good on Two and a Half Men. She said that she thinks he will do well but it’s a shame that Charlie isn’t on the show since it was created for him.

Howard asked Denise what she’s going to do if Charlie wants to be alone with the kids. She said that if he’s clean and sober he’s a great dad.

Howard gave Denise a plug for her book and Denise said she writes about Howard a couple of times in there. She said she seems to be obsessed. Howard asked why he is so wonderful. She said she likes that he’s honest and doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t censor himself. Howard said Denise is still on ”Blue Mountain State” as well.

Denise said that she has a supper club with some people like Lisa Rinna. Howard asked how Lisa is holding up. Denise said she’s great. Howard asked how her lips are doing. Denise said she looks great.

Howard asked Denise about her choice of not wearing panties. Denise said that it’s not windy out so she figured she’d be safe. Howard said that if they went to dinner he’d end up putting his hand up her skirt. Denise said she’s done that before and she’s had sex in a restaurant bathroom. She said that it’s exciting to do that. Howard asked for details about that and found out that she was with some regular guy and not a celebrity at the time. She said she was wearing a skirt with no panties that night. She said that the guy had her up against the sink. Howard asked if she was afraid they’d get caught. She said it was a loud restaurant so they weren’t afraid. Howard said that it must not have been a Wendy’s. It had to be an upscale place.

Howard asked if the guy had to pull his pants off or just his fly. She said he pulled his pants down. She said that’s the easiest way. She said they have to be fast since they’re at a restaurant. Denise told another story about a guy fucking her in an airplane bathroom once too. She said that they were flying to Italy and it was a long flight. She said she’s sure the flight attendants knew but they didn’t care. She said that guy was famous but she can’t tell him who it was. Howard said she has to tell him. Howard said any man would be honored. Denise said she’ll ask him and see if it’s okay to talk about it. Howard said he’d be proud if it was him. He asked if it was Don Rickles or Rodney Dangerfield. She said the guy was about Howard’s height. Howard said no one is his height. Robin asked if it was Jeff Goldblum. She said he was 6’3” and almost Howard’s height. Howard said maybe it was David Letterman. Denise said she’s never been on his show.

Howard asked Denise about this guy she bangs for fun. She said that it’s not a serious thing. She said the guy is a handsome guy though. Howard said maybe it’s Dean Cain or Arnold Schwarzenegger. She said it’s not either of them. Howard said he’s the only good guy out there and she doesn’t realize it. Denise said she should have called Howard when he was single. Howard said she’d be free of all of that headache. He said she wouldn’t have had to adopt. She said that adoption was a great thing.

Howard went over Denise’s plane bathroom sex again. She was surprised that Robin had never tried that. Howard said he has the feeling that if Denise was his mom he’d be attracted to her. He said that he’d want to fuck his mother if that was her. Howard said that Charlie has kids with Brooke and they’re going to get turned on by Denise too. He said they won’t know what to do. Denise said that they don’t even know what to call her so they just call her Aunt Denise.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Denise could prove that she had no panties on. Howard suggested that she go in the bathroom with Robin. Denise said no. She said she would show Howard but not Robin.

Howard asked Denise to promise him now that she won’t date Jesse James. She said she promises she won’t. Howard said she seems to be into bad boys. She said she’s really not.

Howard took another call from a guy who didn’t hear the Nikki Sixx discussion earlier so he asked if she’s still dating him. She said she only went out with him twice.

Speech Impediment Man called in and said that he was jerking off to her. He asked if she ever pees on a man. Denise said no. Howard said that he just turned her off so much she just put her underwear on.

Howard said he doesn’t recall the story about her being with a woman. Howard asked if she was a kid. She said she was in her 20s at the time. Howard asked where she met her. She said she was an actress. Howard said that it must have been someone from Starship Troopers. Denise said she met this girl through friends and work. She said that Howard would know who she is if she told him. Denise said she was at a party when she met her. Howard asked for the details of what went on and tried guessing who it was. Denise would only say she was beautiful. Howard asked if it was Jenny McCarthy, Pam Anderson or Heather Locklear. She said no to all of those.

Howard asked about whose room they were in. Denise said it was in the other girl’s room. She didn’t remember what she was wearing at the time since it was so long ago. Denise said that the other woman started kissing her. She said she wasn’t confused or anything. She said that the other woman had nice lips. Denise said she really loves men though.

Howard asked if the other woman removed her clothing. Denise said she did. She said that the other woman was the aggressor. Howard asked if the other girl licked her and went down on her. She said that she stopped her at her stomach. She said there was touching but no licking. Denise said she thinks she had an orgasm from those fingers too. She said she thinks she gave the other girl an orgasm too. Denise said that she knows what to do to get someone off so she did that for the other girl. Howard said that was some story. He asked if she left in shame. She said she didn’t leave in shame. Howard said he can imagine their two naked bodies writhing together. He said if he was there he would have been finished in 3 seconds. He said that was an amazing story. Denise said thanks and said that Howard tells it very well. Howard kept throwing out names for the other woman but Denise would just laugh and say that wasn’t her.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked Denise if there was a chance she’d autograph some panties and mail them to him. She said ”You got it.” Howard said guys are into that and she could make a fortune doing that. Denise said that she did that with her husband once. She said that didn’t really help keep the relationship going though.

Another caller said he was running out of tissues. He said that he had gone through a few. Howard asked if he blew a load when he heard about her relationship with Christina Applegate. Denise said that wasn’t her either.

Another caller said that Scott Baio only rated her a 3 when Howard had him on the show. Denise said that she was never with him so she’s not sure why that is. She said that she was never with him. Denise said she found that to be dumb and insulting. Howard said that maybe he got confused. Denise said she never slept with Scott. She said she went to dinner with him but that’s it. Howard said there’s no way she’s only a 3. Denise said Charlie wouldn’t have married her if she was only a 3.

Howard said that he really likes Denise and she’s such a good person. He said that if he was with her then her kids would have to live next door. He said that she’s lovely and thanked her for not wearing panties. He asked if she wrote the book all by herself. She said she did write it on her computer. She said there are some pictures in there that no one has seen too. Denise said that she had to get through a lot of stuff in her life and she wrote about that. She said she hopes that someone can be inspired by the book and pick up their life and move on after going through things like she has.

Benjy wanted to ask a question. He said he thought it would be fun if she played a computer game where it can guess at who she was with. She said she didn’t want to try that. Benjy said she didn’t have to say anything. Benjy started asking the questions he had on the computer. He went through them one by one. Howard let him do it. Denise was answering the questions. One question was ”has she used a weapon” so that was kind of a weird one. Benjy asked more questions about her being tall and things like that. Howard threw in some of his own questions too. Denise didn’t know some of the answers to Benjy’s questions.

Benjy said he had an answer after all of that. Benjy told her to look at him and came up with Ashley Olsen. Denise said that wasn’t her. Benjy changed some of the answers and said it was Candace Cameron. Denise said that’s not her but she is part of her supper club. Benjy kept asking questions. Benjy would name a person and Denise would deny it so he’d ask more questions. Howard said it would be so much easier if she just named her. Denise just said no to every name. Benjy had a bunch of names and one of them was Denise Richards. Benjy went over all of the names and they were all over the place. Howard told Benjy to stop already.

Howard tried to take one last call but the guy wasn’t there. He wrapped up and went to break after throwing a couple more names out for Denise to deny.


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