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Desiree Foxxx May be Porn’s First Ever Mail Order Contract Girl

Pennsylvania- Brandon Foxxx and his wife Desiree Foxxx are the new contract talent for Troy and Holly Halston and Halston Productions. Desiree’s official web site was also launched today.

We had a chat with both of the Foxxx’s this morning. Brandon tells me that he left the Men of Playgirl all male review to cross over to adult video with Desiree. “Then I started looking through adult websites and came up with Troy’s website,” Brandon explained. “From there I called Troy and we got to talking. I sent him pictures of Desiree and myself.”

Brandon Foxxx had also heard the same thing that we did at about the Halston contract girl Madison McKnight evaporating out of sight and going flaky on the Halstons. “She disappeared off the face of the earth,” notes Brandon. It was then Brandon Foxxx and Troy Halston eventually became pretty close friends. “They were very interested in us and wanted to pick Desiree up as a contract girl. We agreed to terms and went from there. She’s shooting her first movie the end of next month for them. Troy’s also doing bookings for her as far as featuring on the road.”

The Foxxx’s are out of Pennsylvania. “We were from Florida, originally, but moved up north,” said Brandon. “Desiree’s family is not too far from here. We’re right outside of Philadelphia.”

Desiree’s been a dancer about five years and has been traveling on the road about a year performing in different clubs from Florida to New York. “When I first started I was a house dancer out of Syracuse, N.Y.,” she says. Desiree was going to college at the time and one of her friends whom she went to school with was a dancer. “She got me over to a club and I saw the money that could be made. It was pretty interesting.” Desiree, however, didn’t finish college. Asked what she had planned on doing before porn got in the way, Desiree was inclined towards a career in paralegal. But she laughs, as if that were a very remote possibility now.

“I think this is long term,” she says of her new found porn career. What’s truly remarkable about Desiree’s signing on with the Halstons is the fact that neither her, nor her husband have actually met the Halstons in person. “We’ve been talking to them on the phone and have been sending pictures and e-mails. I did my contract with them basically on the phone. In January we’ll be doing our first work with them in Florida and we’ll be meeting with them then.”

The fact that a contract was agreed to in absentia is an interesting set of circumstances for even the adult biz. Desiree was asked what it was that made things click with the Halstons and impressed them. “We looked at some of their work,” said Desiree. “They’re very professional whereas some places have a casting couch. It wasn’t like that with them. And they just really liked us and saw we were interested and ready to work.” Foxx said she’s signed on to do two videos a month for a year but isn’t planning on going to Vegas next week. “I’m getting my boobs re-done to a Double D,” says Desiree who stands 5’1″ and currently sports a 34D. “So I’m waiting for that until I put myself in front of everybody.”

Prior to signing with the Halstons, Foxx said she talked to an agent named Noel. “He basically hooks you up with companies and takes a percentage off of that. I was also talking to Jill Kelly when we were in Florida. They wanted us to fly out to L.A., but that wasn’t a good time for us to go. There was a lot of stuff going on in my life. I was trying to figure out whether I wanted to stay in Florida or if I was going to come back up north. I have a child and my father is very close to my son.”

Foxxx’s parents know she’s a dancer but aren’t aware of her latest career move. “They don’t know that I was going to take it to this extent. But I’ll deal with it when the time comes.” Foxxx says her father was also very strict with her as a child. Asked what his reaction was when she became a dancer, Foxxx said, he wasn’t too happy about it. “I’m the baby of the family so he wasn’t too happy about it.” And Foxxx said she’s still dealing with the baby of the family syndrome.

For the time being, Foxxx will work with her husband and the Halstons. “Until I get a little more comfortable to work with other people.” As a kid growing up, Foxxs describes herself as a quiet kid but athletic. “I got pretty decent grades, and I didn’t get into any legal trouble. I guess that’s a good thing.” The first time Foxxx had sex was at 14 with a friend described more as a casual, lucky acquaintance with the circumstances being your basic, bedroom romp.



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