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Desi Foxx: “People, we don’t have sex with each other”

Desi Foxx writes on : A while back ago, you may recall Christian helped me straighten out my blog after I saw how cool his was at

Well, another thing he did at that time was to show me the different forums out there that discuss all types of porn topics. I am now a confirmed forum junkie lol and am amazed at the discussions I’ve seen on forums, especially where Elli and I are the subjects.

They range from people supporting us, understanding we have a great and open mother/daughter relationship to incest and then somehow someone always throws in bestiality like that has anything to do with it lol. We always want to say “People, we don’t have sex with each other” but Elli and I have given up explaining it to those that don’t get it and there’s no need for the people who do!

We had a comment recently that talks about the legalities of incest and mother/daughter relationships. It was interesting to learn this (we wondered how the sisters get away with it) though it doesn’t change our position. Even if it’s legal, we wouldn’t do it. It’s not what we’re about at all. We will have fun around each other but not with each other. That one’s not going to change, sorry guys

I am very pleased with all the talk though. It shows how wide the spectrum is on sex in our society, the beliefs, the dichotomies, the stigmas, the misconceptions that we, as the people, manage our everyday lives with. I always love a good debate too so thanks to all of you who are willing to put your opinions out there, whatever they may be. We’re also starting to get some good questions and comments here so make sure you check those out as well. I try to cover them in future posts even if I don’t refer to them directly.

A recent comment pointed me to a great blog you should check out at Another perspective from the guys who take what we all shoot and somehow make it into really hot vids!!

Today was a relaxing day with not much happening. With so many people in the house here, we can just hang around the patio and have lots of people to talk to and party with. We get alot of discussions going here especially since we have a good mix of people from all areas of entertainment and the real world.

We’re considering setting up camera equipment and filming these days. You’d be surprised at how many talks fly from one end of the spectrum to the other. We, as porn people, can be quite graphic in our conversations when we’re just hanging out with friends. We have a good time watching the real world’s reactions to some of our descriptive work days lol. When you add a stripper and a massuese to the mix, it gets even juicier. There’s so much going on out there, I can’t begin to cover it here. Everyone’s thinking about it to decide if they want to be part of it. We thought we could webcast it to all of you on our site so you all can be part of the roundtable per se

See, lots of good ideas to share our lives with you and this is just one. We’re coming up with new ways everyday. We’re looking at a launch date for mid to end of September and you know we’ll keep you all posted as we get closer. We’re told we need 8-10 scenes to get going if we do a monthly membership. We have 2 scenes in the can and 3 more scheduled this week. If we do a pay per view site, we could launch sooner . We can also do our own DVD so I’m looking at options for distribution because we could have that ready by end of month.

Lots of choices. I love having choices! While we have to make the final decisions, everything about our site is about what you all want too. Feel free to share your ideas. As we build our site, it will become an interactive experience for our fans. So tell us, what type of sites do you prefer??


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