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Desi and Elli Foxx Shoot Mother-Daughter Scene

Desi Foxx writes on her blog, : We shot our first mother/daughter scene [Friday] for our DVD. It was a very long but fun day! As I said before, it’s alot of work to be both talent and production manager. Our day started at 7am and you know what time I posted last. Not much sleep but too much to do to worry about that for now. We figure we’ll have time to sleep later lol!

The scene went great with only a few issues. Elli and I had a few tense moments as we hashed out the details of the scene. She doesn’t like to talk gritty details with me but since it’s our scene, it’s up to us to tell everyone else what to do.

Sometimes, it makes it tough for us to work together, this ackwardness we have on our joint shoots. Everyone on set got a good laugh at our bickering. I laughed as everyone panicked when our shoot location time was moved to 1pm. We still ended up late due to running over on the Maury interview (yes, it’s true, they were here to do the “Day in the Lives” portion for their show).

Elli had issues with her makeup which slowed us down. One of the male talents had issues which caused problems but the director worked around it. We ended up beginning the scene around 3:00pm and we walked out the door at 5:10pm. Not bad, not bad at all!!

We did the segment from our lives when I had decided to start dating again. Elli had a fuck buddy relationship with our neighbor at the time. He was young, hot and had a few friends that were the same. When I decided to start dating again, he got busy bringing his friends by to see if I was interested in fucking any of them. There was a really hot one so this scene is dedicated to our attempts at having sex together. It was easy to act through since it followed a true event, though Elli came up with the term “we xx’d it up” a bit The main problem I had was I kept calling the guys by the names of the real people they were depicting.

We had 3 different producers filming at the scene – The Maury Show, the documentary film maker and the porn director. As far as I can tell, we had approximately 12 people on set. There were a ton of great action stills taken by two photographers on set as well as B-rated shots taken by Maury’s people. Everything was donated for this scene. The house for location, the video and stills cameras and the male talents were all donated to our cause. The time of all the people involved was also donated. We couldn’t have made this happen without all of them.

Last night, our correspondent friend came by to discuss our book and celebrate our first scene. He brought 3 bottles of wine and we made it through 2 before calling it a night. We had a great talk. I filled him in on other portions of our lives so he could get a good feeling for the flow of the book. I told him we really needed to write 3 books before we’re done – Hers – Elli’s story of working in porn along with her mom, Mine – my story of my life and beginning porn at the age of 47 and Ours – the story of our journey through the whole mother/daughter thing. We’ll see what he comes up with now that he knows so much more. He’ll be sending me an outline soon to follow for writing about the details of our lives.

Today, Elli is finishing up a POV shoot. This is the final scene needed for the DVD. Elli still needed a boy/girl scene and our new model/director friend is performing in it with her. His wife is actually going to shoot it for us and that freaked Elli out a bit lol. I told her they’re both in porn so not hers to worry about. We all came up with the same idea for the scene since she will be here too. This is another project donated to the cause! We know this scene will be extremely hot. He and Elli look great together and I’ve only seen them with their clothes on lol. She’s getting pretty girls taken now so they will start the scene soon and I will have to leave for awhile. Even though we’ve done the m/d shoot together, we still like our privacy for our individual scenes. This takes the ackwardness away and let’s us get into the role more.

Tomorrow, we have a big photo shoot, all stills, donated for our website. The web designer has specific pics he needs for the front page and we need portfolio pics so it will be another long day. The photographer is very talented and extremely generous to do all this work for us for free.

Elli and I are in awe at the generosity of so many people coming together to help us make our DVD and website a reality. Today, our hosting is being moved to an adult supported hosting program. That is the first step to bringing to life. I told you it would be a busy weekend!


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