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Desi and Elli Foxx Being Blacklisted? Going on the Maury Show to Talk About It

Desi Foxx writes on : Today has been an unbelievable day but I wanted to tell you this before going over the details. You’re gonna love this!! Yesterday we were sending out messages to all the talent we know to see who was interested in trading content for our new website. How that works is we each shoot a scene with each other (so 2 scenes) and we each get one to use however we agree upon.

We don’t pay each other, the content is the pay. We’re getting quite a list so we will have plenty of content for our website soon. One 22 year old pornstar came back with she won’t shoot with us “because of the m/d thing”. Of course, Elli came back with “we don’t shoot together”. Her response was “just giving you a heads up, it’s a touchy subject”. Wow!!

What this is telling us is that we have made it to another blacklist. The NO List that every pornstar has where they list companies, producers, talent, etc. that they will not work with for whatever reasons. So we now know that the talents are blacklisting us too. Wow!!! If anyone should want us to be successful, you would think it would be them! Wow!! I don’t think this girl thought this one up on her own!!

I was really upset until I called the Maury Show this morning. Got the question answered and the release is on it’s way. All dates should be finalized tomorrow to move forward with this project. I told the producer what happened and they want to add this blacklisting stuff to the show. Then I call Patick and he can’t believe it either. And then we go to lunch and the TV producer we met was suprised as well. Of all the places to get blacklisted twice . . . . isn’t that the Pot calling the Kettle BLACK!!!!!

This is the industry that has The Love Twins. The sisters that have sex with each other and they want to blacklist US???? Wow!!!

We have a great list of people that are shooting content with us. They will be the first to get casting calls to our future projects. We know who’s on our side out there. We met with the TV producer today and because they want the promo from the Maury Show (thank you, someone realizes it’s worth something), they pitched it, liked it, agreed to it, we just have to work out the details for a reality show. There are so many things going on so we could care less who blacklists us!!

We have a publicist working on radio and other things for us. We still have to get an attorney so I have to reschedule that. We’re hearing that our names are going round in the media world. Life is happening and we don’t have time for high school games. We are looking for a shoot for The Maury Show to be able to film behind the scenes on our “day in the lives” portion of the show. As the national TV producer saw right away, this is a great marketing opportunity for the right company. So we are shopping for a good company that wants and needs the exposure. WE DO KNOW HOW TO PASS IT ON!!!

The phones have been ringing all day. We have at least 6 content shoots on the schedule already. Elli just got a great shoot with the company she did a casting call for recently. He said she is in his loop now so she will be very busy. It’s softcore and sensual so we’re very excited about that.

Tonight, we host the Monday night industry party at Opera. There’s going to be alot of people there and we can’t wait to share the news!! It’s time to take a night off and enjoy our successes!!!!


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